The time is 2450 it's been over a hundred years since the humans abandoned earth and cast out into space. Numerous corporations rise up. One of the most prominent is the corporation GCD. The genetic cloning department. They make body parts to allow people to be healthy and for more money be fit. But the corporation has a side that they prefer to keep under wraps. And that is where the story begins.

The planet: gron

Target: anyone with reasonable health

Number: 20

Payment will be received normally.

The man ran down an alley trying to escape his pursuer. He had come a little after sundown. He knocked on the door and the man's wife had answered. He had heard a scream by the he got down she was dead. Her chest had been ripped open everything except bone and skin had been removed. The figure that had been let in was holding her head. With a quick slice the head was split open cleanly enough to were the brain was intact. The figure then ripped out the brain and put into a sack. The man uttered a swear the figured got up and turned.

His were glowing red. He was fit but had a sheen of metal over his body. He looked at the man and smiled. The man was shaking with fear about foul his pants. The figure simply looked and suddenly laughed and spoke

"Your next." The figure spoke.

The man had run into the alley in hopes to escape. He looks around and not seeing anyone sighed relief. Suddenly a figure jumped down and picked him up and slammed him against the wall. The man tried to escape but his struggling stopped when the figure sliced off the man's arm. The man fell down writhing in pain. He looked into the eyes of the man who was going to kill him. They were red. The figure plunged the blade into the man chest and ripped it open. The man's last sight was his own blood and a hand shoved into his chest.

The figure was finishing the order. His employer was his master. He was theirs. They made what he was to hunt down fresh genetic material for cloning. The GDC made him. They are responsible. He knew this and his name 282 meant something. But he didn't care. All he cared about was when he did his job. He loved it. His modified mind was designed to enjoy killing.

He had filled the order he was to be paid. But as he was walking out of the alley something hit him in the neck. He pulled it out and examined it was a Hera dart designed to administer a knock out dose. And this one was a big one. His mind became blurry but he knew who did this. There were many bounty hunters after him he had a price that keeps getting bigger the more people he kills. Only one knew he needed this much of a dose.

He looked up to see a man wearing a sniper mask. He was fading quickly with the last of his strength he whispered a swear at the man before going into the land of dreams.

The man who had shot the dart had heard 282s words and chuckled this man had eluded him for so long. He had hit him on the desert planet gotesa with the same knock out serum. It would've knocked an athlete in a second but it didn't even slow him down. He realized that he needed overkill to take this target down. So he took the serum and brought up to what would kill an elephant. And even this barley knocked him out.

The man remembered to handcuff him. This man had beaten him and even mocked him as a member of the red steel hand. He was the best. And even this man took all of his skill. The man thought of this man as the ultimate target he deserved to fight for his life. He had thought that he might even tell him his name which an assassin only tells worthy opponents. His name was Josh. And he was the best. He brought down 282. Wanted for over 850 Counts of murder.

The next day

Josh was up early. He knew that 282 would be awake before he was so he got up early to check his restraints and drug him again. He had transportation on a V-class vessel a state of the art ship for transporting any goods. Including fugitives to justice.

Josh immediately took 282 to the ship put him in the brig. The brig was a three walled cell with a force field for the door. Josh deposited 282 in the cell and turned the force field on. He knew that 282 would probably try to escapes. This is why he had the ventilation system rigged to vent the serum into the cell.

Josh walked away when he ran into a pilot. The pilot was a woman. She looked disturbed. Josh picked this up and asked her the question

"Why the scared face."

The pilot said

"I heard that 282 is here. Is that true?"

Josh knew that most of the crew was nervous about 282. So he replied

"Yes he is here. But he will have a guard for the journey"

The pilot looked relaxed. He then looked the name of the guard which was Lt. Sara Hyenas. He was wondering where she was when she walked down the stairs. She looked the pilot and sighed

"Christen what are you doing here?"

The pilot almost stuttered an answer the Josh spoke up

"She was just making sure the cell was working. I'm sorry for the problem."

Sara just sighed and said

"Alright just get out."

Josh and christen both walked out of the brig and into the cargo hold where the crew was just loading the last bit of cargo.

Josh heard the crewmen talking about some last minute addition that was filled with organic samples. He just ignored this and went to the bridge. The captain saw the two come and said "nice of you to join us pilot."

Christen took off to her panel and started to work. The captain turned to Josh and asked him

"You the bounty hunter?"

Josh stiffened at the question he did not like being compared to those brutes. But he held his tongue and said "yes."

The captain humphed and said

"You don't worry about the prisoner he ain't going nowhere."

Josh just sighed and said

"We'll see."

He then just sat down in a chair and waited for the trip to start.

Two hours after departure

Josh woke with a start he had fallen asleep a few minutes after takeoff. He woke with a start when the ship suddenly shuddered. He ran over to see what happened. The captain caught him and said just a small navigating malfunction we are only 5 minutes out just relax. Josh calmed down when the light suddenly malfunctioned and went out. Josh pulled a holdout pistol ready for action. The lights came on and the captain said

"Just a power fluctuation-"

He was cut short be Josh who ran past him to look at a screen. The captain walked up about to chew him out when Josh suddenly swore. The captain was puzzled by this when Josh turned around a grave look on his face.

