Chapter 8: The Blood Coven and the Lunar Society.

The small girl dashed as fast as her legs would take her, terribly afraid of what was behind her. Her small red jacket swung around her and her white t-shirt, and her short red skirt flew all around her. She had heard the screams, and had rushed towards them; terribly afraid someone had been hurt. However, once she had gotten there, she was more afraid of what would happen to her then the one who had screamed. She had dashed towards the voice pleading for death, pleading to have it end, and finally she came across a clearing. In the clearing were several small shacks and a cave behind those. The sun shone through the trees, lighting up the whole clearing, and the people in it. The first thing she noticed was how the people touched by sunlight looked literally white as sheets, as if their skin had absolutely no color. Then she noticed it, the smell, and she heard it, the whimpering. She turned towards the smell, towards where the sounds were coming from, and froze. The smell had been blood, and lots of it, coating the ground, leaving a trail all around the clearing. And the whimpering was coming from a person, a young man, probably in his early twenties, laying on the ground and bleeding out. As soon as she noticed him she wanted to dash forward, help him, save him if she could, but something stopped her, something kept her rooted to the spot. There were people over the man, pale white sheet people, and all their heads were lowered towards him, as if they were… feeding… The girl froze for another second before turning and dashing as fast as her legs would take her, terribly afraid of what was behind her. She dared a look over her shoulder, and once she was sure she wasn't being chased, she turned around just in time to run smack dab into someone. She fell back roughly into the brush on her butt, scraping her hand on a twig and getting dirt up her skirt. She groaned in pain, rubbing at her butt gently, before she froze and realized she had run into someone. Slowly, afraid of what she would say, and with tears in her eyes, she looked up, and the sight before her made her cry out in fear. Standing above her, with the four large fangs poking out of his mouth was a man, who looked no older then twenty. He wore a black shirt and leather pants, and he couldn't help but smile at her, his fangs becoming even more visible in his smile. His eyes traveled up and down her body, taking her in, as slowly his eyes brighten, filled with joy, if it was possible to see in the pools of blood red,

"Well, well… looks like a sheep strayed right into the wolves den… how unfortunate for you…" he said licking his lips slowly. The girl shook her head quickly, tears falling down her cheeks in waves and splashing onto the ground,

"Please… please don't kill me I…" she started faintly, desperately. As her tears fell to the ground, and her eyes filled up worse, she knew her pleas were useless, she could see it in the psycho's eyes, he was enjoying this, biding his time, taking her death slow and dragging it out. However, he surprised her, and lowered him to her leave, balancing on his feet carefully. He clicked his tongue at her several times and laughed with another smile, showing of his impressively white fangs,

"Kill you? Dear… I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to turn you…" he said, trailing of his sentence as he slowly trailed several of his fingers up her right leg. She shivered uncomfortably as he touched her, fear filling her and consuming her, and he laughed in response to her shiver.

"Your… not going to kill me? Then what…" she started afraid, terrified, but before she could finish he interrupted her with an amazingly fast jerk forward, leaving his lips mere inches from her ear,

"I'm not going to kill you… because I'm going to turn you…" he said, and his words caused her to freeze in place, and as he leaned down towards her neck, his fangs touching her skin, she didn't have the strength to move, or even fight back as he pressed his fangs into her neck.

"Finally finished, how do I look?" asked Mikaila timidly as she spun around for inspection, afraid that the outfit looked awful. Claire and Pam's eyes lit up and nodded quickly in unison,

"It's gorgeous! You look amazing!" they said together, unable to hide their pride and impression with her new look. Mikaila turned to look in the mirror, and couldn't help but chuckle in agreement,

"Yeah, I guess I do look sort of cute…" she said slowly. Claire shook her head quickly and dashed forward to stand next to Mikaila,

"Girl you look amazing! Never say otherwise, I think you look gorgeous! I'm actually kind of jealous; you pull that outfit off really well." Claire was so complimentary Mikaila couldn't help but break into a bright blush, and she thanked her quietly with a whisper. Claire was about to say something else when her phone rang, which she quickly answered, "Yes? Oh hi big brother! Are you going to be home soon?" she asked worried, and Steven couldn't help but laugh at her concern,

