"Anunnaki Answer" by Taliban Scholar, August 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: "By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night". (Exodus 13:21)

Anunnaki Answer

After the F.B.I. pronounced the site secure, Geir Moulson approached Jonathan Wallace with a mocking grin.

"According to Binyamin Shadoni, a cognitive psychologist teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Moses was under the influence of drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai." Jonathan picked up a piece of debris and threw one inquisitive stare at Geir, letting him approach closer.

"And so were the Jews accompanying him?" He looked around the crash area wondering how large the spaceship was originally.

"Yes." Geir exhaled slowly wondering why no one bothered to investigate the leftovers. "The funny theory was never published though."

"Ha." Jonathan found something that may have resembled a piece of a toy. "Who knows …", he threw the piece away, his vision going blurred as if remembering something, "… it may spread around the world if you mention it to some journalist". Geir smiled feebly.

"Nah. The time of journalism is over. Now it is the time for trolls and other demons …" Jonathan lifted his foot on some larger piece, leaning on his thigh.

"Are you alluring at the Internet perhaps?" Geir grinned, widening his mouth into a challenging grin. Jonathan waved a hand at him, noticing some security still monitored people that were behind the security line. "Moses was tending his flock when they first met and he wasn't on drugs at all."

"Who mentioned drugs …?" Geir chuckled, looking around. Apart from some photographers and hobby collectors, there weren't any people one should be cautious for. Jonathan found himself caught in mid-drift and grit some invisible stalk in his mouth.

"There is no mention in the Bible whatsoever that the Jews were walking around while being high on drugs." Geir's smile went sour, realizing Jonathan was either a skeptic or an ardent atheist.

"Yes, well …" He placed a hand over his eyes to check the time. It was definitely past noon. "God is a Hebrew plural which refers to the Anunnaki."

"You mean …", Jonathan seemed to be sweating struggling to pull something stuck in the ground. "Elohim – their spaceships frequently landed on that mountain?"

Geir wasn't sure whether Jonathan was talking in code or trying to bring out some far reaching truth.

"That's right. The spaceship." He waved with his hands around as if trying to sell land. He realized that Geir was hungry and smiled. "Let's chat over some dough."

"Lead on, Moses …" Geir smiled and they went towards one of those food wagons that seem to appear out of the ground itself.

"So …", Jonathan wiped leftovers from the corner of his mouth noticing a group of UFO enthusiasts that already had their costumes on, making some additional propaganda material. Campers already won the washroom facilities. "What makes you think this spaceship has anything to do with the Jews … or the Bible for that matter?" Geir swallowed and then added some juice to roll it easier in his gutter. He was pleased he got his attention.

"There the angel … the spaceship of the Lord …", they listened for a while as some native Indians danced as if trying to invoke rain, "… Yahweh … Anu appeared to him in flames of fire from a bush …"

"And this would be a description in the terms of their times, I presume?" Jonathan checked Geir quickly, then continued to enjoy his sandwich. Geir made a nod, still struggling with his second burgher.

"Yes." He sipped more of his drink. "Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up …"

"Let me guess …", Jonathan already realized where was he heading and liked it. Someone tested large light reflectors and it was now obvious that the whole area might evolve into something much larger than just the camping ground. "The projectors of the spaceship?" Geir pointed a "pistol" finger at him, chewing on.

"That's the whole idea." A bus with some religious fanatics unloaded a fresh group of devotees. "So Moses thought, 'I will go over and see this strange sight - why the bush does not burn up.'"

"Which would be …", he noticed that the police had two helicopters in the air, "… the alien spaceship."

"Not necessarily alien …", Geir finished his second burgher, his tongue struggling with the remains, "… it could be of Earth's origin …", reflection of the sun caught Jonathan unprepared and he squinted after the vehicle swerved, "… only …", a lonely eagle was flying low on the horizon, "… in different time-space frame."

"A-ha." Jonathan checked to see whether Geir was trying to pull something up. He seemed perfectly sane. "I see. Einstein?" He sipped his drink and then leaned back, feeling tired from all the clamor and noise around. Geir made a nod, realizing that archeologists definitely had a go at the site like this.

