The Elijah Locke in its native habitat is a very reclusive creature. It's diet consists primarily of tea and old books (off the top of his head, Antares can't recall ever seeing Eli actually eat anything) and it rarely leaves its den unless in pursuit of one of those two things. It does not engage in the usual social interactions of the rest of its species, and it appears to be completely and painfully asexual, and it seems to think that everything else is, too.

All in all, it's a pretty boring creature.

Antares sighed quietly and stared at his master over the arm of the couch he was currently lounging on. Three days. Three days without so much as stepping outside to buy more tea. It was probably closer to three weeks since they had left the residence for more than an hour or so. To put it plainly, Antares was bored. And horny, but mostly bored. This was a problem because, as Locke was about to learn, Antares did not stay bored for long if he could help it.

The demon rolled off of the couch and fell into a crouch on the floor. Silencing his footsteps to the best of his ability, Antares slowly crept over to where his master was calmly sipping his tea and reading a thick, leather-bound book (of course) while standing at the kitchen counter. If Eli wasn't going to entertain him, then Antares would jut have to come up with a plan to entertain himself.

Or he could just make a nuisance of himself with no plan whatsoever. That could work, too.

Very slowly and deliberately, Antares crept closer to his master. He raised his arms, reached out toward Eli's unprotected back, and...

"What are you doing?" the sorcerer demanded without looking up from his text.

The demon let out a defeated sigh and threw his arm over Eli's shoulder, startling the other man into spilling his tea all over his hand. Miraculously the tea did not touch the book however (or perhaps not so miraculously. Antares doubted the the tea was so suicidal as to touch one of Eli's precious books), and the sorcerer merely glowered and set his tea cup down. He attempted to shrug Antares's arm away, but the demon persisted until finally Eli just sighed and went about cleaning up with the demon still leaning over him. "Honestly, what is it?" he asked between gritted teeth.

Antares merely shrugged and snapped his fingers, causing the puddle of tea to vanish. "Bored," he replied and pulled his companion into a highly undesired hug. "We haven't set foot out of the apartment in days, Eli. A demon of my caliber requires far more stimulation than watching you read all the time," he pouted and rubbed the side of his face against the top of Eli's head like an over-affectionate cat.

Eli frowned and tilted his head up to look Antares in his over bright golden eyes. "And by that, you mean you want me to let you go out and harass the townsfolk," he deadpanned. Antares grinned widely, exposing sharp canines, and nodded. Eli merely snorted and elbowed the demon sharply in the gut, forcing him to let go. "No," he said flatly and walked away, presumably to refill his tea cup. "The last time I let you run loose, I had no less than three misguided young women come calling to find out where 'Anthony' was."

Antares pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. "How was I supposed to know they would find out where I live?" he sniffed. The look Eli shot him following the statement was decidedly unimpressed, and the demon hunched his shoulders.

So, new plan.

Antares waited until Eli turned around again, then twitched his fingers slightly in the sorcerer's direction. A small spark flew from his finger tips and shot over to the demon's master. It hit the end of Eli's ponytail, then flickered and caught, turning into a small flame. Antares waited with bated breath for a few moments as Eli went about his business before the human suddenly paused and stood up slightly. He sniffed, then his arm shot up to the back of his head to where the little flame was licking at the ends of his hair.

"ANTARES!" he shrieked and whirled around, viciously smacking at his hair. "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-!"

Taking that as an order to make himself scarce, the demon charged out of the room with the sorcerer on his heels. Cackling like a mad man, he shot out the door and vaulted over the banister as he shifted seamlessly into his human form. Eli hit the door right after Antares landed and shouted after him, "You had better run!"

Anything else he might have said was quickly cut off as Antares shut the complex's front door. He flashed a quick grin at the landlady (who glowered at him and went back to watering the flowers. Apparently Eli wasn't the only one who had not forgiven him for his female following) and began to stroll down the street toward town. Eli was probably going to skin him alive when he finally came home, but until then...

Coming up behind a pair of young women walking down the street, he grinned and asked, "Mind if I accompany you, ladies?"