Oblivious Revenge

One corner lies in the end of the street

There awaits a man with intentions as black as tar

Malevolence reigns in his mind upon packages of silk

Ties that bind him sought to hide in his vengeful heart

Angst came upon him betwixted like light

Evil beseech him to bid Heaven goodbye

His gaunting heart has widened with hatred

Fro he went taunting eyes with benign cruelty

Garrulous he may not be but in tongues he burns welfare

With a strike he blows, rapid-firing of rudeness he shares

A shovel on his hand with a firm grip

With it he jabs delight and petty cries

Nonetheless, patiently he still stands

Darkness upon him subsides like a dream

He laid down in the pit of despair

Regrets were on him scarred like armadas of the east.