They listened to some choir that sang about the second coming of the Christ. Some punk-like teenagers tried to light a fire but the security banned it. They frowned.

"What was the ship's name though?"

"I believe it was ... 'Cosmogogue'". Geir seemed pleased for no obvious reason. It only made Jonathan wonder further about his true interests in the whole crash.

"What about … 'Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground?'" Jonathan wasn't sure whether Geir was Catholic by denomination.

"Now that …", Geir licked his lips checking out some blondes that had tattoos on their necks, "... could be the appearance of a spaceship associated with a series of extremely intense electrical fields …", some drunkard was pointing with his finger at the sky, security already surrounding him, "… their negative effects can only be removed by 'earthing' …", drunkard was apprehended and taken away, "… in Moses' case, …", he noticed some women that had provocative t-shirts on, "… walking barefoot …" Jonathan looked in the direction he was aiming and then grinned in secret, measuring Geir.

"Geir …"

"Yes?" He mumbled out without any particular interest, still focused on the females.

"You mentioned that this kind of 'crash' may have happened before?"

"That's right." He paused and Jonathan almost burst into laughter. Geir finally realized he was gaping and then winked in a friendly manner to Jonathan. "'On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud' …"

"The spaceship?" Jonathan opined carefully. Geir motioned towards the parking and then moved along, leaving the busy food vendor behind.

"It could be …" Geir walked with his hands in pockets. "… '…and a very loud trumpet blast' …"

"Arhhh …" Jonathan pretended he was pondering aloud, "… the spaceship's engines?" Geir made a slow nod. "'Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire'." He paused, noticing some skinheads merged with the crowd that was examining the largest separated piece of debris. "'The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, the whole mountain trembled violently, and the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder'." He noticed that Jonathan looked at them as if seeing them for the first time in his life. "Then Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him." Geir unlocked the doors and the security guy smiled at him in a friendly manner. "Exodus 19:16-19."

As they were driving away Jonathan could almost feel one of those skinheads watched them in secret.

Sitting in a restaurant that was built ad-hoc on a hill nearby, Jonathan noticed that the reflectors were so strong that the sunset did not diminish the illusionary monumental importance of the whole crater area.

"We could be all looking at some failed secret government project for all we know …" Jonathan muffled out, feeling slightly obsessed with the idea that the spacecraft was built on Earth.

"No." Geir answered as if selling life insurance.

"Any assurance? …" Jonathan played with his pen noticing that even some high altitude planes were hovering above them now.

"Adam Gilad. He's from some government sponsored agency that is closely related to NASA." Jonathan made a slow nod, still not convinced. "The whole project was named ' Ezekiel'." Jonathan's eyes flashed for a moment.

"So it could be true after all?"

"What?" Geir's lip vibrated slightly as it almost broke into a grin.

"About that Noah-like project."

"It's not actually a 'project' … rather a 'mission' …"

"Meaning?" Jonathan still could not see the difference.

"Meaning it was generated and caressed for years and years ..."

"In the XXth century?"

"Well … the whole concept is old as Noah I guess …" Jonathan realized that there was some truth in that. After all who could tell how advanced a secret technological society could is?

Waiter smiled giving them a polite sign that there were other customers to be served. Geir sighed and then shrugged with his shoulder.

"Want to go to Josef's place?"

"Josef?" Jonathan seemed puzzled a bit.

"Josef N. Blumenich. One of the co-founders of the 'Space Insight' project."

"You think he would know something about the whole idea?" Jonathan nodded towards the newly emerging town underneath. Geir made couple of nods, grinning in some mysterious way. "All right. What are we waiting for then?"

Geir smiled and they were soon driving through the dusty road, leaving the secluded area, security still smiling politely as if they were the aliens themselves. Some chill went over Jonathan's neck as he considered the idea.

Josef was brief in greeting and soon they were sitting comfortably, enjoying alcoholic beverages.

"Where are you stayin'?"

"Oh …", Geir glanced at Jonathan quickly, then grinned in some sardonic way, "We're sharing a room in Belmont's."

