Chapter 7: A princess transformation.

David dashed inside quickly, carrying several bags at once, and somehow managing to carry several on his tail. He struggled with the weight, and once he made it to the kitchen, he dropped everything on the floor with a heavy sigh, "Thank Satan that's everything…" he said with a happy sigh, until Claire smacked his head angrily,

"Be careful with that! Some of that may be breakable, jars and stuff! Don't just drop stuff on the floor!" she said with a glare, and David glared back at her, rubbing the top of his head with a grumble,

"Then next time help me carry stuff! That was a lot for one guy!" he yelled angrily, glaring at her with rage in his eyes. She stuck her tongue out at him with a smirk and returned to unloading the bags. Mikaila was humming happily, waltzing around putting stuff where they went, a wide grin on her face, and Claire couldn't help but laugh,

"Your having a lot of fun just unloading groceries, you really were sheltered weren't you?" asked Claire with a smirk, and Mikaila turned to her and giggled happily and nodded,

"Yes, I was very sheltered, so even putting away groceries is something I've wanted to do! It's so nice to get to do stuff for myself, you can't believe how happy it makes me." She said with another happy giggle, and Claire couldn't help but giggle too,

"I'm sure that's not all you get to do for the first time." Said Claire with a wink, putting some milk away in the refrigerator. Mikaila turned to her with a confused expression and Claire giggled again cutely, "Oh come one, I've seen the way you and Lobo look at each other, damn you two only barley met and he already had kissed you, and you didn't even get mad! Clearly, you two have a thing for each other." She said knowingly, and Mikaila quickly shook her head, though her blush gave away her true feelings,

"I… have no idea what your… talking about…" she stuttered quietly, and Claire giggled and walked over to her, a wicked grin filling her face,

"Come on you can tell me! I won't say a thing promise. Look," she said setting a hand on her shoulder and tilting her face up to look at her, "If your worried about him not wanting you, or not wanting to date you, don't be. He clearly has deep feelings for you, and you him. I'm not saying you two are going to end up married, or have kids someday, but if you like him, and he likes you, why not explore those feelings? You're only alive once, and true we live hundreds of times longer then humans, we still only get the one life. If what you feel for him is real, then tell him, don't regret wondering what would have happened if you said nothing." Claire smiled at her happily, warmingly and Mikaila looked up at her in awe,

"Did that happen to you? You… seem to know a lot about love…" Mikaila asked quietly, and Claire shook her head, giggling quietly,

"No, I've read a lot of books on love though, but no… true love hasn't happened to me yet… I hope it does someday…" she finished quietly as she embraced Mikaila in a hug. Mikaila was taken by surprise, and for a second didn't react. After she thought about it, she hugged Claire back and smiled happily.

"If you girls keep giggling people will start to think your children." Said David with a smirk, and Claire released Mikaila and turned to him, sticking her tongue back out at him,

"We are children! Well, in human years, and it's fun being a kid, even if your being a demon kid. Life is so much easier as a kid, nothing matters, serious things don't exist, and your loved by your parents…" said Claire, as her voice slowly grew sadder, "Things were so much easier… when Daddy was still alive… he protected me… he watched me… and I never had to worry about anything…" she said as tears formed in her eyes. Mikaila stared at her sadly, trying to figure out how to comfort her, when Steven appeared in the doorway, with his arms held out,

"And now you have a big brother who is here to keep you safe." He said with a warm smile, and Claire rushed forward into his waiting arms, wrapping hers around him comfortingly,

"I'm so sorry… I… I'm so weak big brother…" she said as tears streamed from her eyes, and running his hands through her hair and rubbing her back, he shook his head as he kissed her forehead,

"No, of course your not. Pain is always there, and some of us have more then others. Some of us also have a harder time being strong, but there is nothing wrong with that. That's how come you're so compassionate, because you've felt pain and know how others feel." He gently whipped her tears away and smiled down at her, "Any time your upset; you can talk to me ok? I'll be there to listen and comfort you, I promise." He said with a smile, and Claire stepped back out of his embrace to smile up at him,

