As his mind raced, his adrenaline shot through his veins and he kept running, unsure as to where he was even heading. Everything around him looked the same, the smells blending into one and his eyesight was beginning to become hazy with tears, the strong, new smells burning his nose.



And more trees was all he could make out with his blurry vision.

He was getting more lost by the second yet he couldn't stop, the gunshot ringing in his ears. He was told that if he were to try and jump back on the boat he would be shot and even though he didn't even attempt it, he did not move from the spot where the threw him so they shot a warning shot at his feet to get him to move and move he did. He took off into the trees without thinking besides the thought of hiding or getting himself shot, the fear of the pain that would come. He had already gone through enough pain; he didn't want to experience the pain of getting shot or slowly bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere.

What hurt the most though was not the physical pain but the mental part of it, the thought of never being able to see his family again or even be able to talk to them as he could if he was in prison. His chest was tight at the thought but what could he do? He couldn't survive the island knowing that everyone or everything on it was trying to kill him. Even though he had the physical power, the mental part was the most important and he just didn't have it nor did he think he would ever have it, especially on an island of creatures he only heard stories of.


"We find the defendant guilty on all charges. A life sentence with no chance of parole."

Isaac couldn't believe it and he took a moment to think maybe he heard it wrong but once the handcuffs were slapped around his wrists and he was being lead out of the courtroom in the back, he knew this was reality. His reality. He had just been charged on 3 counts of murder and resisting arrest. The resisting arrest was because he had gotten scared and ran, not because he was the murderer.

They had interrogated him for almost two week, giving him barely any food or water and only about 2 hours of sleep each day. So he broke and gave in, thinking that going to prison would be better than what he was going through now. Of course he had a though and through alibi but the cops had gotten around that and even while he had the best lawyer, it was a lawyer given to them by the state so he knew the lawyer was going to be no help.

The trial had been short, lasting only about an hour yet it had been the longest hour of Isaac's life. During the entire thing, Isaac didn't listen to anything that was said, nothing the eye-witnesses said or the judge or the lawyers, he just waited for his sentence. The sentence that would change his life forever but he didn't know if it was going to be a good or bad thing in the long run.

He had expected to be thrown in a cell the moment he entered the prison, except he was taken to the basement where there was other cells but he was taken to the very back room. Sat in a chair, his right arm was forced upwards as both arms were strapped to the chair. Then he was alone for a long time and he was almost asleep when someone entered the room, slamming the heavy door shut and waking him up. His head jerked up and watched the older man with hazy, sleep filled eyes.

"What's going on?" Isaac asked, sleepily but he didn't expect to be answered.

"Just giving you some vaccines before giving you to the wolves."

Isaac could understand that but he wasn't a big fan of needles and when he saw the one the doctor had, he couldn't help but flinch. The liquid was clear and he wondered what the vaccine was however he didn't ask. He began to tremble slightly when the doctor began to advance closer and when the needle was to his skin, he cringed and looked away.

However, what came next he was not expecting, the sting of the needle piercing his skin, yes but not the blinding pain that came afterwards. He was not expecting the feeling of white hot plasma traveling though his veins and a scream escaped his mouth before the doctor had a chance to clamp a hand down over his mouth. His left hand clawed at the arm rest of the chair, his nails digging into the wood as it felt as if he was being turned inside out, his bones as if they were trying to get out of his skin. He squirmed intently at the itchy feeling crawling over his skin as if millions of tiny needles were pricking him all over at the same time.

It seemed to last forever, the pain, the watchful eyes of the doctor and once it was over, it felt as if it was still continuing. Complete exhaustion then took over, the pain still crawling over his skin and through his body yet he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore and once he could, he was alone in a hotel room.


He fell asleep just seconds after he had awoken and when he woke up again, he was surrounded by others, many different people. He was confused, his mind reeling from the lack of sleep and loud noises. It felt as if his mind was being split in two and it was painful, the sounds screaming loudly, echoing. He wanted to tell everyone to shut up but his voice was gone, his throat sore and it hurt to even keep his eyes open anymore.

However, finger's pried his eyes open again and a blinding light entered his vision, one eye to the other. Words were exchanged between the people but he couldn't understand them and it seemed as if it was in another language to his ears. He was wavering from being awake to going back under but with the nod of a head of one of the people, a pinch registered in his arm before an even greater pain took over, making his back arch from the bed, a silent scream spilling from his mouth before he could stop himself. He clawed at the bed with his fingers, gritting his teeth to stop himself from making any noises of pain and since he wasn't being held down again, he rolled over onto his side and buried his face into the pillow.