"Belmont's?" Josef examined Geir as if he said something forbidden. Jonathan never bothered to check on the hotel's history so he was naturally inquisitive at that. He exhaled and then grinned broadly. After taking a careful sip, he smiled. "You see this place around? …" He waved with his hands, getting up. It's not really mine."

"Oh?" Geir suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable since he did not know the man that good.

"It's actually my cousin's place." He took off a framed photograph and threw it beside Geir. Geir was still for a moment and then picked up the photograph examining it leisurely. "My father and Mark's father are cousins." Two smiling, sun-tanned faces were looking at Geir, each holding a large fish. "Now …", he seated himself down again, Jonathan looking around the large room, "… I know that hotels usually have certain charm of their own but … Belmont's? …" He pursed his lip, grinning. Jonathan could not counter that. The hotel was either a patched up brothel or was built for some miners that never paid their rents in time. "How about …", he budged slightly, caressing a kitten that just popped into his lap, "… if you stay overnight?" He looked at Jonathan and Jonathan turned to Geir. He shrugged with his shoulder, obviously glad to have an alternative. "There's booze in the fridge … we're all regular macho men here and …", he chuckled, "… we may as well spend a jolly good evening?" Jonathan noticed that Geir was all in one big "yes" so he agreed.

"I don't see why not. "He sipped his scotch and then smiled politely.

"No girls though … I hope you understand that." Geir smiled as well, feeling less and less uncomfortable. "I'll give you towels and sheets upstairs."

"Hey …", Geir was now standing, admiring some photographs, "… we are in no rush." Jonathan almost yawned, but refrained.

"Now … I heard you were at the site today, correct?" Geir made a slow nod, returning to his seat. There was an unusual pause, some cicada orchestring in the dark outside.

"Geir told me about the 'Ezekiel' project today." Josef's eyes flashed for a moment and he changed into a professional seriousness again. Jonathan checked visually with Geir to see whether he was wrong about Josef's posture. It seemed all right. Josef finally grinned slowly.

"It used to be a highly classified project Mr. …"

"Wallace." He seemed to be relived at hearing an American surname. His stiffness was still obvious though.

"Ezekiel was the name of the chief engineer actually." He sipped and leaned forward to pour some more, Jonathan nodding and extending his glass. "His technical description with comments on the command capsule and on the commander himself was ...", there was some noise in the backyard and they all listened. Finally cats meowed and they relaxed. "The amount of detail he included was astounding."

"Was NASA involved as well?" Geir reseated himself.

"Oh, for sure. It was one of the major investments during 1950s. An 'unofficial investment project', if you know what I mean." Jonathan added an ice cube and leaned back.

"Ezekiel was a prophet, correct?" Jonathan offered and Josef smiled mildly, measuring Jonathan's features in secret.

"Yes. He was. It is significant that the prophet describes features which are of little engineering importance but which, to the eye, carry the same weight as true structural elements. The quasi-conical shape of the spacecraft's central body …"

"Wait!" Geir interrupted him. "Are you talking about the Biblical Ezekiel now or …"

"Well …", he grinned broadly again. "Both." Jonathan lifted an eyebrow. "You see …", he placed his glass on a small table to his right, "… to the Jews … Holy Scriptures are part of their every day lives." He chuckled silently since both Geir and Jonathan probably had stubbornly ignorant faces. "It is a way of living rather." He paused, some distant street music tending to their eardrums.

"The project ... it exploited helicopters, correct?" Jonathan suddenly realized two of them might have looked like some FBI agents to their host and he tried to soften. Josef smiled.

"Yes … Ezekiel was ideally suited to permit its combination with the helicopters, and thus a most important feature of the vehicle …", he paused, noticing that Jonathan picked up every word carefully, "… it is an existing engineering product. It was developed at the Langley Research Center of NASA, and has been studied analytically and in a series of wind-tunnel tests."

"But …", Geir sneered, "… I thought it was a spacecraft, not some helicopter-like structure?"

Josef grinned mysteriously.

