Netherlore: The Rise of the Blackheart mercenaries


Heroes come together

There are many worlds in the universe, some huge and full of people, some small and chaotic. But this tale follows that of three major worlds, contained in the Milky Way galaxy. These worlds are home to completely different creatures, and each has completely different beliefs. As such, these worlds are in a constant war that never seems to end. Earth, a world full of self-centered, arrogant humans that believe the universe is theirs to conquer. The Netherworld, home to the demons, violent, bloodthirsty creatures, who lust for power and to be king of their world. And the angel world Stemos, full of peace-loving, kind angels, whose main purpose in life is to keep the peace between the other worlds. Earth is currently unaware of the other two worlds, where as Stemos and the Netherworld both know, and are in constant war with each other, and the humans. The angels have dubbed themselves the "Protectors of the universe" trying to keep the damage caused by the demons both manageable, and unnoticed by the humans. However, lately the demons have been making more and more raids against the human world, trying to take it over and make humans their slaves. The demons are winning, and things look bleak for the humans….

Tessa Flour woke and stretched, pausing for a minute to let her brain wake. She groaned mentally and she sighed loudly as she realized the day, "Monday…" she said sadly, yawning quietly into her hand. She wiped at her eyes and turned to look at her phone sitting silently black on her nightstand. She reached over with a shaky hand and pressed a button on it causing it to light up and show the time was 6:40. She groaned louder then she had sighed, and listened intently to the sound of her family in the house. She could hear her parents getting up for work, speaking quietly in hushed tones, and heard her younger brother getting dressed in his room next door talking to himself as he mostly likely stared at himself in the mirror. She wanted nothing more then to lie there forever, and never move, but finally she had to get up, or she would have been late for school. So, with a frown and tears in her eyes she slowly pushed the covers off of her. She swung her legs over the edge of her small single with the one pink blanket that didn't fit her anymore. Sighing heavily, she hopped up and trudged over to her closet, trying to run her hands through her mattered hair gently, afraid of getting her fingers tangled. Roughly pulling her hands out of her hair, she pushed open the sliding door to reveal her small dresser. She pulled open the top drawer and grabbed her favorite black top. Then closing that drawer she pulled open the one bellow it and grabbed her favorite pink shorts. She smiled as she pulled off her pajama top and bottoms and quickly pulled on her outfit for the day. She sighed heavily and stared at the ceiling sadly, tears in her eyes. "The weekend is over… time to get back to school…" She shook her head quickly and wiped the tears from her eyes. Grabbing her phone and shoving it in her pocket quickly, and grabbing her wallet net to it, she headed for the door slowly and pushed the oak door open slowly, afraid it would creek. Luckily, today it didn't, and carefully she tiptoed down the hallway, passing her parents bedroom on the right and slowly walking past her brother's room on the right. On the walls were few pictures, mostly of her parents and her brother, not a single one of her. In the hall near the bathroom was a stand with a vase on it. It had beautiful fake flowers in it, bright red roses and sunny yellow sunflowers. It had dark purple tulips and even a black rose, but all the flowers were fake, dead, as lifeless on the outside as Tessa felt on the inside.

She opened the bathroom door slowly, afraid she would tip off her brother, and as she took a step inside the floor creaked, and Tessa grimaced as she rushed inside the bathroom. From his bedroom burst her brother, dashing for the bathroom as fast as he could, "I get the bathroom first today!" he yelled loudly like a happy child, and he ran like his life depended on getting there first. However, Tessa was quicker, and right as he made it to the door, she slammed it shut behind her and locked it just as fast. He groaned from the other side of the door and banged his fists on the door twice before returning to his room with a slow stomp. Tessa released a sigh of relief and turned to the bathroom sink, quickly grabbing her tooth brush and tooth paste. She squirted some tooth paste on her brush and quickly wet it before she shoved the brush in her mouth and began brushing furiously. She knew she had little time left, and so she needed to hurry or she would be late. Remembering her hair, she grabbed her hairbrush from the it's spot next to the sink, and spitting into the sink quickly, she ran her brush under the water and then began to brush her hair with her left hand while she brushed her teeth with the right. In retrospect, it might have been quicker to do one then the other. She ended up taking forever to finish rinsing her teeth, and her hair took forever to manage, but finally she had her hair up in a set of pigtails and her teeth nice and white. She smiled at herself in the mirror, and letting out another yawn, she returned her tooth brush and hair brush to their places and opened the bathroom door quickly. Her brother was standing in the hallway pouting, and before he could say anything Tessa leaned down and planted a kiss on his forehead before dashing past him and heading towards the stairs by her room,

