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The dietectives chapter two.

A/N the secomd chapter. now the spell check on my computer is not the best. i will probaly change something berfore the noext chapter


The planet Fluia

The woman was walking down the city street in a rushed pace. She had missed her bus home and was trying to get home so she could take care of her daughter. She decided to take a short cut through an alley. She got halfway through when she ran into someone. She got up and was about to apologize when a hand came around her throat and began to squeeze.

She quickly elbowed her attacker and broke his grip. She tried to run but something grabbed her legs. She looked down and saw the man who she ran into attached to her legs. She thought maybe he was panicking when she felt a sharp pain in her left leg. She looked down and saw that the man had her leg in his teeth.

She screamed and kicked him off and took off down the alley. But before she could make it a strong grip stopped her. She tried to kick but her legs wouldn't move. She also felt a cool sensation on her back. The hand released her and fell to the ground. She suddenly realized that she felt wet all over; she then saw a red liquid all around her.

She then felt tired and decided to go to sleep. The men around the body whooped with laughter. A tall thin man walked into the alleyway. He looked at the corpse and spoke "my children we have begun the first step. Now my children FEED!"

At these words the men jumped and tore at the corpse like ravenous wolves. Ripping and eating. The tall men then looked up to the night sky and laughed.

24 hours later in residential district.

"How can this guy have lived here and never get caught." Josh mumbled begrudged. He had arrived to see 282 about a job and found his house not only in the rich district but next to the police station. Josh opened the door half expecting to see 282 there with a knife. Strangely enough the house looked really nice. Not at all mirroring the psychotic owner of the place.

"Hey ill be right down. Just go and help yourself to the fridge." Josh heard 282 yell down the stairs. Josh decided to see what was in the fridge. He half expected to find body parts in it but instead he saw a well stocked fridge. He almost decided to grab a beer when he heard a commotion on the stairs. 282 walked into the room wearing the same attire that josh last saw him wearing.

"Do you ever change?" josh asked the brutal psychotic murderer.

"Yes I just like this out fit." Stated 282. "Besides why would I change? I mean who cares about fashion."

At this josh just sighed. "I came here to tell you that we got a job." With this he threw down a file "there have been a lot of strange murders the past few weeks. We have been hired to investigate. This does not mean you can go crazy and kill random people." At that comment 282 just sighed

"All right where are we going?"

"We are going to the most recent crime scene. I have a car pulled up." Josh said in an aggravated tone of voice. 282 just shrugged and went out side. Josh walked out thinking why did I think this was a good idea. He got into the car and took of for the crime scene.

After a short car ride they arrived at the scene of the crime. The place was swarming with cops. The two private detectives got out of the car and went to the police line. The cop there stopped them.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to turn around. This is a crime scene." He said with a tone of authority. 282 were reaching for his knives when josh stopped him. The assassin flashed a pass to the guard who examined to and waved them through.

As they got closer the police detective sauntered up to them and spoke in an annoyed tone

"What are you doing here? This is police business." He said to the assassin.

"We are the detectives from the Gillian's. You were told of us." The assassin replied, "We are to take over matters from here."

The police detective got a scared look on his face and he quickly waved them through.

"282 find out what you can from the body." Josh said in a quiet voice. 282 then walked to the corpse and examined it. Pocking and prodding.

"Well the first thing is she's dead. But I guess you could tell that already. The wounds on her torso were done after her death. The blow that killed her is right here on her back," he pointed at a hole in her back, "the wounds on her arms and legs are not from a blade or blunt weapon but from teeth. And considering the shape of the teeth marks I'd say it was a group of humans who took bites out of her corpse."

The shock was evident on the police detectives face. "You might want to close that flies could get in." 282 mocked. The police detective almost threw a punch when josh put his hand on his shoulder.

"Can you track them?" he asked 282

"Sure I can but not with him." he said pointing at the police detective who almost blubbered a response if josh had not quieted him.