"Ok, promise. You like kissing my forehead a lot don't you?" she asked with a sly wicked smile, and Steven blushed red and turned away from her quickly,

"No! I… well it's just I…" he stammered quickly before he regained his composure, "I'm not used to comforting a little sister, so I just guess how best to do it. Hugging you close and kissing your forehead seems to work, if it bothers you I can stop…" he started, when suddenly Claire's finger was on his lips to silence him and she smiled up at him,

"No, it's fine, I just wanted to hear why. It is very sweet, and very touching so no I don't mind in the least. And yes David we are just like brother and sister nothing else!" she said angrily turning abruptly on David. He held his hands up in a defensive manner,

"Hey hey I didn't say anything!" he said with a smirk, Claire stuck her tongue out at him before wrapping her arm around Steven's and glaring at him,

"But you were thinking it, I know you were! I can see it in your eyes, and that totally seems like the kind of thing you would think! We are like brother and sister, and have been ever since we met! There is nothing else there and never will be! I love Steven, but as a brother only, nothing else." Said Claire with a happy grin, staring up at Steven lovingly. He stared back down at her, and kissed her forehead again,

"And she is nothing more then my lovely little sister, who I love with all my heart and always will." He said happily as Lobo's steps could be heard on the stairs, "Come on, let's get in the living room, your friend should be calling any…" started Steven, when suddenly David's phone rang in his pants, "Speak of the devil, answer it." Said Steven with a smirk as he and Claire walked into the living room. Mikaila and David quickly followed them as David flipped open his phone, and Lobo rushed into the living room behind them.

"Yes Kat, ok, ok I'll put you on speaker phone." Said David quickly, and pressing a button on his phone, he sat it down on the coffee table and took a seat on the love seat. Claire and Steven sat on the brown couch, Claire leaning her head happily on Steven's chest and taking one of his hands in hers. Steven smiled down at her and kissed her forehead again before turning towards the phone. Lobo and Mikaila sat on the green couch, Lobo putting an arm around her as Mikaila leaned up and gently put her lips to his, softly almost like a feather. The kiss lasted only a second, but it left them both with a blush on their cheeks and a smile on their lips.

"Yes ok, can everyone hear me meow?" purred the female voice on the other end. Simply from her voice, Steven could tell she was a nekomata, of course the meowing made it quiet obvious.

"Yes, we can all hear you, Kat is it? What's going on Kat?" asked Steven skeptically. The voice took a deep breath before starting into her explanation,

"Well… it all happened like this…"


Kat dashed down the hallway quickly, following the vassals obviously headed towards the throne room. She stayed sufficiently far behind them, hoping to hear what they were saying, however they were whispering far to quietly, and as they neared the throne room closer, many more vassals from the adjacent hallways joined their little group, and by the time Kat had gotten to the throne room doors, the whole hallway was filled with vassals so packed together she could barley move. Sighing heavily, she was about to start shoving when an idea occurred to her, and with a smirk, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she focused, her whole body began to glow, and opening her eyes abruptly, she began to shrink and change. Her hands turned into small cat paws, the same color as her hair, and her feet became small back paws. Her tail shrunk to accommodate her smaller size, as did her face and her ears. Finally, she stopped changing, and in her place was a small pink colored cat. She meowed loudly, and several vassals moved as much as they could out of her way. She smirked internally, no need to move, I'm so agile this way I can just slip through your legs. As she did just that, slipping in and out of people's legs, trying as hard as she could to get into the throne room. It took her awhile, the hallway was really packed tight, but finally, after several minutes, she managed to get pass the last wall of vassals and slip into the thrown room. She looked around quickly, and noticed Carlyle, Zalazard, Drake and Damien, both big named generals of Derrin's, and several other smaller named ones. They were all standing in front of the throne, waiting for the Overlord, who was seated upon his throne to speak. He opened his mouth to begin when he noticed Kat,

"There you are Kat, I knew we were missing someone. I was just about to send someone after you, please close the doors behind you." he asked dismissively, and Kat nodded her little cat head as she slowly began to change back into her human form, her transformation the exact opposite of her transformation into a cat. First her ears and head began to grow, then her tail grew longer, her back paws began to turn back into feet, and her front paws turned back into hands. She smirked at Derrin and pushed the large thrown room doors shut quickly behind her before turning towards Derrin.