"Yeah, we finished up here. We got some stuff we should probably talk about, with everyone, and we won't be more then five minutes, Lobo got a little hurt but we handled it fine. So I'll see you in a bit?" he asked, and Claire nodded and smiled happily,

"Of course! Hurry home, I missed you. Ok, I love you big brother, see you soon!" and after Steven returned her I love you, Claire hung up and headed for the door slowly, "Come on, they will be home very soon, they said they had stuff to talk to us about." Said Claire happily as she pushed the door open. She was about to step into the hallway when she realized Mikaila wasn't following her, and with a happy sigh she rushed back inside and grabbed Mikaila's arm, "Come on! They will all be speechless, so come on!" And despite her protests, Claire dragged Mikaila down the stairs towards the living room.

Finally, Steven pulled into the garage and shut off the car, letting out a long contented sigh and smiling happily, "Thank god… I am so tired… pleas kill me now…" he prayed in vain, and David slapped him on the shoulder from the passengers' seat and laughed with a wide smile,

"You can't yet remember? We have stuff we have to tell them, so maybe we should head inside and…" but Steven grunted angrily as he pushed his door open,

"I know I got it… don't rush me… Lobo, you didn't bleed out all over the back seat did you?" asked Steven looking back at Lobo with both concerned for Lobo and the car, and much to his relief Lobo nodded and chuckled,

"Yes, the car is blood free, oh and I'm alright too thanks for asking." And Steven couldn't help but chuckle too,

"Look man, I'm more worried about what my mom would do if blood got in her car then if you're alright, I assumed you were going to make it. Now if there was blood in the car, none of us would make it sooo…" the three laughed as they walked into the house, "Claire we're…" started Steven before Claire dashed forward and grabbed him by the arm,

"Come on come in, you have to see this!" she said happily, giddy, and she forcibly dragged Steven towards the living room. He was going to protest and yell at her when he noticed the girl standing in the living room, and he instead did as he was told and followed Claire, David and Lobo trailing behind him. The men gasped as they walked into the room. Standing in the center of the room, bathed in sunlight from the window and staring right at them as they entered with a blush on her face was a beautiful girl, holding behind her head a black parasol.

Her hair was jet black like a raven's feathers, and was pulled back and tied up in a Dutch braid by a long black ribbon which fell down to her ankles but moved gently in a breeze that wasn't there, almost as if they were shimming and sparkling in the sunlight. Her top was a small tight black tube top, which ended at the bottom of her breasts, showing some but not flashing off the goods that any man would kill to get a glimpse of. Around her waist was a small black as night ruffle skirt, which ended above her knees about a half-inch. For shoes she wore a pair of long leather boots, black as coal, which ended about a half-inch bellow her knee. Her parasol was of gothic Lolita style. It opened up like a normal parasol, but ribbons everywhere. On top was a large black ribbon, the biggest ribbon on the whole parasol. White ribbons trimmed the whole border, and eight ribbon strands came together in the middle under the black ribbon and came down to the border. Where each of the eight strands ended, a smaller black bow was tied with more ribbons. The handle was quiet long, about two feet, and the end was a sharp point, like a stake. The handle was black like the parasol top, and even with her face slightly hidden you could see the bright red flush on her face and her dimples were visible. With a smile she spun around, showing off her bright sapphire tail and wings, which gently moved as she twirled. Her wings popped out of hole in her top, to give them breathing room and mobility, and her tail had a nice hole cut out of her skirt so it could be out and usable, instead of confined and worthless. She had on a necklace; small and golden save for the sapphire dangling from it, and her sapphire earrings blue as the ocean, which were in both ears. As she returned to facing everything her blush deepened, and she coughed quietly to get their attention before asking, "Well… what do you… think…" she asked timidly, rubbing her hands together uncomfortable as she waited for the jury's verdict. For the longest time, no one spoke, all to stunned by her beauty to speak a word of praise. The three stared at her in shock, and the longer the silence went on, the brighter her face got, until Claire could take it no longer and she smacked Steven in the face,