"Yes. Well … when you seek sponsorship … you always make two models. One is for the public eye and the other …", they listened as some low flying jet roared above them, "… is never spoken of. In this case … it is truly never."

"Not until tonight, that is …" Geir tried to make a joke of it but Josef was still serious about it.

"As you can see in the Old Testament, Ezekiel had four encounters with spaceships, occurring over a period of twenty years." Jonathan cleared his throat and Josef immediately poured more water into his glass. He thanked him almost apologetically. "The first took place in 592 B.C., five years after Ezekiel and about 8,000 other Jews had been deported to Babylonia. Married and 30 years old at the time …", his cell phone announced a message and he lifted a finger as he was reading the message, excusing himself. Geir abused the situation and winked at Jonathan. Josef closed his cell phone and then continued. "Ezekiel was a priest and came from an upper-class family." He paused and some gasses made him burp silently. He was almost embarrassed and then stood up, bringing some fried potatoes and cold beer. Jonathan finished his scotch and nodded like a teenager at the large bowl. "When he saw the spacecraft for the first time …", Josef took some pieces himself and started to crunch them slowly, "… the experience was overwhelming and left him in severe shock." He got up again and brought cold beer glasses. Geir winked in secret at Jonathan which made hem feel even more like some student. "In the first chapter of his book he tells us most of what we can learn of the craft's structure and … function." Josef went silent again, measuring Jonathan for some unknown reason. Jonathan opened a can and poured beer. He managed to mess up the polished table and Josef waved it was all right. He got up and wiped the table with some prepared cloth. "Although he tells us later that he was picked up aboard the spacecraft near Tel-Abib …", police sirens echoed in the vicinity, "… where he lived and was later returned there …", more sirens followed, "… he has little recollection of the flight itself." A distant gun shot made them think about the underlying reasons or their sleep-over. "Completely overcome by the experience …", Josef grinned as if could read Geir's mind, "… he flies 'in bitterness in the heat of my spirit'."

"That's true." Geir muffled out, sipping his beer, foam messing up his upper lip.

"I believe Ezekiel was surely a man of high intelligence, gifted with rare powers of observation." Josef's eyes flashed again. He was obviously pleased.

"Yes." He sipped his beer slowly. Jonathan managed to throw another puzzled look at Geir. He nodded in a manner that 'it was all right'. "He had the incredible ability to keep his intellect unimpaired by the emotional turmoil caused by the first encounter. Yet he was in a condition of shock by the time he observed the commander of the vessel."

"You mean … in person?" Jonathan suddenly started to realize the importance of the previously mentioned fact about the Jewish life.

"Ezekiel wrote that it took him seven days to recover from the experience. One could therefore expect him to say that he had seen God, and that God spoke to him, yet …", Josef chuckled again at Jonathan's half-gaping face and Jonathan closed his mouth, almost blushing, "… he compared the figure of the commander to that of 'Adam' or 'man' and very soberly says 'one spoke to me'." Josef looked outside of the window where some fire crackers merged with some more serious nightly performance on the sky above. Fireworks was now everywhere and more police cars announced their presence. "Never in all his encounters with the commander and other members of the crew does he show any reverence."

They listened to the sirens, wondering what was happening in a small town.

"Now … if that project has been planned for centuries as Geir mentioned …", Josef nodded at him in a friendly manner, "… how come it crushed on the surface of this planet then?"

Josef shook his head, his eyes shining as if he was already intoxicated.

"You don't seem to miss a thing, Mr. Wallace." Wallace enjoyed the compliment. "You see … after the WW II officially ended … there was an unspoken race of rearming fractions that were still potentially loyal to Hitler and his ideology." Jonathan was perplexed and sat almost frozen like a showroom dummy. Geir leaned forward and hit Jonathan friendly into his arm. He tried to smile back but the sudden stiffness of his body made him wonder whether Josef was somehow associated with the aliens from outer space somehow.

"And how this relates to the project?" Jonathan sipped his beer, trying to relax. He felt as if some kind of an invisible 'ray' or similar was onto him, making him glue to the sofa he was sitting on.