"Your probably all wondering why you've been called here today. Well, there is a serious iniquity aimed against me! I haven't heard from the guards watching my daughter, and thus I can only assume there was a donnybrook and her guards were killed, and her kidnapped. That is why I have called my most trusted generals here now, we must find her immediately, and kill whoever was foolish enough to kidnap her!" he yelled loudly, slamming his fists on his throne angrily. The whole room shook with the force of his fists, and Kat quickly rushed forward, her hands help up calmly,

"Calm my lordship, please remain calm. Where was she last seen? Perhaps, before you overreact, we can have some of our operatives look in on it. We have some stationed everywhere, so where was she last seen? I'll have my closest operative look into it and once we know more then we can act." Said Kat with a comforting smile. Zalazard stepped forward and shook his head quickly in disgust,

"Kat is simply afraid, let me look into this my lordship, I'll have your daughter back in a matter of hours." He said with a cocky smirk at Kat. She turned on him angrily, and glared at him angrily her hands balling into fists at her side,

"NO I'm not! I'm being cautious! There is no reason we should overreact and expose ourselves searching for a daughter, who, might not even be kidnapped! It's pointless to cause such ruckus over nothing!" defended Kat strongly, and as Zalazard turned to give another remake, Derrin slammed his fist on his throne again,

"Silence!" he demanded. Kat turned to look at him with spit in her eyes. She couldn't stand the little brat, and that's exactly what he was a brat. He was only about 2,200 years old, he looked like a young adult, and yet the whole Netherworld was under his thumb. He abused his power, and did whatever the hell he wanted, and this is why she couldn't stand him, and was doing her best to undermine him. He turned to Kat and smiled happily,

"Your right, there is no need to overreact to possibly nothing. She was last seen in Ohio, near a town called Pataskala." He said slowly, and Kat mentally screamed as loud as she could, Of course! She thought angrily, of all the places, be in the exact town my whole plan is unfolding! There is literally the exact way my luck would work out! And odds are, they have already found her, THEY are what killed her guards, and THEY are making things so much more difficult! While she thought all this though, Kat had on a bright fake smile,

"Alright, the closest agent there is David, I'll contact him immediately, and see if he can't find something out. Give me twenty-four earth hours and I'll report back with whatever I have. Then you're free to make any choice you want and I will completely support it." Said Kat with a bow, and as Derrin waved her away, she turned from his sight and headed to the throne room doors, pushing them open slowly, this is just great, she thought bitterly.

End flashback

"So yeah, that's what happened, and that was about… twenty minutes ago, so you still have about twenty-four earth hours to figure out what you're going to do. Do you guys have a plan?" asked Kat inquisitively, and Steven shook his head slowly in thought,

"No… we don't really… except Mikaila isn't leaving our sight. She doesn't want to go back, and I won't make her go back if she doesn't want to. So… the next thing we should figure out is, how do we hide a princess in plain sight?" asked Steven to no one in particular. Everyone sat quietly, not sure what to say or do, when suddenly Mikaila stood up,

"We can change my outfit, my appearance, my hair, everything, so they can't tell who I am, even if some of daddy's men come looking for me. That way, we won't have to worry about anything. I'll dye my hair, change into normal clothes, take of all my jewelry, and no one will ever know who I was before. We can even change my name and…" she ended in a whisper, as tears ran down her face and she didn't have the will to continue. Steven stood up and shook his head quickly, a smirk on his face,

"No, we won't go that extreme. Yes, changing your outfit is a great idea, maybe even your hair too, but we won't change your name. It's your name, and I wouldn't feel right about making you change it. So, have you ever had a color you've wanted to dye your hair?" and Mikaila's eyes lit up and she nodded happily,