"HEY! STOP STARING ITS RUDE! Well, what do you think? Isn't Mikaila gorgeous?" Claire asked seriously, wanting their honest opinion as much as Mikaila did. It took him another minute, but finally Steven broke the spell cast on him and spoke,

"I… if I didn't know better… I wouldn't think this was Mikaila… that's for sure…" he said in a trance state, and as the words left his lips both he and Mikaila became bright red as a rose and couldn't look at each other. Claire giggled and turned to the others with a smile, nudging David in the arm,

"Ok, we know what he thinks, what about you two, is she pretty? We did our absolute best to make her look gorgeous, did we do a good job?" Claire asked timidly, and again, they stared, as if spellbound. Finally Lobo nodded, his face bright red and he looked at the floor embarrassed,

"Um… yeah she… looks gorgeous… I… can't even tell its Mikaila… my… my Mikaila…" he grew quiet as he realized what he had said, and he immediately turned away from her and Claire's sight, his face red hot and bright red. Claire couldn't help but laugh at his embarrassment; it was adorable he called her his Mikaila. With a girlish giggle she turned to David, but he spoke before she could ask. He had a wide smile on his face, and immediately Claire had a bad feeling,

"That song, where the woman sings, "When I think about you I touch myself," yeah, that's the perfect description of how you look, I can say for a hundred percent fact I agree with her." he said with the biggest shit eating grin ever, and immediately Claire punched him in the back of the head with as much force as she could muster, a scowl on her face and rage in her eyes. Steven and Lobo turned to stare at him in shock, unable to believe he had just said that, and Mikaila's face was pure red. She turned away and completely froze, unable to think let alone say anything in response,

"Pervert! I meant a nice comment about how beautiful she is, not something skeevy about how you want in her pants! God are there any decent demons left in the world?!" asked Claire angrily as David fell to his knees from her punch. He groaned in pain, and Claire smiled happily as she stalked off to the kitchen, pushing Lobo out of her way, "Pervert!" she yelled over her shoulder. David groaned and fell over on his side, clutching at the back of his head, sweat on his brow,

"GOD DAMN IT WOMAN! THAT HURT!" he yelled as loudly as he could, though his voice was barley louder then a shout. The pain he was feeling was extreme, and he looked up to Steven with pleading eyes, "Man… please… help me…" he said weakly like a hurt child. Steven shook his head slowly, then with a smirk looked down at David and laughed a wicked laugh, while David continued to glare up at him,

"No way dude, you shot your own self in the foot, I am not helping you deal with this. However, I'm sure the pain will go away soon, I have to go get Claire anyways, we have things to talk about remember?" he said quickly as he jumped over David effortlessly and dashed after Claire, calling after her. David would have turned towards Lobo but from his position he had no strength, so he looked at Mikaila, who still was turned away from him, her shoulders tight and frozen.

"Mikaila… I… was joking… please… help me…" he groaned weakly, hoping to play to her better nature with his pain. Unfortunately for him, her better nature had flown out the window with that comment, for slowly she turned towards him, and he froze with fear at the look on her face. Slowly, she approached him, with very careful steps, and once she was right over top of him, and he was sure it couldn't get much worse, did he dare to ask her again, "Mikaila…" but before he could finish, her foot flew as hard as it could into his crouch and he let out a loud girly scream and tears began to spill from his eyes. The pain was unbearable, and David prayed to Satan that he would pass out and it would pass. Unluckily for him, he did not pass out, and as she removed her foot from his junk, he let out a silent scream as tears ran down his cheeks. Immediately after Mikaila stalked off, huffing angrily as she went. However, that barley registered to David, as the pain he felt was too intense for him to really see or feel anything else. He groaned in pain, and the tears continued to fall, as he was unable to keep them at bay. Lobo couldn't help but burst into laughter, tears springing to his eyes, and as David slowly turned towards him to plea for help, Lobo walked off with a trail of laughter behind him.