"You see ... no matter how secret the project is ... some parts still had to be manufactured elsewhere ... if you know what I mean ..." He glanced at Jonathan in some special way and Jonathan realized it must have been a very expensive project.

"You mean … post-war Germany made some parts of the spacecraft as well?"

"Something like that …" Josef nodded slowly and then took his beer glass as if it contained a magic potion. Both Geir and Jonathan were pleased by the lulling guitar music that suddenly appeared in the background. The sound quality was so good that Jonathan thought that there was someone else in the house present. Josef placed the remote beside him and then continued. "In order to get the precision mechanical pieces, we had to …"

"We?" Geir crunched some fried potatoes. Josef pointed a finger at him in a manner "you weasel".

"Yes. WE allowed Germany to have a 'spy agency'."

"My God!" Jonathan felt betrayed instantly since his grandfather was part of the "Overlord" plan.

"Yes. When you risk … you risk it to the end."

"Bitter end in this case …" Jonathan threw some smaller pieces into his mouth, tilting his head backwards and examining Josef as if he was a foreigner.

"Unfortunately." Another helicopter passed over them towards the crash site. "Anyway …", he cleaned his house pants fro crumbles, measuring Jonathan in secret, "… this 'spy agency' turned sour recently."

"You mean like … neo-Nazis and that stuff?" Josef made a slow nod, testing to see Jonathan's reaction on the word.

"That's right. Recent case horrified Germany, a nation where the Hitler era still casts a long shadow …", he wiped his mouth, coughing slowly, "… a small band of neo-Nazis suspected of killing ethnic Turks and others in a seven-year terror spree, undetected by security forces until a botched bank robbery brought down the group last year." There was a pause, Josef managing his cough carefully.

"But … what's that got to do with the spacecraft that was probably launched after the war in Vietnam ended?" Jonathan threw some more pieces into his mouth, enjoying the taste.

"Who said it ever did?" Josef grinned wildly, music changing into some adagio for strings and the guitar.

Jonathan looked at Geir for a moment but Geir grinned, ignoring him. Josef was pleased he finally got Jonathan's undivided attention.

"It does." Jonathan felt like student again. "You see … Mr. Wallace … the main problem in space is … communication." He sipped some more beer, leaving empty can on the table. Sound of aluminum made its characteristic sound. "In this case … it had to be instantaneous. Or close to …"

"Makes sense." Geir offered, sipping his beer, trying not to squeeze his glass too tight.

"But the amount of war debt and the fact that most nuclear physicists were of German origin …" Josef paused, letting Jonathan draw a conclusion.

"Are you saying that there was some way, back in 1960s to … to communicate in the outer space … instantly?" Josef's eyes flashed again.

"Missions on Moon was just a temptation to check whether some other nations were willing to start with their own space programs …" Geir's changed posture made Jonathan suspicious whether the whole scenario of him being here was planned in advance.

"Are you saying that the technology was far more advanced?" Jonathan was now gaping without shame, wishing to get as much of it as he could.

"Like I said …", another jet air plane flew over them, "… officially it was as it was …" He wiped his mouth again, suppressing a cough. "But … unofficially …", his eyes mysteriously shone once more making Jonathan wonder whether he was a practicing 'magi' aside of being a retired pilot, "… we had it all." He scratched himself listening to the police sirens that waned slowly. "Or almost anything."

Jonathan suddenly felt as if he was dreaming it all and stared completely bemused at Geir. Geir shrugged with his shoulders in secret giving him a hint he didn't have a clue what's on his mind.

"Mr. Blumrich …" Jonathan was still grinning like a happy jester.

"Josef, please. We're all here friends, aren't we?" He chuckled and looked at Geir. Geir held his glass tighter as if trying to comprehend something.

"You mentioned Germany and this 'spy agency'."

"That's right." The way Josef said that almost indicated his direct involvement in the whole matter. Jonathan started to wonder whether his father might have been the one since it was the year of 2025.

"Were there any indications as of a possible security breach?"

Josef made a gesture with his finger and twisted his lips into a smart smile.

