A Protest for the Dissident

At ease you come up with such offense

What say you, citizen of this nation?

In what tongue do you intend to speak next?

Shame on you, shame on your soul!

How could you speak evil when you haven't done anything yourself?

I loathe you! I despise you, you dissident descendant of idiocy!

You are an imbecile! With all these lies you invent,

Who do you wish to deceive next?

I oppose the words you used for they are in the wrong context

I rebuke you for the words you speak shouldn't be against the government,

It should be against you! Yes, damned will be your tongue!

Disgrace be to your mother who raised you when you were young

Have you of no dignity?

The people you talk against of are men with honor,

Yes, some of them do evil as some of them are men by nature

But you! Shouldn't you obey before you disobey?

Rather than publishing the grudge that you wish to convey,

Before you, with the thoughts in your mind, goes out to slay,

I wish for you to look at the mirror. Look at it.

Tell me what do you see?

A man who resides at the dwelling place of the cause of welfare?

No! A petty human who dwells at the place of stupor!

I ask of you to act like a man of honor

For the men and women you speak against upholds honor

Whether they have it or not, you have not the right to judge for your thoughts are unjust

If I have offended you, then my deepest apologies I am obliged to offer

I wished that you would act instead of talking

Words are cheap and pointless

Acts are forever

Illiterate as I think you are,

Still you have a mind that composes sanity

I wish for you to use it well and act like you have it.