An hour later, David with a bag of ice to ease the pain seated in the chair, Lobo and Mikaila on the brown couch, and Steven and Claire sitting happily on the green couch. Steven had Claire's left hand in his right, and he was smiling at her happily when David cleared his throat hoarsely, barley able to speak, "What… were you suppose… to tell us?" he gurgled out painfully, clutching at his throat and wincing in pain at the sudden movement. His voice brought Steven back to reality and he stood up quickly, Claire's hand still in his, and releasing hers with a sigh he walked to the center of the room. The TV was off, the bugs outside were silent, and the wind didn't stir, as if it knew he was about to say something important. A ray of light pooled through the window, and while he hadn't purposely done so, Steven was standing in the ray of light and it illuminated his whole form, lighting up his face and his wings magically. The light made his wings sparkle, and the black with tiny white sparkles took Claire's breath away, and for a split second, she swore he looked like an angel, a guardian of light. My guardian angel, she thought dreamily. Steven cleared his throat loudly, which immediately grabbed her attention, and she quickly shook her head to focus her thoughts on his words,

"Well… The demon, Ward, that sent the chupacabra…" he said with a pause, clearing his throat again and quickly taking a sip of the Pepsi Claire hadn't noticed. He lifted it to his lips and gently tipped it back, letting the caramel liquid gently flow into his throat. Sighing happily as he lowered the can to the coffee table, he nodded happily and quickly continued, "Ok, so Ward works for a group called the Lunar Society, and he was after a group of vampires, which apparently work for a group called the Blood Coven. So…" he started, eying everyone slowly one at a time, starting with Claire and working over to David. As the silence stretched on everyone became slight tense, " I'm the only non-demon… well the only non-born demon, so I am hopping at least one of you has heard of them." He said expectantly, hoping for a response, however he was met with dead silence. Steven frowned angrily, and then his eyebrow twitched slowly, "Come on, one of you has had to at least heard of them!" he said raising his voice slightly, turning to glare at David and then Lobo, his frown tightening on his face,

"Come on, I have two princesses here, so, I honestly don't expect them to know all that much about the groups in the Netherworld, but don't one of you know anything about these guys?" he asked with an irritated tone, and Lobo quickly shook his head, a defensive look on his face,

"No I've never heard of either of those, at least not any facts. I've heard rumors, that they are secret organizations run by two powerful demons in the Netherworld, but that's all…" he said with a frown and David nodded quickly in agreement and clearing his throat quickly he added in a pain filled voice,

"Yeah… I've heard a little more… but not much… The Blood Coven is a coven of only vampires… and the Lunar Society is a group of werewolves… werewolves and vampires are natural enemies so… they have been in war for ages, centuries even…"

He paused to cough weakly and clear his throat again, "All I know is they are very powerful groups… In human standards… they would be like… a mob boss! That's it, they are like a mob boss of the netherworld. The two groups are very powerful, we should tread carefully…" said David quietly, sweat forming on his brow. Steven nodded in agreement, sticking his right pointer finger in his mouth to bite nervously,

"Yes we should, we don't want to upset any mob bosses, they could have us killed in a second. We need to tread carefully, anything else we know about them?" asked Steven slowly, his voice close to a yell, and David nodded slowly before coughing several times into his arm,

"Just that their leaders have the power level of an Overlord, but because they are too busy with killing each other neither of them has ever tried to defeat the Overlord, even though they probably could. I've also heard they have several powerful demon lords under their command, their generals, which are ruthless. We don't stand a chance against a group that powerful yet, and we definitely don't stand a chance against their leaders. We should be incredibly careful." David concluded with a short couch, and again Steven nodded in agreement, turning to look out the window with a small frown,

"Unfortunately… we can't… you see…" he started before a quiet knock grabbed his attention. He turned, like everyone else, to see the source of the noise, and standing in the entrance to the living room with a smirk on her face and her cell in her hand was Pam, leaning against the wall lightly. Her dress laid out bellow her, untouched by the ground, and her hair laid lightly against her back, her bright blue eyes staring at Steven with a air of amusement in them. Steven gave her a confused look, tilting his head to the side to signify he was confused, which was when she spoke to answer his unasked question,

"I have some news. We just got a job to kill some vampires in the park, a small coven of them, by a rich client. He is offering 35,000 to kill them all, and leave no trace of them." She let this news sit quietly upon the air as she slowly walked into the living room, making not a sound with her feet on the carpet. She stood before the chair, and looking over at David with a wicked grin, he quickly hopped up and moved to the loveseat, allowing her to take her place in her chair. She smiled at him and took a seat, grabbing at the TV controller on her table, and flipped on the TV still waiting for someone to speak.

