Chapter Eight

A moment of passion

I turn the shower on while I get undressed; I open the door and put my hand under the running water. I smile and step in to the warm water; I close my eye and run my fingers through my hair. After about fifteen minutes I'm done and turn the water off, I step out onto the mat and grab on of the white towels on the radiator. I wrap the towel around myself, then using another smaller one I rub my hair, trying to dry it as best I can. Once I have managed to stop it dripping I put my underwear back on and walk to the mirror above the sink, I wipe my hand over the surface, removing the steam. I grab a comb that's resting in an old glass and start running it though my tangled hair. After I have got the knots out I move to look at the smudged eyeliner, I run the tip of the towel I used to dry my hair under the hot tap and then get to remove the makeup. When I'm done I throw the towel into the hamper next to the door, I go to walk to the door but I stop short. Turning on my heels I grab the toothpaste from the same glass has the comb, as I don't know which is Caspian I just put a bit on my finger and rub it over my teeth, then I rise my mouth out. I smile at my reflection then turn and walk from the bathroom.

I walk to Caspian's room, towel still round my body. I knock when I get there,

"Come in" I hear his voice from the other side. I push the door open, I see him lying on the bed, he looks up when I enter, a sly smile on his lips. I rise my eyebrow and walk to where I left me cloths, but their no their.

"Where are they?" I ask moving to stand next to the bed,

"I'm hurt" he answers, but his smile only gets bigger, I cross my arms and he starts to laugh.

"Well?" he put his hands under the pillow and pulls out my cloths; I snatch them from his grip. I turn my back on him and pull my jeans on under the towel, once I have fasten them I turn my head to look at him while I grab my top, "close your eyes"

"Why?" he smiles

"You're intolerable, now close them" he dose as I say this time, and I drop the towel and pull my top on. I turn around; "okay" his eyes snap open.

"That wasn't fair" he pats the space next to him on the bed, I sit down next to him. He puts his arm around me and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks, but my body fits perfectly in the bend of his arm, so I snuggle into it. I can feel my phone digging into my side, so I pull it out if my pocket. I click the button on the screen, and it lights up, the time flash on the screen and sit bolt upright, 21:12. I'd been there for over four hours and I hadn't told anyone, my mom would be freaking out. I quickly typed in the password and their they were 5 messages and 3 missed calls, I hit the massage button and started to type,

Sorry went to a friend's house to study, be back soon. Sorry again, love you xxx

I turn in Caspian's arm, I didn't want to go but I really had to.

"I need to go home now" he moved his head to look at me, a sly smile on his gorgeous lips. In a movement so fast he is on top if me pining me to the bed. He leans down towards me; my whole body is tingling with desire. His lip light brush over my neck and I feel a sigh of pure contentment escape my lips. He moves his lips to my ear and stars to nibble on my ear lobe. He stops briefly to whisper in my ear

"Are you sure you have to go" I can feel my body wanting to say 'no' and I start to shake my head, but a

"Yes" slips from my lips. I can feel his smile,

"this bed is big enough for two you know" with those word I can't hold myself back, my phone slips from my grip and I wriggle my hand free of his grip, and put it on his neck and pull his lips from my ear to mine. Are lips met with such passion; we push closer to each other my head rising off the pillow to meet him, just to be closer to him.

"Oh, sorry" we both stop and whip round to see Dorian standing in the doorway. "I was going to order takeout, I'll knock in future" we are now siting up, with Caspian straddling me. I blush and rest me head on Caspian chest. "Is Annis going to sta-"

"No! I have to go home" I say a little too fast. My checks go even redder.

"I'll take you home" Caspian says has he got off the bed, I look up at him. He has a smile plastered on his face, and I can't help but smile back at me. Dorian coughs, and we look at him again

"So what do you what, pizza? Chinese?" Caspian glare at him and he backs up. "Okay, I get the message. See you soon Annis" I smile as he all but runs from the room.

"Umm" I never seen Caspian speechless, granted I hadn't know him in person that long, even though he has known me all my life. He hands me my shoes and I put them on, I get up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him lightly. When I pull away he looks once again at ease, which makes me feel better to for some reason. "Sorry about that, I've never had a girl here before so…" he trails off

"It's fine, it's probably good he came in or I don't think we would have ever stopped. And I really should be going, or my mom might not let me out the house again. And that would be a disaster, because I like what we just did, and I'd like to do it again" I say as his half smile starts to spread on his face.

"I liked it too" he say and kisses me hard on the lips, when he pulls away he leaves me a little breathless. "We should probably go" he grabs my hand and we go down stars and to the porch. He grabs his jacket and keys and I pull my jacket on before going outside. But inset of going to the bike he click a fob on the jeep lights up.

"Why not the bike?" I ask has he goes to the passenger door, I walk up to him as he open the door for me, I smile at that.

"Because you like jeeps" I nod, I forget he know everything about me "and in the jeep we can talk" I smile and climb into the jeep, he closes me door and goes to the right side.

"Those are very good reason" I say ad he opens the door.

"I thought so" he starts the jeep up.

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