"Now that's truly a good question." Another helicopter flew in the vicinity. Geir wondered how spectacular the whole show must look now at the crater. "Now, Germany's domestic spy agency faces awkward questions about a possible cover-up after revelations that an official destroyed files related to the investigation of the neo-Nazi group."

"But … you said it was recently, correct?"

"Correct." Jonathan was still puzzled.

"And the 'spy agency' was formed back in 1960s?"

"Well, yes. But … you see …", he smacked with his lips and then wiped them with his cloth. Sounds as of wolves howling intersected his thoughts. "This new agency still had to pass through numerous administration permits in order to be fully 'functional' if you know what I mean …"

"Ah …" Jonathan did not seem to be convinced.

"Anyway … the case prompted the government to announce last year that the agency's head for the past 62 years will take early retirement." Jonathan was still skeptical about the underlining truth. Josef continued, staring towards the flood lights that shot up into the night sky. "Before he leaves, a parliamentary committee wants to question Heinz Eidinger and the official responsible for the files about whether the material was destroyed by mistake or deliberately."

"I see." Jonathan finished his beer and then left the glass on the table that separated him from his host.

"The case had already proven deeply embarrassing to the agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, because of the failure to solve the killings of eight Turkish small businessmen and a Greek between 2000 and 2016 and a policewoman in 2017. "

"Police woman?" Geir repeated with a sneer.

"Yes." Josef grinned. "There's more and more women joining forces in the past twenty years or so." Jonathan knew it was true. "For years, authorities suspected organized crime rather than racist violence. Only when two suspected founding members were found dead last year after a botched bank robbery did the so-called National Socialist Underground's activities come to light."

"And this still bears relevance to the unexpected crash of that large spaceship down the valley?" Jonathan played with his thumbs as he embraced his knee.

"Yes. It does." Josef drank some more beer and it was obvious that it was already luke warm. "Even though only a handful of people have been identified as active members of the group, the case shocked Germans." He finished his beer and leaned back, trying to ease sudden tension. "While concern about far-right violence flares periodically, there had never previously been anything like the campaign of murder attributed to the group. Nazi symbols and propaganda have been banned in Germany since the end of World War II."

Some speeding car screeched in the vicinity just in order to be followed by a police siren.

"Critics contended that as authorities concentrated on Islamic terror, they ignored the danger of ultra-right extremists. Relatives of victims said police tried to pin the murders on organized crime, drugs or ethnic rivalries, but never examined the possibility of right-wing terror."

"Islamic terror?" Jonathan felt ridiculed and almost wished to go back to the hotel. But Josef's firm posture and self-secure manners made him wait a little longer.

"That's right. War in Afghanistan is just a consequence of something much larger."

"And it still has to do with this secret 'Ezekiel' project, or rather a spaceship that is two light years away from Earth."

"Well … indirectly, yes."

"Indirectly?" Jonathan's patience was at its brim. Josef glanced at Geir and then leaned forward a bit.

"Suppose your astronomers have found a planet that is within a reach." Jonathan embraced with his interlaced fingers another knee, resting the first.

"All right."

"And suppose that for the sake of secrecy you could not place it in writing anywhere in the 'Ezekiel' project." Jonathan's hair rose up on his neck, realizing the importance of the mission. Josef lifted his finger in the air, smiling. "Wouldn't you risk it and try to change the course of the spaceship and direct it to the star system where the planet is supposed to be?"

"Instead of …?" Geir was trying to hide his slumber mode.

"Instead of cruising aimlessly through the vast space, trying to find intelligent beings …"

There was a pause, some drunken men yelling and making various noises as if the local team won the National Championship.

"So … someone did change the course … from within the spaceship?" Jonathan was still dubious and reserved about the whole truth.

Josef placed a finger on his lip and Jonathan wondered whether he was still under some kind of an oath, unable to tell them everything.

"The failure to identify the Nationalist Socialist Underground despite nearly seven years of assassinations has served as a wake-up call to improve cooperation between Germany's tangle of federal and state-level security organizations …", he took some potatoes and nudged Jonathan to do the same, "… a system that has its roots in a desire to prevent any one authority having too much power after the repression of the Nazi era."

