I'm ugly. Nobody loves me. Tommy thought to himself as he stares into his reflection. His face is covered in terrible acne and scars from him picking at it.

He is so tired of being made fun of because of it. He hates being called "pizza face" and he tires of being ignored by all the girls just because he is different.

The other boys are brutal to him, constantly mocking him. Three boys in particular make fun of him. Their names are Billy, Jeff, and Reese. Every day they go out of their way to bash him with insults or assaulting him physically. Every day they remind him of how ugly he is.

Tommy cries as he stares at his face in his bathroom window. He is the only twelve year old boy that he knows of that is going into a viral depression. Why is my life like this?

Whenever he tells his parents they either ignore him or assure him that things will change. That the boys will move on from him.

But Tommy knows the bullshit in that statement. He knows the truth. He will not be fooled.

He looks at a picture of his parents that is sitting on the sink. Why couldn't you help me? More tears roll down his eyes.

The latest time where he was bullied flashes into his head. Today he decided to wear make up to school to conceal his acne.

At first everyone was puzzled that he had removed the acne from his face. He decided with his face being cleared he could talk with his crush. Her name was Jeannie. She has long red hair and green eyes.

He however lacked the confidence to talk with her. So he just stood awkwardly in front of her. She just stares at him uncomfortably until his three tormenters approached him.

They asked him why he no longer had acne. Before he could respond, Reese took a closer look and noticed the acne. He wipes some of it off with his finger, confirming it.

They then laughed and mocked him, calling him gay before they dumped a water bottle on him, washing the makeup away. After humiliating him in front Jeannie who leaves to laugh, the bullies leave Tommy behind to stand there drenched in shame.

Tommy becomes so infuriated while thinking about it that he punches the mirror. He puts a dent in the mirror and in his knuckles which are now covered in blood. He breathes heavily to avoid the pain and closes his eyes.

He knocks off all the toiletries that were on the sink. He screams and cries, cursing everyone as well as life itself. Burying his head on the sink, he weeps.

Looking up, he stares at himself in the mirror. His eyes are red and filled with hate while his cheeks are drenched in tears. His face is badly infected with acne and scares. His ginger colored hair does nothing to even out his already unattractive features.

He screams before slamming his fore head into the mirror, leaving a gigantic crack in the middle of it. The forehead is now covered in blood which drips down onto the rest of his face. Tommy grits his teeth and stares into his reflection, filled with hate.

"I hate you!" Tommy screams at himself.

He spots his razor on the ground and picks it up.

"Time to die," Tommy whispers looking at his reflection.

Billy, Jeff, and Reese are throwing the football to each other on Jeff's front lawn. Together they laugh and play and have the time of their lives.

Billy then notices a figure walking towards them.

This person's face has been removed. What is left is made up of blood and tissue. The eyes are filled with pure hate.

"What the hell are you?" Billy exclaims.

The boy ignores his question and slashes his stomach with a knife, knocking him to the ground.

Billy screams and grabs the huge gash on his stomach and squeezes it to stop the bleeding. The faceless boy then stabs him again in his stomach.

"Holy shit!" screams Jeff before running into his house. Reese doesn't wait at all to follow him.

Grabbing Billy, the faceless boy drags him into the house.

Now in the house, the faceless boy throws a knife into Reese's back, knocking him to the ground.

Jeff runs over to his fallen friend and kneels beside him to feel for a pulse. Jeff starts crying.

"Still alive…" he whispers. "Who are you?" he asks, looking up from Reese.

"You destroyed me," the faceless boy rasps.

The faceless boy strips himself of all his clothes. He pulls out a nail and puts it into his own wrist. He screams in agony before putting one into his other wrist. He does the same to his two ankles. He continuously screams and cries after doing all these things.

"You are fucked up!" Jeff screams, disgusted.

"You crucified me with your brutality! With your insensitivities! You placed that crown of thorns on me when you ridiculed me every day!" the faceless one screams.

"Tommy?" Jeff asks.

"I am his second coming. You killed me. Now I am resurrected. It is almost time for my ascension," Tommy says.

Jeff now notices that Reese's heart beat has stopped.

"No! No! No! No!" Jeff cries.

"He lived as long as he was supposed to. And that was to hear me reveal myself. Same with Billy," Tommy says, dryly.

"I hate you!" Jeff screams before tackling Tommy.

He repeatedly hammers him in his disfigured face, blood splatters all over Jeff's face as he brutally beats him.

Jeff stops hitting him and then wraps his fingers around his neck and starts choking him. Tommy gasps for breath and quickly pulls the nail of his left wrist. He grips it in his hand before jamming it into Jeff's stomach.

Jeff gasps for breath before coughing up blood. He grabs the nail and tries pulling it out of him but he is too weak to. He rolls off him and lies on the ground where he slowly dies.

Tommy gets up and staggers out of the house. He limps through the lawn, dripping blood every step he makes. He looks up at the sun as it sets and grins. He then collapses onto the lawn. His arms are outstretched and his legs are straight and are pressed against each other.

His consciousness begins to fade. His vision blurs and a bright light enters his vision. Tommy then dies or maybe for the first time in his life he has finally woken up…