It was the same pain from before, his skin crawling and his bones trying to force their way out. But, this time it seemed to last until the pain came back at full force the next day. It appeared as if he was never not in pain for the days to follow and once it did, the one day he got to live pain free, he found out a month had gone by. How he survived a month of just feeling the sensation of pain surprised him and he wondered how that was possible. How he didn't go crazy from it?

Though he was no longer in excruciating pain, his body was still sore so he couldn't move from off the bed. Every once and a while he could vaguely feel someone helping him off the bed and carrying him to the bathroom, helping him on the toilet or giving him a bath, the warmth of the water easing away some of the pain. At those times, he was in too much pain to feel embarrassed that he was naked in front of another person and he spent most of his concentration on relaxing in the hot water.

The painful injections lasted about a year before they completely ceased and after a week of no pain, Isaac felt as if he needed the pain to feel alive and without it, he could do nothing but lie on the bed. This went on for a month before something clicked; he wasn't in jail but an unsecured hotel room which meant he could have escaped anytime but being doped on pain, he didn't even realize. Because of that, he felt stupid of himself and then anger swelled in his chest, still unable to feel like moving, he clenched the sheets between his fingers and groaned in anguish.

How did he not realize? It wasn't as if he was the stupidest person on the world and anybody with half a brain could have grasped that escape was manageable in a hotel. He felt sick to his stomach; his chest tightening and tears welled in his eyes, sliding down his face. He rolled to his side, a gasp of pain escaping his mouth and grabbed the sheets and wiped off his face. There wasn't anything he could do about it now and crying wasn't going to solve his issue. His body was still numb even though it had been a long amount of time since he'd last been in pain and he hadn't walked on his feet for even longer than that.

But he didn't want to sit by anymore and he shakily pushed himself up, shuddering when light-headedness nearly made him want to lie back down. He crawled slowly to the edge of the bed and he hesitantly placed his feet on the floor, feeling the carpet on the bottom of his feet gave him reassurance that he could stand. He took a deep breath and stood slowly, using the bed as leverage and once deemed okay, he stood straight and took a shaky step forward. He had balance but the strength to stand was long gone and he crumpled to the floor, landing on his knees. Yet, right when he did so, the person taking care of him had entered the room carrying a tray of food.

"What are you doing?"

Isaac didn't answer but only looked up, finally taking in his care-taker's face. When he had been in pain, he had been so out of it, it never occurred to him to ever see who the one taking care of him was or looked like. The person before him had short brown hair and soft brown eyes full of concern.

"You shouldn't be moving yet." The other whispered, kneeling in front of him and setting the tray of food to the side. "My name is Ethan and I've been taking care of you this whole time. Now don't ask me any questions right now since your throat must hurt and you haven't talked for over a year."

Ethan grabbed his arm to help him stand and something flashed through Isaac and he pushed Ethan to the ground and stood up by himself in the matter of a second. Isaac pressed himself up against the wall while something short of a low growl was leaving his mouth. He instantly stopped when he realized what he had been doing, what he had done. He slapped a hand to his mouth, muttering an apology through his fingers. He took one last look at Ethan's calm face before he dashed to the bathroom and he slammed the door shut behind him.

Pressing himself up against the door, he clutched a hand to this throat and he could feel his heartbeat under his fingertips. His heart was racing, his mind in the same mess. He was confused and scared, unsure as to how he could have even made that noise. It had sounded like a cat in distress. He put his hand to his mouth again, he had also hissed when Ethan tried to grab his arm. He bent his arm and held it to his chest, curling his fingers into a fist. A knock came to the door.

"When you're ready to come out, the food with be on the desk. It will be best if you eat it or at least some of it."

Ethan's voice was muffled through the door but Isaac understood and so did his stomach, a loud growl seeming to echo through the bathroom. He waited a few and when he heard Ethan walk away from the door, he turned yet he froze with his hand on the handle, staring at his reflection in the mirror. He didn't know what the injections were but his eyes got wide, his pupils dilated and everything become black.


Isaac awoke with a start, his body was drenched with sweat and his breathing was labored. He was also alone. The image of him in the mirror came back to him and he shot up. He no longer looked like himself, his used to be blonde hair had been dyed pitch black and his once hazel eyes were now peridot green, the color of his birthstone.