"Oh yes! I've always thought jet black would look great, and maybe a punk girl outfit! I bet I would look great in that! Claire, Pam, could you maybe…" she started, but before she could finish Claire grabbed her right arm and Pam appeared in a puff of smoke and grabbed her left,

"Of course we can help you with a make over! We would love to!" said Claire with a wide smile and Pam quickly agreed,

"Oh I have everything you'll need, we just need to get to work who knows how long it might take! Boys, go handle something, like that demon you were after, while we work our magic!" said Pam absolutely delighted at the idea. They dashed upstairs, dragging Mikaila between them, and Steven shook his head in shock,

"I'm going to guess they're gone? Alright then… what do I tell the Overlord? Should I say she is dead, or that there is no sign of her, what should I say?" asked Kat pleadingly, and this time it was David, who piped up,

"Tell her I have no leads. I'm sure you said I would look into it, say I found nothing, and if he wants, he can send other men to double check. Tell him there was a chupacabra in the area, and that I did find some bodies of her guards but not of her, so she could be alive, dead, kidnapped, but don't give him any kind of definite answer, that way you never lied to him understand?" said David very slowly and making sure he said everything clearly. There was a quiet chuckle from the phone before Kat spoke,

"Always trying to look out for me huh David? All right, I'll tell him nothing definite, and I'll inform you of his decision as soon as I can. I'll wait until the twenty-four hours are up before I tell him anything, so you should have little to worry about really for at least two days. Stay safe, I'll talk to you again soon David." And with that the phone went dead and David hung it up.

"My mother, though she was only trying to get us out of the house, was right; we need to go find this guy of yours, this "master". Odds are, he is just a lowly demon grunt, at most a demon captain for some demon lord vying for the throne. So, do you know where he is hiding out?" asked Steven timidly, afraid Lobo had forgotten. But Lobo nodded, a sneer on his face,

"Oh yes, I know where he is. He is in a crypt not far from here. He was supposed to be holding the place down, I assumed to raise some zombies, but I have no idea. It's actually only about ten minutes from here." Said Lobo angrily, his large teeth visible in his sneer. Steven chuckled quietly and put a hand on Lobo's shoulder,

"Don't worry, you'll get him, we'll get him. I'm sure I know where the cemetery is, I'll drive, let's get going." And with a nod from Lobo and a thumbs up from David, the three headed for the garage to load into the car.

Pam approached Mikaila slowly, and Mikaila backed up against the wall as far as she could go, "Don't you even get near me with those! I will hurt you first!" she screamed angrily, holding her hands up as threateningly as she could. Pam chuckled and shook her head, before holding her hand out and flicking it in Mikaila's direction. Immediately her limbs were held against the wall, spread out, so she couldn't resist,

"Honey, I'm a pretty powerful witch, so don't struggle. It's just some tweezers, god you act like I want to torture you! I just have to get a few hairs in your eyebrows, they are starting to form a unibrow, look it's either tweezers, or waxing, and it's up to you waxing is more painful." Said Pam seriously, and thinking about it quickly, Mikaila sighed and nodded,

"Alright… tweeze me then… Is Claire getting my hair dye ready?" she asked timidly as Pam walked forward with her little evil tweezers,

"Yes, we had to get a potion ready so that the dye will become your natural hair color. This way, when it grows, it will come in jet black too. I can always remove the effects later, but for right now, it's incredibly important that it comes in jet black too, or it will be suspicious. Now stop squirming and stop your whining!" said Pam angrily as Mikaila squeaked and eeped at every small hair pulled out. Pam shook her head slowly and smiled to herself.