"The entire ship experienced it."


"That included the cells."

The captain face paled. He yelled for his security personal. The head guard, a tough woman named Ashley, came up looking tired. Josh quickly explained the situation

"The prisoner 282 has just escaped."

The group suddenly looked fearful

"The first place he went was the cargo hold but he escaped before we could close it down. We see that he didn't kill the guard and he didn't steal anything valuable. He did however open the cargo number 869423. This was carrying biological specimens. He targeted this package spherically so we know he knew about it. Our concern that it was a biological weapon but we don't know for sure. Now we know that he is very dangerous and-"

Josh was cut off by a sound in the vents. All the guards aimed their various weapons at the vents. One of them walked up to it and climbed up to it. He gave a countdown and opened the vent cover. What fell out of vent wasn't a bioweopon or 282. What fell out was body parts. A lot of body parts from hearts to brains. The people on the bridge had varying degrees of disgust. Many fell down and threw up. Josh who had seen many disgusting sights winced at this sight. Then he noticed the note written on a piece of paper. He climbed over it and got the note and it read: don't leave the bridge. You find death and destruction.

Josh dropped the note and yelled

"Okay anybody who is willing to fight come with me."

All the guards picked up their guns and looked at Josh for direction

"Okay everybody doesn't go anywhere alone. And if you see something reports it."

With these orders Josh hooked up with Ashley and 3 others and they walked out and into the com room. The room was basically a meeting with a video screen at end. The group fanned out. One of them went in front of the video screen suddenly the lights went off and the screen went on. the one closest suddenly found himself with a man behind him.

Josh was slightly startled when the lights went out. Suddenly he heard struggling he turned to the sound and in the screens light he saw the soldier die because of a knife in his throat. And on the screen he saw the words written in blood: beware I'm not the only monster here.

Josh ran up to the body but found no evidence that 282 had been there. He swore but got his composure back and looked at the rest of the squad he said

"Move out."

Josh walked the group into greenery. Where the ship got its oxygen from. The plans were big tubes. As they walked by the tubes the soldier in the rear got a transmission.

"Kill them."

The soldier walked up to the next soldier and pulled out his knife and attacked the next soldier. Josh turned around and saw the traitor kill the soldier by disembowelment. Before he could attack again he was tackled by an unseen enemy. Who picked him up and slammed him into a tube before slitting his throat.

Josh ran up to investigate the corpse but this time found another message written on the tube in blood it read: told you so.

Josh contacted the bridge and asked the captain about what happened. The captain started to answer when suddenly he was attacked by an unknown assailant. Josh ran with Ashley up to the bridge where they saw the captain leaning over a computer. Josh breathed a sigh of relief.

He leaned over to pat him on the back. When he touched him though the captains head fell off. Josh jumped back and searched the room for the assailant. He looked around and saw the quarter master who was under a desk. When he got up he started babbling about 282 killing the captain.

Josh was thinking how to draw 282 out when he heard a voice yell

"It wasn't 282."

Josh spun around and saw Christen jump up.

"It was the quarter master."

Josh spin around only to shock in unconscious. When he came to he saw that he was in a cage. He looked around and saw Christen and Ashley in other cages. He looked around and saw that most of the crew was assembled in the Cargo hold. The quarter master was preaching about some group of deities that demanded a sacrifice.

Josh quickly looked at the looked at the lock and saw that it was a really simple four code lock. He tried to pick the lock but a crew member saw him and slapped his hands away. He relised he needed a miracle to save him. Suddenly a voice rang out

"You know it is considered rude to sacrifice people."

The quartermaster looked around for the source of the voice. And the voice belonged to no other than 282. He jumped down from the ceilings. The quarter master laughed

"You think that you can kill us all by yourself."

282 replied "I could but I going to rescue that assassin that got me here."

And with that he threw a knife into the lock that held Josh hostage. This broke the lock and allowed Josh to kill a crew member and steal his gun which he started killing the crewmembers with.

282 ran through the crowd killing anyone in his way. Josh was finishing of the crew when he saw 282 jump over 20 feet in front of the quarter master; who tried to fire a gun which 282 dodged. He slid next to quarter master and thrusted his hand into his chest and pulled out his heart and shoved into his throat.

The rest of the crew dead by Josh's hand. Josh looked at 282 who spoke

"You rest." Josh walked over and freed the other two but when he looked back 282 was gone. Josh was about to collapse when he spotted a data pad in the package belonging to 282. He looked at it copied it and then walked and sat down and fell asleep.

2 day later

Josh was going into the GDC head quarters with the data he had recovered. He met with the founder, an extremely old man, and asked him to turn over a contract.

"Which one?"


The old man didn't even flinch. He handed josh a data pad and said "take it and take good care of him."

Josh was about to ask him what he meant when the founders assistant called and said "your next appointments arrived."

Josh walked away. That night he managed to track down 282. 282 almost killed Josh but Josh said the code "yellow 587."

282 grudgly accepted the command code. He asked "what do you want with me?"

Josh smiled "I have a proposition for you."

"What kind of proposition?. Do I get to kill people?"

Josh smiled "yes only bad guys but yes."

282 smiled "as long as I get to kill."