He had so many questions but he was afraid none of them would be answered. He had a feeling nothing would be the same ever again and he wondered in what direction his life was going and how it would possible end. He was also scared, afraid of the direction his life was following and he didn't want to see the end.

A year had passed in what seemed like seconds and that whole time he was delirious with pain from the injections he was given, people he didn't know watching him as he squirmed and writhed in pain, hearing his screams echo through the room or his choked sobs when he could no longer scream. He felt sick to his stomach at the thought and many blurry faces popped up in his mind and he really wanted to puke. He could see those people again and not have any clue that they were the ones who let him suffer. Then there was Ethan, he knew the other had just been the one to take care of him but he could have done something to help, he could have called the police or given him pain meds. It was torture that he was put through and he was pretty sure that torture was illegal in America, figuring that it was too inhumane.

Isaac flinched when the door opened and his eyes narrowed into a glare when the doctor came in, he opened his mouth to say something when the doctor held his hand up.

"Trust me, when you get to the place you're going, you'll be thanking me." The doctor grinned, "So, I'm sure you're wondering what we did to you, am I correct?"

Isaac glanced away before hesitantly looking the doctor straight in the eyes as he sat up

The doctor pulled up a chair next to the bed and sat down, pushing his glasses up with his middle finger, "I'll try and keep this as simple as possible since you didn't graduate high school."

Isaac glared at being called stupid and he fought the urge to bare his teeth and hiss.

The doctor smirked and continued, "You are no longer human. The easiest way to put this is that we changed your genetics to turn into something you wouldn't believe. You see, the government likes to play games and mess with the minds of others. They like to take people who have been sent to jail for life with no parole to get their hopes up and to see an interesting show. They'll pick the name of a creature from a jar and what they pick is what you get turned into and once you're turned, they ship you off to an island and watch you fight to the death."

Isaac eyes got wider and wider at what he was being told and the first thing that came to mind was that everything he told was a joke but seeing the serious look in the doctor's eyes, he knew this was the farthest thing from a joke.

"Not for the hope and the chance at freedom. It is only allowed for one to get his freedom so once one the island; you must kill all the others there. This has been going on for many years and not one creature had been the winner."

Isaac froze and he felt sick to his stomach, his stomach churning and he suddenly felt light-headed from the thought. He could only imagine when kind of things lived on the island now. Then, he remembered that the doctor hadn't told him what he had been turned into."

"What am I?" he whispered, watching out for his voice yet his throat still hurt.

The doctor stood from the chair and leaned over him, cupping his chin and tilting his head up, "You, Isaac Newman, have been turned into a demon."

- 3 –

Isaac only stopped when he had to catch his breath, his chest heaving as he took in deep breaths to calm his heart and stop his lungs from burning. He had been running for a good 10 minutes away from the shore line and he was surprised that he hadn't seen anyone or anything. He figured many would wait by the shore to kill any new comers for less competition and for more practice or maybe there were rules.

Leaning against a tree, he slid to the ground and curled his knees to his chest. He wondered about death, how he was going to die. Was he going to starve to death or be killed by another creature on the island or he could even just commit suicide.

He shook his head. He knew suicide wasn't the way to go no matter how hellish the island was. He just wanted to wade it through, to see his family again or even just to talk to them. He was told that if he killed just one other creature on the island, he would get to talk to his family but he didn't know if he trusted that and he honestly didn't want to kill anybody.

He didn't even know how he get there, how this happened to him and what the government was thinking when they turned a 16 year-old into a demon and sending him to an island where they knew he wasn't going to make it.

The doctor called it a game and that was the only way to call it, the only way to call it. He was the government's chess piece now, their doll or what he would call himself, their plaything. The notion made him sick, the thought of dying under the government's control. He knew he would die living off the government after working for them under many years but he never thought they would screw him over this much. They were literally feeding him to the wolves and there was no way he could escape, no way he could or would survive. This island was either going to make him or break but he knew that it was going to be his grave, the place he was going to spend an eternity on.

- 3 –

I actually got this story from I flipnote I found but I changed many things from the original. I changed the name, I made Isaac a creature as well while the character from the flipnote stays humans and also, I'll be adding more creatures of multiple of varieties.

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I hope to really be different with this story, making it slower and have questions answered sooner than later. Though I think with Full of Questions, it fits in with Aiden being able to learn how to be a demon at a slow pace while Isaac has to learn on the spot or be killed.

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