It was nothing like a movie.

The rain never soaked through her clothes, making her skin cold from the water.

She got in her car and drove away, knowing that it would be the last time she would drive that way again.

There is nothing for her to say.

She still loves him, but she shouldn't, she can't.

Driving away, she wishes good bye to everything that she believe to be on her side.

She wants him back, but it's all come down to nothing.

All he does is walk away. The one thing she thought would never leave her.

She takes the photo of them off the dashboard, and looks at the picture that once occupied the now empty picture frame in her apartment.

The photo is black and white, him smiling down at her. They were having a conversation about their future, they were so sure of it; everything that they believe would always be theirs.

Recalling the conversation, she's lost in the memory of his voice as reality hits her.

She realizes that she's starting to become part of his past.

There's so much that she wants, that are just barely out of reach, but now, all she wants is his.

But this time, that's not enough, he's gone. He's slipping through her fingers and it's scaring her.

She's so scared of how it's going to end.

She doesn't want to know what's going to happen to them, she wants all of these cracks in their relationship to be fixed, so they can be together.

But she knows that's not going to happen, she has to wish him good bye.

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