Steven pulled the car to a stop at the front of the cemetery, and throwing his door open slowly, he looked around confused, "Now that I think about it, I don't remember there being any crypts here, are you sure this is the place?" asked Steven, turning to Lobo. He nodded quickly and pointed off towards the forest,

"Yeah, in the forest near the edge of the cemetery, there is a crypt in there, not very far in, but enough that if you didn't know where to look you would have no idea it was there. Makes it a great hiding spot." Said Lobo with a smirk, "It was my idea to hide us out here, and without me leading you there, I'm pretty sure it would have paid off perfectly." Steven smiled happily, and shook his head with a chuckle,

"Your right, I never would have guess a demon strong hold was just behind the cemetery." And Lobo chuckled as he walked forward, motioning for the others to follow,

"It's not a strong hold, it a small little position he holds by himself, no one else is there to back him up so… this should be a piece of cake." And with a sneer Lobo rushed forward on all fours, roaring angrily towards the crypt. Steven and David dashed after him, trying to keep up.

"There finished!" said Pam excitedly clapping her hands together happily. Mikaila glared at her angrily, rubbing her forehead angrily,

"That hurt! No more pulling my eye brow hairs out understand? That really hurt and it was so unnecessary!" She yelled angrily, and stepping carefully past Pam she walked into the bedroom and dropped onto the large double bed, "Is Claire ready with the hair dye yet? I want to get this metamorphosis on the road already!" Complained Mikaila sadly, upset with how slow the process was going. Pam shook her head and clicked her tongue angrily,

"Calm down, it's going to be fine, she must be almost finished now, so don't worry alright? Besides, we still have some stuff to work on; I need to pick an outfit for you, and some new jewelry, and stuff like that. We are far from finished dear so just sit tight!" and with an excited giggle, Pam rushed off towards the attic, giddy with all the possibilities for her new wardrobe. Mikaila sighed heavily and shook her head slowly in fear,

"This day will go on forever…" and with a groan she fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Lobo roared angrily and he ran threw the forest at full speed, he had been wrong how far back in the woods the crypt was, it seemed to be taking forever to get there. However, finally he saw it, the rod on top of it towering up high over the tree tops. He let out another vicious roar of animalistic nature, and launched himself at the door; crashing into it and throwing the double doors open with a loud crash. As he skidded into the main hall, he looked around franticly, expecting his master to be waiting for him, ready for him. However, he saw nothing, and with a growl he stood up on his hind legs and approached the last doors that separated him from his detestable master. Cracking his knuckles angrily, he growled loudly before he shout towards the doors, "I've come for you "master"! This time it is you who will be killed, not I!" and after cracking his back quickly, he pushed open the double doors and rushed inside.

Steven and David dashed as fast as they could, but their speed was nothing compared to Lobo's when he was using his werewolf speed, and they only had his vague point in the woods, and a hardly visible trail to follow. Steven skidded to a stop and looked around slowly, not needing any time to catch his spent breathe, "We lost him. He said it was around her somewhere, any idea where?" he asked concerned, afraid if they left Lobo alone to long they would be too late. David looked around quickly, trying to pinpoint their location,

"I'm not sure; he pointed this way didn't he? But still… damn he was fast; we wouldn't have been able to keep up with him if we tried. He knew exactly how to get there, so, odds are by now he is there. And we've been running awhile and he said it wasn't that far in there, maybe he was wrong about that. Should we try flying up and seeing if we see a crypt?" asked David intuitively, and Steven nodded quickly, groaning angrily,

"Yeah, we can't leave him alone to long, and he has already been gone a few minutes, let's take to the skies and see if we can't find him alright?" and with a unisoned nod, the two flapped their wings and flew into the air quickly, high above the trees looking for Lobo.

"I see you've come Lobo, and not a moment to soon. I was starting to think you would never show up, I was afraid the beast had killed you." Said his master emotionally, quietly, like a whisper from his throne in the center of the room. Lobo growled at him, and bared his teeth at him,

"ENOUGH! Ward, it is time we end this! I am not a puppet to be played with and toyed with to your hearts content! I am a demon, like you, and I deserve the same respect!" Lobo roared angrily, his teeth in a snarl, his claws ready to tear flesh. But Ward just laughed and shook his head,

"Lobo… this is bigger then you, bigger then us. This is for the good of werewolf kind, for the very fabric of our existence. Without what we do, the werewolves would die out as a people. I understand that you know none of this right now, don't understand the part you have to play, but I need you to believe in me, believe in our people, and do as I am instructed to make you do." He said in the same cold, dead voice. That pissed Lobo off even more,

