"There was a reason for you to be late today?" Her mother said staring with a worried look. It was now five in the morning and she had to go to college tomorrow, erase that, she had to move tomorrow. What was she doing?

"Mom, I am eighteen, I am old enough to be out so late" She said rolling her eyes, sometimes it was bad to be the one who gets grounded, more if you pay all bills.

Ellie was her name, she just turned eighteen, but the truth is that she took a lot of responsibilities since her father left her and her mother alone. She had to work to pay the bills since her mother had cancer and couldn't work. This might not be the only story of a young girl having to act older than what she is, but that doesn't mean it is less important.

"You are old enough?" Her mother, Helen, said, she was dressed in pajamas and had a lemon tea on her right hand, she had been waiting for Helen the entire night, worried.

"Yes I am" She said not yelling.

"Ellie you are still young, and it is really dangerous that you just go out at night! Something could have happened to you" She yelled raising her hand, even though both knew she was not hurting anybody. Then she coughed and blood went out leaving a blood path on her arm, Ellie ran and gave her a bottle of water she had been carrying. She left anger to attend her mother.

"Mom are you okay?" Ellie said, worried, there was not a lot of time left for Helen, months, weeks, days, maybe hours. Since she didn't want to have a chemotherapy treatment, and it hurt Ellie to see her mother suffering like this. Maybe next time, she won't be so late working.

"I am, I only want to sleep, can you take me to bed" She said, she was obviously having problems breathing, Ellie knew. She took her to a small room where a queen bed was, there wasn't any furniture at all, only a mirror and a small dresser. Even her room makes me feel pity. Ellie always thought, and it wasn't that she couldn't pay for furniture, she received good payments at work, but her mother's cancer was stopping her when you talk about it.

Ellie put her mom in bed and covered with thin blankets, then she smiled at Helen and gave her a kiss in the forehead.

"I am sorry mom" she said whispering, then left the room.

"I know, I am sorry too" Ellie could hear her mother whisper.

Ellie's life had been rough and tiring, having to take care of her mother while working like crazy, oh and let's not mention school, she had to kill herself at studying!

"Why me?" she asked herself, the same question many other teenagers made to themselves. But, she minded this question, she really wanted to find and answer and do what was best of it.

She sighed and stared at her small room that was beside Helen's, it was comfortable though, a twin bed, two windows, lots of pink pillows, a sofa and a mirror. All she needed, even though she have always wanted to have a bedroom like the ones they make on the Extreme Make Over show, all those expensive stuff that left a happy family happier.

"Why me?" she asked once again, like if she was waiting for the 'nothing' to tell her some stupid answer. Just something! Then she thought about moving in a couple hours, her mother would be alone at home… who will be there to take care of her?

There was a neighbor who said she would be taking care of her mother, she would be at her home all day, she would even cook for her, and for free. But still Ellie was worried, but why? Maybe she was worried of her mom dying when she wasn't at home.

She hit her head hard, trying to erase those thoughts, seeing your mother being buried wasn't what she wanted. Even though she knew it was going to happen, maybe tonight?

She cried then, cried hugging a pillow so her mother wouldn't wake up and hear her crying, I don't want to lose the only thing I have left… she thought and like if her feet moved alone, she headed to Helen's bedroom, and walking towards Mom's bed, she lay by her side, tears still falling leaving her pillow wet. Then she hugged her mother but before she closed her eyes her cellphone started ringing.

"Hello?" She said drying her tears.

"Rose?" A male voice said, and for the nickname she knew who was calling. It was a… 'Customer'

"Yes sir?" she said almost whispering so her mother would not wake up.

"I have work for you to do, mind coming tomorrow at night, there is people who really likes you and want to have a night with you" He said in a lusting tone.

"Okay, I will meet you there" She said in a firmly, like if she changed from a scared little girl to a strong woman.

"See you here, Rose" the man said before hanging the phone, Ellie stood there, breathing deeply as she rested her arm on her mother's. Ellie has been paying bills, but not in the way she wanted. She was a seller, let's say body seller. She didn't like another term, she didn't even like her job, but it was the only way she could pay for college and bills. She had no choice!

Her boss named her Rose so she wouldn't have problems with her regular life, it was an easy way to work, more because all 'body sellers' had a mask while doing their job. Her boss was a nice person, he liked Ellie because of her beauty, her brown hair and her almost red eyes, reason why he called her Rose.

Anyways, Ellie hugged her mom once again, smelling her perfume and her 'momlike' smell, but this time, she didn't close her eyes to sleep, she just sang a lullaby her mother used to sing to her when she was young.

"You will sleep little rose,

With this lullaby I am singing to you.

You will grow and grow…"