"Thanks little bro, enjoy the bathroom!" she called over her shoulder with a smile that showed off her lovely white teeth. She rushed down the stairs quickly, taking them two at a time and with as much speed as she could muster without falling down the stairs. Landing at the bottom with a thud, she headed for the kitchen, which was on the left of the stairs. She grabbed some money from the counter for lunch, and doubling back to the stairs, she headed straight towards the front door, stopping by a small cabinet with a basket on top of it before leaving. In the basket were many sets of keys, and rummaging around until she finally found hers', she smiled and threw open the front door, "Love you got to go bye!" she called over her shoulder in a hurry, and dashing out front she slammed the door behind her. She rushed down the front two stone steps and headed for the driveway to the right, dashing past her mother's blue pick up to her beat up little black car. She frowned when she saw it, as usual, hating her car with all her might. Her parents had bought it for her on her sixteenth birthday, but it was literally the cheapest piece of crap they could buy that was still able to be drive on the road. Any day now, Tessa was sure it would break down while she was driving and she would serve into something and that would be that. Shaking her head to clean her mind, she smiled as she rushed to the car, the gently mist hanging around it lightly. There were droplets on her windshield, and as she reached for the door handle it was wet with condensation. She sucked in a deep breath slowly, and smiling as she exhaled, she pulled open her car door and stepped inside. Sitting down slowly, she turned on her car. It roared to life pleasantly, and she smiled as she patted the dashboard, "Good job boy, I knew you could do it." She thought happily, it's way to late for him to get me anyways, she thought with a hint of resentment. Removing the emergency break, and quickly checking to make sure her backpack was in the back seat where she had left it, she adjusted her rear view mirror and switched the car into reverse.

Tessa's house was on a small hill, so her driveway was at an angle of about 450 degrees. Turning around in her seat to see better, Tessa slowly eased her way down the driveway, worried she might hit the mailbox again. As she neared the end of the driveway, she turned the wheel slowly left, and ever so slowly the car began to turn as she directed. Finally, she felt her wheels hit road, and finally she was out of her driveway and in the main road. She smiled and put the car into drive, speeding up quickly remembering the time, "Damn I'm going to be late!" she wailed loudly, though no one could hear her anyways. She sped down the street quickly, probably going double the speed limit, and as she slowed down near the light, she yawned quietly with a contented smile, "Never mind, I'm going to make it." She said confidently.

She drove so fast she was actually there early, 7:17 was when she pulled in the parking lot, and that gave her barley enough time to get to class. She hurriedly pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine, putting her car in park and the parking break on. Carefully, and with her book bag in her hand, she opened her door slowly as not to hit the car next to her. Once outside her car, she dashed towards the side doors of the building, afraid she wouldn't make it in time if she didn't make a mad dash for it.

Steven Blackeart and Claire Bellflower stood outside their first class room, Steven pacing angrily while Claire continued to steal nervous glances at the clock, "She will be here on time won't she?" Claire asked quietly, a hint of concern in her voice. Steven let out a loud sigh and nodded slowly,

"Yeah I think so… hopefully that is…" with a scowl he returned to his pacing, checking out the side doors into the parking lot constantly. If she did make it, he knew it would be close, much to close for his liking. He sighed loudly as he kept his pacing up, anger slowly building. Why, why did she always have to be so late, he thought bitterly, why? God she must realize she is worrying Claire. Steven turned to look at Claire who merely nodded and smiled, her eyes giving away the concern her smile concealed. Steven shook his head sadly and turned to look at the clock, "Well… it's going to be close, but don't' worry Claire, I'm sure Tessa will make it." He said with a warm smile, his small fangs visible. Claire couldn't help but giggle at his smile, and she nodded in agreement,

"I'm sure, I bet she just over slept, you know how often she does that. She probably just had a late night and didn't get enough sleep, but gosh she sure is cutting it close…" said Claire with a heavy sigh as the warning bell rang. Steven shook his head again, and was just about to head into their class when there was a knock at the side doors, and the two turned to see Tessa with a cocky smile on her face,

