Conquerors Conquereth Not!

I wonder with sagging eyes,

Why does time rob me all of my needs?

Did I crossed his line of space

Or did I just did something to make him grimace?

Pleading for someone to second the motion,

I found none who dares to offer

Not a hand nor a finger

I took a step back and raised a fist

I was deceived by a snake that hissed!

Taint me not for I have not any stain

Curse me not like the fate of Cain

Has my deeds not met thine wagers

Or has my thoughts offended thy laborers?

I've failed to track some conclusions

For I wot I have been swarmed by wretched delusions

My face was brought head down

My friends took me out of oblivion

With this glory I have been crowned;

I shall not fail them!

I will sharpen my blade

I will wrestle thy page

Come what may, you shall never take what I have not failed to see,

You shall not kill what I believe!

I will face this adversary before me, this time,

I shall not yield! No, even if it would cause me my demise!

I shall stand firm in the face of blame,

Caring not of the wounds that would bring me maimed

For I am fearful not of thine wrath, I am fearful not of thy cleave,

I am armed with bravery who none could weave!