You've been gone

For quite some time

I'm always thinking of your eyes

As they twinkled when they looked at me

Always thinking of the arms

That would wrap around me

Why did you leave?

I always questioned

Was I not good enough?

To stay by your side

To give you comfort

To love you until I died

Was I your toy?

The toy closest to you

But was thrown away

Because of something new

Shattered like glass

With pieces so different

You said I was one of a kind

Something that can never be replaced

But now since I know the truth

Of the lies behind your smile

I can try to move on

But you had me for so long

Your name is tattooed my heart

Irremovable permanent

You have me on chains unbroken

With nothing but the key to unlock it

I want to let free of the spell

That you casted on me

I hope that in the world

There is someone who

Can unlock these handcuffs

And break open the chains

That wrap around my heart

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