"I made it!" she said through the glass, and with a contented sigh Steven pulled the doors open and Tessa waltzed inside giddily, wrapping her arms around Claire and hugging her quickly, "Good morning Claire! How are you?" she asked happily as she walked over to Steven with a spring in her step and gave him a hug as well. Steven smiled down at her fondly and laughed, and Claire giggled quietly too as she motioned towards the class room door with her small fangs visible,

"I am quiet fine thank you for asking. You, however, are almost late missy! We told you to stop doing that!" she said in a child like voice, sticking her tongue out at Tessa playfully. Tessa stuck her tongue out at Claire in return with a wink, and the two walked into class quickly, Steven trailing behind them slowly,

"I am really sorry!" she said sincerely, fake tears springing to her eyes. She giggled cutely and looked over her shoulder at Steven while she continued, "I really am sorry, I had set an alarm and everything but it must not have gone off." She said with a frown and shaking her head. Steven shook his head too and chuckled quietly with a smirk,

"Or you slept through it again." He whispered under his breathe with a gleam in his eye, and Claire giggled in agreement and nodded slowly. Quickly they all took their seats as the teacher, Mr. Mead, walked into the classroom. Claire sat next to Tessa on her right side, and Steven sat in front of Claire. Tessa sat in the second seat from the front, and from the second row starting on the right side of the classroom.

Steven Blackheart was a strange person to say the least. He was very smart, very strong, and oddly fast and always wore the same black duster with no shirt underneath, but the weirdest thing was he was always calling Tessa, Master Tessa. On his first day of school some bullies tried to kill him, and Tessa saved him from them. Ever since then, he called her Master Tessa. At first it was weird, but after awhile Tessa found it flattering, and eventually people stopped asking about it. Once Tessa asked him why he called her that, and he said it was a sigh of great respect and loyalty where he came from. Steven's family was also very kind to Tessa. Most of the time, Claire and Tessa would hang out at Steven's after school for hours.

Tessa didn't have a great home life, and Claire… well no one really knew with Claire. In fact, Steven's parents liked Tessa so much, that they just told her to come over whenever she felt like it, and she used that privilege almost everyday. One time, Tessa finally asked Steven's mom what the "master" thing was about. She said that Steven saw Tessa as his savoir, and like a big sister. So, as a sigh of respect and dignity, Steven called her that, to show he would protect her with his life. Tessa was so touched that it brought tears to her eyes, and after that day, she started seeing Steven as her little brother too.

Claire Bellflower was also a weird case. She was quiet at school, only answering teacher's questions. However, when she was with her friends, she was super talkative and extremely childish. Tessa figured that she had experienced a traumatic event, and that this was her way of cooping. She acted like a ten year old, but Tessa thought it was cute and as such, felt no need to burst her bubble. Claire was the childish, funny one everyone needed, and she normally took the tension out of things. At first she also had a weird fascination with Steven. Tessa thought it was a crush at first, but after awhile, Claire acted normal around him, and Tessa let it drop.

Class continued dragging on, and it wasn't until lunch that her day got better. At lunch she trudged to her usual table in the back of the lunchroom, near the windows looking into the courtyard. She took her chair closest to the window quickly and sighed heavily, staring off into the courtyard. The sun shinned through the windows and lit up the whole courtyard like a beautiful garden, the trees and flowers shining in the sun. Tessa smiled at the sight and couldn't help but let out a contented sigh. As usual, she had no lunch, for she got out early and just waited until she got home to eat. However, Steven and Claire ate so she waited patiently at their table while they stood in line for their food. As usual the lunchroom was loud and full of people; screaming to each other, laughing at jokes, talking loudly over each other. And, as usual, Tessa sat annoyed and irritated her chin in her hand and a frown on her face, "Why does it always have to be so loud? Can't it ever be quiet in here?" she whispered under her breathe irritably. As she looked into the courtyard at the natural beauty, she heard footsteps behind her and assumed they were Steven's or Claire's

"Guess what?" said a males voice excitedly. Tessa sighed as Steven came around and sat across from her, a wide smile on his face. He set his tray down quickly and practically beamed with happiness,

"God, what's got you so happy? And what am I guess about? She asked curious, removing her hand from its resting place and leaning up intrigued. Steven's eyes practically sparkled.