Jonathan still tried to contemplate the associations.

"And you said that the communication between this large spaceship whose fragments we see in that crater and our beloved Earth was … almost instantaneous."

"Yes. Almost. But only for the top authorities. For us, mortals, the usual signal would still travel for years before it hit us back."

"Hence why this 'National Socialist Underground' did not sprout earlier." Josef made a slow nod.

"But the system also means different organizations are sometimes unaware of information uncovered by others, a problem which was found among American security agencies after the 9/11 attacks." He wiped his mouth again, coughing slowly. "The German domestic intelligence agency, which recruits and oversees informers in extremist organizations, has faced much of the criticism over the neo-Nazi group."

"No wonder …" Geir added, almost yawning.

"Those files documented efforts years ago to recruit informers in another far-right organization to which the alleged National Socialist Union members once belonged." Josef took another mouthful of fried potatoes and Jonathan wondered how come he was so slender with such an appetite. "Earlier this year, authorities set up a new center that brings together national agencies and representatives of the 16 states' separate intelligence and police forces to share information that might be of use in combating far-right crimes …", there was a rasping noise as of metal scraping against concrete outside. Dog barked. "Something that was done years ago for Islamic extremism. In addition to the federal Parliament, some state legislatures have set up inquiries …" Sound repeated itself and Josef finally rose up, looking outside. He shook with his head and then assumed his seat again. "Investigators also found copies of a propaganda video featuring pictures of the victims and a cartoon image of the Pink Panther standing next to a placard proclaiming 'Germany Tour, 9th Turk Shot'."

Geir chuckled and then coughed since it the other two were serious.

"To cut the long story short …", Jonathan noticed that Geir extended his arm to take remaining potatoes, "… you are trying to indicate that there was a foreign element aboard that 'Jewish spaceship'."

"Project 'Ezekiel'."


"I tend to use official names."

"Are you saying that …", Geir leaned forward a bit, "… there were more than just one spaceship?" Jonathan suddenly felt cold and he also leaned forward, his mouth slightly open.

Josef started to laugh.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen ..." He had to calm himself down, staring at the ceiling above. "These are all insinuations. I have never explicitly mentioned any of these." Jonathan suddenly realized it was true. He almost burst into laughter since both him and Geir must have looked like some nosy students.

"But … there must have been a third party aboard that ship." Jonathan leaned back slowly. "I mean … in order for someone to change anything aboard a pre-programmed ship with a crew, someone else must have …"

"Excuse me …"


"You said 'with a crew'."

Jonathan stopped in mid sentence, suddenly gaping in disbelief.

"You are not saying that …" He stared at Geir. "No way!"

"Why not!? Nazis used the Jews for various experiments during those horrible years of atrocities?"

"You are not implying that some human beings were placed aboard that spaceship … or spaceships … as … as guinea pigs?" Jonathan's voice squealed at the end and Geir almost burst into laughter.

"You see Mr. Wallace …"

"Jonathan …"

"Jonathan … in those days many technological aspects of man surviving such a long voyage was still … in its … experimental stage …"

Since both Jonathan and Geir were looking tired, Josef finally smiled.

"I think we better leave some parts for tomorrow." They all rose up.

"Oh … before we go to the Land of Dreams …"

"Yes?" Josef patted Jonathan on his back.

"What made the spaceship crash instead of land?"

"Who said it was a spaceship that crashed?"

Both Jonathan and Geir froze, feeling some tickles running up their spines.

"I am just kidding, of course." But both Jonathan and Geir knew that such powerful organizations could mock almost everything. "Come on up. I'll show you where the towels and other accessories are."

After they were lying in their beds, staring up and listening to some distant wild partying, Jonathan exhaled soundly.

"What?" Geir giggled.

"What was the name of that Nazi concentration camp doctor?"

"Oh, you mean … Mengele?"


"Josef. Why?"

"Nothing." Jonathan turned to his side. "Good night."

"Good night."