Description & Bio

Abraham Joseph Lee is 24 year old 6 foot 1 male. Has brown hair and blue eyes. He was turned into a superhero when he was shot during a bank robbery and was giving a shot by someone whom he couldn't tell who they were because they had a mask on. He got superpowers and extreme intelligence from the shot. He also has a brother named Logan

Chapter One

Abraham Joseph Lee checked his watch it was 7:21 PM. He had a hour and 9 minutes before the bomb in the clock tower went off, He put on his black blazer and walked out of his door. He took off in flight swishing threw the air he would be at the clock tower in 5 minutes. But then his arch nemesis Benjamen froze him in mid air, Abraham fell to the ground when he hit the slick wet pavement the ice exploded. Abraham charged towards Benjamen with lighting fast speed, He tackled him to the ground and punched him in the face, Benjamen socked him with his pistol and shot at Abraham. Abraham ducked behind a parked Turquoise Ferrari, The bullet hit-

the windshield and broke the glass, Benjamen took off in flight Abraham couldn't catch him he jumped into the Ferrari and took off in the opposite direction of the clock tower 30 minutes had passed. He sped up to 200 mph their was low traffic on the road about 3 cars spread out between 1 mile, he passed all the cars and was catching up to the Benjamen. Abraham pulled out his pistol and shot at Benjamen none of the bullets hit him, " I will kill you screamed out Abraham" Go ahead and try Benjamen said. Abraham took one more shot and hit him in the back, Benjamen fell onto the pavement Abraham heard his back snap into two, Abraham got out of the car and walked over and asked him if he had any last words. Yes Benjamen replied turn around,

Abraham turned around in time to see the clock tower explode there were 21 thousand people in their. Abraham turned around to kill Benjamen, Benjamen had crawled away blood dripped from him, Abraham ran after the blood trial it ended on the middle of the Saint Ave Rd. He must have been picked up by helicopter, Abraham walked back to the Ferrari and drove to the tower, Just thinking about it and how he could of saved them. He got out of the Ferrari and walked to the destroyed tower, There were bodies everywhere just laying there.

Abraham walked over to the fire chief and asked if there where any survivors, No The Fire Chief answered. Abraham walked away in rage he got a phone call from his brother, He answered the phone,

Abraham they have me. Logan whispered

Wait what who tell me who. Abraham yelled

I cant there coming. Logan said

Abraham heard on the phone a distant voice he heard a man say, Hey what are you doing. He could hear is brother being hit with a bat on the phone, Abraham took the phone to his underground lab and traced the call he got an address. He took off in his Mustang Gt 500 pushing it to max speed of 200 mph it was 9:00 at night no traffic on this road right now, He got to the address and got out of his car, He had grabbed a shotgun from his underground lab that he created, Nothing special besides the fact that it reloads it self.

He created a secret chamber he felt with 120 shotgun shells, He saw what looked like a warehouse and walked inside. He tightly gripped his shotgun ready to blow someones head off. He saw a spotlight in the middle of the warehouse, He walked over there and saw his brother standing there with a duct tape over his mouth and his hands tied behind his back. The man holding a gun to his back had a mask on the same mask from the bank robbery, Abraham screamed out let him go and let me take his place.

I don't thank so superman. The man said

Who are you, You son of bitch Abraham said

I am, He pulled the mask off.

Benjamen. Abraham said in shock

That`s right Abraham I`m the man that turned you into a super human. Benjamen said

Why. Abraham asked

Because i have some sympathy. Benjamen said

Then why are you fighting against me. Abraham asked

Because It gave you more super powers than I intended. Benjamen said

Benjamen pulled the trigger and shot him in the heart. Abraham screamed nooooooooo! The shotgun fell from his hands, It was to late his brother was dead. He ran at Benjamen and speared him and started punching him in the face one after another, He stopped and went and grabbed his shotgun walked over to Benjamen and blew his head off. He walked over to his brother and mourned over him, He said to his slain brother and said I shall spare no mercy on criminals.

I am not writing at the next chapter right now but will in the Future.