"Then we track." He said to 282. Who then walked off in the direction of some bloody foot prints with josh following behind? 282 tracked the prints farther than the police ever could with his scanners. He stopped suddenly

"Here." He pointed to a manhole "this is how they came and left."

"really, that's interesting." Josh spoke, deeply in thought

"Yeah that's why the police couldn't find anything." 282 said in a mocking tone of voice.

And with that he pulled off the manhole cover and jumped down; with josh following behind him. The sewer reeked off all manners off foul things. This did not stop the two as they trudged on though. Eventually 282 stopped them at a ladder.

"Here, it is this is the escape route they used." He said to his reeking companion as they climbed out. They came out in front off a huge mansion. Definitely owned by s rich man.

"The trail leads here. Be quiet they are probably in the middle of a ritual right now." He whispered to josh.

They then proceeded to sneak in and observe the group. They were about fifty and all wore a long robe that hid their features. In the middle there was a alter with three figures on it. A tall thin man, a woman who looked about sixteen, and a big buff man hold her down. The tall man then proceeded to speak

"my children we have almost reached the time at hand when that hand strikes twelve the sacrifice will proceed." At this the cult cheered with blood lust. 282 and josh were up in a balcony when this speech was given. Both looked at each other and realized that this way not good.

"Josh you give me covering fire. I can see heat signatures everywhere keep them off me while I go after the main man." He whispered to josh who nodded and set up his rifle. 282 the proceeded to jump off the balcony and land in the middle of the group. Most off which jumped back except for a few poor souls who he landed on.

"You know I hate to interrupt such a lovely event but imp afraid that you will have to give that girl to me or things will get ugly." 282 threatened. But at this the thin man laughed

"You can't stop us your just one man." He spat at 282.

"I'm not a man; i'm a crazy psycho here to free the damsel in distress. Now if you enjoy having your spleen in the right place surrender." 282 said with a grin. The thin man laughed and issued the order to attack. 282 just smiled and pulled out his blades.

The group rushed at him but 282 were to fast he leapt over the mob and landed on the buff man who tried to throw him off. Meanwhile the mob was turning around when a flurry of bullets ripped into them. Josh was above them firing his sniper rifle as quickly as possible into them. He was just about to fire a grenade when he saw a missile almost hit 282. He looked around and saw the launch site. A group of cultist armed with RPGs who also saw him and adjusted their aim and fired at him.

Josh saw the missile and jumped off the balcony fire his rifle as he went. The bullet hit one of the cultists who fell down and shot his missile into the RPG users killing them all. Mean while 282 was finishing off the buff man. He jumped and sliced his opponents gut open before ramming one of his blades into his skull. The man fell down dead and 282 advanced on the leader.

The leader had then taken the girl and pressed the knife up to her throat.

"You come closer I will kill her." He said menacingly

"Uh yeah josh could you pop this guy nonleathely I want to kill him personally." 282 calmly said

A few seconds later a shot rang out and hit the leader in the arm causing him to drop the girl. 282 then raced up to him and shoved his hand into his gut. The leader was coughing blood and trying to get a word out, a curse onto the two, when 282 ripped his guts out and strangled him with them. The man then died, his bowels discharging and his guts ripped out he fell into a pool of his own blood.

282 was admiring his work when a pounding was at the door

"Police!" yelled a voice. 282 looked around and found the girl who he picked up and looked around for josh who was nowhere to be found. Knowing he most likely escaped 282 jumped out a back window and ran off.


282 was at a home a home off a family rejoicing that their daughter was returned. 282 were watching as they embraced the lost child. A tear worked its way onto his cheek. He remembered his family who he hadn't seen in ten years. Since his self imposed exile. With these thoughts he leapt off the roof onto the pavement and traveled back to his house.


Josh was at 282s house when he was alerted to another job. He pit the phone up to his ear and a voice spook "this is G.E.N.E we have a job for you…"

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