With her clothes on she dashed down the stairs and popped some toast in the toaster before rushing to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her brother was in the bathroom already, brushing his teeth, and with a sneer Tessa grabbed him by his shirt and threw him out of the bathroom quickly. He landed on his butt, and right before she slammed the door on his face he turned to her with an angry frown on his face, "Hey!" was all she heard before she slammed the door shut. She grabbed her toothpaste and brush and quickly worked on her teeth, in a big hurry to get going or she would be late. In thirty seconds she had her teeth brushed, her toast in her mouth, and her car started. Hopping in the driver seat she threw her bag onto the back seat and pushed the car into reverse, quickly backing down the driveway. She smiled as the car turned onto the main road, and with a quiet giggle, she put the car into drive and sped down the road towards school.

didn't really absorb much (Like most days) of her studies. Each class seemed more boring then the last, except Mrs. Berry's class, English. There was a new student in class, a boy by the name of David. She thought he seemed interesting, but she noticed her friend Steven kept giving dirty looks to him, and who her friend Claire couldn't seem to stop looking at. Tessa, however, felt some kind of strange aura coming off of him she couldn't quiet place. After classes, her and her friends decided to go see a movie.

The movie was funny, though no one can remember what they saw, and then they walked home together. It was dark and creepy outside because they had gone to see such a later showing. As they walked, Steven droned on and on about "Fallen Angels" or something (dude always seemed to be talking about god and angels) but Tessa ignored him. She was focusing on Claire, who hadn't spoken all day. She hadn't answered questions at school, or talked before, during, or up to this point after the movie. Tessa looked at her, and asked a simple question with much hesitation,

"Claire, you all right?" which was the wrong thing to say because Claire spun around at them with anger in her eyes. Tessa could swear she heard a whooshing noise as Claire spun around, incredibly fast, like a flash. Tessa noticed immediately that wings had shot out from her back and that she had a black tail with a triangle end. Tears lined her eyes and she chocked out, or more so yelled,

"NO! Do I look…ok." And she fell to the ground crying. Claire sat there a second, sniffling and crying, and Tessa felt a little awkward. Tessa was trying to figure how best to comfort her, but she had no idea how to do it. Tessa wasn't, much of an emotional person, and by nature normally didn't show her emotions as much as she probably should of. So she sat next to Claire and let her cry on her shoulder, and cry she did. She cried and cried until Tessa assumed that she had no more tears to cry, and knew that this shirt of hers was soaked through. Tessa suddenly felt something, like fire surrounding her, and flowing into her veins. Then, on her back, she felt two large wings rip through her shirt, and felt her pants rip as a tail popped out right above her butt. Suddenly she felt her ears twitch, and with her left hand she felt them and noticed that they were now pointed backwards, and started wider at the base of her head and slowly got smaller to the point where her ears ended. Her wings were bigger than Claire's, who were about the size of a chair, while Tessa's were about the size of a 16 by 16 inch table, and they looked like large dragon wings, just like Claire's. Her tail was black and had a spade on the end. Tessa also realized that suddenly her thoughts had turned rather violent, as she thought about smashing Claire's face against the ground to stop her tears. However, Tessa ignored this thought, and returned to reality. Tessa looked at Claire who finally looked p and stopped crying and suddenly hugged Tessa. Tessa froze for a minute, and then hugged Claire back. Claire pulled away and said quietly,

"Thank you, I needed that." Tessa nodded and Claire continued,

"It's just, so hard, it's the anniversary of my father, dying. And that… monster killed him. And now, he's in… charge and king…" and Tessa did a double take,

"Wait, your father was a king?!" and Claire nodded slowly.

"Ya, he is um… king of an… alternate…world…" and Claire slowly turned to Tessa to gauge her reaction. However, surprisingly to Claire, Tessa just smiled.

"Another world huh? Can't be any more boring than this one. Well, how about we pay this little "king" a visit? I'm sure it would be something to do." But Claire shook her head again,

"No, no human could kill him, you would have to be a demon, like me…" and to this Tessa laughed,

"Well then, how do I become one, because I'm in. Life on earth is boring, let's go cause some havoc and wreck some stuff. Well, are you with me?" and with a nod and a smile from Claire, Tessa smirked.

"Um, Tessa? You already are one, kind of explains the wings and stuff. I… didn't even notice… when did that happen?" And Tessa laughed evilly for the first time,

"No idea, but let's get to work shall we? Steven, your master needs you!" she said happily with a sneer.