"Believe in you?! In our people?! You have never given me any reason to believe in you, and as for "our people" I seriously doubt they would be ok with what your doing! YOU sent my men to die, knowing full well that the chubacabra would most likely kill us and still YOU sent us with it! So, explain to me how that is something our people would want us to do!" He roared, and jumping forward he stretched his claws at Ward, ready to cut him, ready to tear at him for what he had done. What Lobo had not be prepared for, was Ward's speed. With a small laugh, Ward lunged forward, and in no time had grabbed Lobo by the neck in one hand and had slammed Lobo against the wall, his teeth inches from Lobo's neck veins,

"They are ok with what I'm doing… because while I might lose a few werewolves in the process, what I do, how many of our sworn enemies I kill, makes every lose worth it. They are out numbering us by the day, growing more powerful as we grow weaker, and if we don't make a stand, make a play at their power, we will lose to them, and we will be crushed, killed like common strays on the street. I do what is necessary Lobo, I doubt you would do the same." And with a flick of the wrist he threw Lobo into his throne, where he crashed and reduced the chair to rubble. Lobo pushed himself up on his hands slowly, painfully, and looked up as Ward slowly approached him, "WE do what WE must to survive! Can't you understand that? WE only do what is necessary to keep our people alive against the Blood Coven. The Lunar Society will reign supreme!" and he let out a terrible roar at the end of his speech. He stared down at Lobo, who was now directly beneath him, and he lifted his right foot slowly, "It's just too bad you won't be alive to see us destroy the vampire scum, it will be a glorious day. But, orders are orders, and you know to much now. Goodbye Lobo, I can't say it was a pleasure knowing you." And Lobo closed his eyes in anticipation of the blow he was about to receive.

"STOP!" yelled Steven and he flapped his wings roughly, quickly, afraid he wouldn't make it. The werewolf over Lobo turned to look at him in shock, and Steven smirked as he tackled him with all his might and the two crashed into a wall. The wall fell backwards with the force of their crash, and sunlight streamed in the dark crypt from outside. Ward growled as he threw Steven off him, and turned to roar at him. Steven flew up several feet in the air, looking down at Ward with a smirk, "Come on, you want to dance, let's dance!" and with wide smile Steven flew off through the trees. Ward roared again, this time angry and animalistic, rage seeping from it, and charged after him, clawing his way up a tree and jumping between them after him. David rushed into the crypt, and immediately spotted Lobo. He rushed forward and helped him to his feet gently, afraid a bone could be broken,

"You ok? Satan you look awful…" he said concerned as he noticed the blood matting his fur. Lobo grinned and nodded, a smile on his face,

"Yeah, it's just a flesh wound, and it will heal in no time. More importantly, Steven took off and that other werewolf, Ward, followed him. We should…" he started, but David interrupted him quickly, lifting him carefully onto his feet and taking a hold of his arm,

"No, WE don't need to do anything, I'm going to take you back to the car so you can rest, and I'll follow Steven and Ward, make sure he is ok. I'm sure Steven can handle himself, I doubt there is any need to worry." And slowly the two trudged off, heading out of the crypt and back into the light as quickly as they could without causing more damage.

Claire smiled happily and clapped her hands together turning towards Pam, "Yay! She looks perfect; the jet black hair is an amazing look on her! Now we just need to pick an outfit, You!" she said, pointing to Mikaila, who jumped in surprise, "Get to trying on some outfits, I'm going to call Steven, see when the boys will be home." She said happily, and slowly walking from the room, her phone in her hand, Mikaila started changing from her princess dress into a more modern outfit.

Steven turned around and launched a black blast of energy at Ward, who skillfully dodged out of the way. He cursed under his breath, and was about to try again when his phone rang. He chuckled and plucked it out of his pocket quickly, "Hello?" he said, hitting the answer button. Claire's sing song voice replied, and Steven smiled inwardly,

"Big brother when are you going to be home? Your mother is trying to decide what to do for dinner, and she wants to know if she should start now or wait awhile." Said Claire anticlimactically with a hint of laughter. Steven sighed and turned around just as Ward lunged for his leg. Quick as a flash Steven flew up higher and ward crashed into a tree instead,

"No bad puppy! My leg is not for you to maw off, keep away!" he yelled at Ward before returning to his phone call, "Dinner huh? Well… let's see this could take awhile soo… how about, an hour, hour and a half? Is that good?" he asked timidly, afraid she would blow up on him. As Ward made another lunge at him, Steven raised his foot back and smashed it square into Ward's forehead, sending him flying to the ground with a audible whine as he crashed into the Earth, "I said no puppy!" he yelled angrily. Claire giggled on the other end,

"Puppy? I thought you were going after some werewolves?" she asked confused, and Steven couldn't help but laugh as his right hand began to glow black and surge,

"Yeah we are but, oh hand on," he said as he held the phone away from his head, "CHAOS BOLT!" he yelled as black lightning flew from his hand and crashed into the ground on Ward, electrocuting him and causing him to roar in pain and agony. "Ok, I'm back. Yeah we are, but he isn't much of a threat really, so I'm taunting him by calling him a puppy. But he won't stay down for god's sake!" yelled Steven angrily as still Ward began to stand. He looked up at the flying punk, and was about to jump at him again when his injuries finally registered and he fell on his side, beaten and broken. Steven let out a sigh of relief, and returned to his phone call, "Ok, half and hour now, I got him. I have to go, see what I can get out of him, love you I'll see you soon." And right before he hung up his phone Claire replied with I love you too.

He landed on the ground carefully, sure to keep his distance as he slowly approached the wolf, "So… are you going to surrender? Or… do I need to finish you off?" he asked slowly, still afraid the wolf would lunge at him. It shook its head slowly before turning itself on its back,

"No… Ward know when he has lost… and I've lost… I will not last long, so don't think I'll be foolish enough to tell you anything…" he said quietly, blood trickling out of a wound on his chest. Steven shook his head in disbelief and lowered himself to Ward's chest,

"Damn… how did my lightning do that? All it should have done was shock you, not cut you like that." He said slightly concerned, and to his surprise Ward laughed,

"Here you stand… my murderer… and even now… as I lay dying… you act concerned for my well being… such a strange creature you are… To show my appreciation for your concern… I will tell you what you need to know… I… work for the Lunar Society, and my group is at a constant war against the Blood Coven… our mortal enemies… I was sent here to kill some of their operatives… they are hiding out in the forest, not far from where our beast was released…" he said, and struggling to sit up, he coughed roughly several times as blood seeped from his mouth,

"No don't move!" Said Steven quickly, carefully dragging Ward over to a tree so he could lean against it, "You barley have any strength left, just sit there, lie there, and you'll pass more easily. So, what is in the forest?" he asked confused, and again Ward laughed,

"You truly… haven't heard of us… the Blood Coven… is a coven of… vampires… as the Lunar Society… is a society of werewolves… the two are mortal enemies… vampires and werewolves… and we were sent… to kill them… the vampires before they… could make more vampires…" he coughed several more times before turning towards Steven again with a look of pure fear on his face, "If they are left alone to turn others… the werewolves won't be the only ones with a problem… they will turn that whole town… maybe the whole state… if they aren't stopped… please…" he started, but Steven finished for him with a nod,

"Don't worry, I may not like you, or this "Lunar Society" of yours, but this town is under my protection. I'll take out the vampires don't worry. Rest easy warrior, your task will be completed, even after you die. I swear on it." And clasping Steven's hands in his, Ward nodded with confidence,

"I can tell… you're a man of your word… good luck proud fighter… it was a honor… to die by your hands…" and with one final cough, Ward leaned his head down to his chest and closed his eyes. Steven stood up slowly and nodded passionately,

"I may not have known you, or believe in this group of yours, but I won't let this town be destroyed by vampires, I will kill them, if it's the last thing I do." And with one final nod, Steven flapped his wings and took flight, hoping to see the car from above.