"So… they are paying us to kill some vampires?" Steven asked, clarifying what Pam had said. She nodded with a smirk, and flipping through the channels quickly as if bored she chuckled,

"Yep. Paying. How often do we get paid? You're going to do it right?" she asked like she needed the answer. Steven nodded quickly and Pam couldn't help but chuckle with a wide grin, "Good, get going. They would prefer the vampires are killed today, before nightfall. And… I believe that means you have about an hour, it's already eight…" Pam said slowly, checking the time on the TV's clock. Steven turned quickly, and as he saw the time he gasped and his face showed his shock. Lobo and Mikaila were on their feet in a second, as was Claire, however it took several more seconds for David to stand up, his crouch still wounded. Steven nodded at Pam and smiled brightly, flashing her a thumbs up,

"Don't worry, we will handle this, no problem! Claire, Lobo, you guys head upstairs with me to get outfitted, Mikaila, David, you two think you can go scout out the woods?" Steven asked timidly, afraid that with David injured he wouldn't be of much help. However much to his surprise David rose to the task, dropping his bag of ice and nodded confidently, a powerful look set on his face,

"Yeah, leave it to us. We will scout the vampires out, and return with a rough estimate of their numbers." And with a nod at Mikaila and then Steven, David rushed for the door, a confidence in his step unseen before now. Steven stared after him confused, and then he turned to Mikaila, who simply shrugged and dashed off after David, sliding on the kitchen floor and almost sliding into the wall before resuming her chase of David. Steven shook his head with a halfhearted chuckle before turning back to Claire and Lobo, a smirk on his face,

"Alright, between the five of us, you two are the ones who would have issues killing vampires, luckily, we have a war room for that." Said Steven, heading towards the stairs and motioning for the others to follow. Claire and Lobo dashed after him quickly as he ascended the stairs, kicking up dust behind him.

"Freeze." Whispered David nearly soundless, covering Mikaila's mouth with his hand silently. She nearly screamed as a vampire looked their way, as if it's dark red eyes could see through the underbrush and see them. In no time at all they had discovered a cave, where they assumed the vampires would be, and outside the cave were several small abandoned shacks. The clearing was well secluded, unless you got lucky or knew where you were going odds were you wouldn't find it. It was far enough off the beaten path not to look for it, and close enough you wouldn't get lost. David had counted at least ten vampires so far, and that was just the ones he could see, let alone the sounds of dripping blood and sucking he could hear coming from the dark cave. He was sure there were at least several more inside drinking some poor souls blood, and David cursed silently. The vampire that had been staring at them, or at the very least looking in their direction, turned away as if uninterested, and stalked off to the other side of the camp. David let out the quietest of sighs and very carefully, looking behind him to make sure he didn't hit a twig, he took several steps back, dragging with him Mikaila, who he did his best to direct her where to step. Carefully, with their life depending on how quiet they were, they stepped back; taking a step every few seconds, waiting in between to make sure nothing was after them. David released a small sigh of relief as he saw the road, several yards in front of them, and he rushed forward quickly, dragging Mikaila behind him. He was a step from the road, a step from getting out of there, when a ear piercing scream sounded from behind them, from the clearing. David froze, quickly trying to decide what to do, what would most likely keep them alive, but Mikaila had other plans. As he stood frozen, trying to decide, Mikaila jerked her hand out of his and dashed backwards, towards the vampires, kicking up dirt and leaves behind her,

"Go get the others and hurry! I'll be fine!" she yelled over her shoulder with a wink, dashed towards the vampires with as much speed as she could. David turned to look after her, about to scream for her to stop, when he realized he had no chance of that, she was going to do what she wanted. He instead did as he was told, and with all the speed he could muster he turned tail and ran towards the house, hoping if he ran fast enough they could make it in time to help Mikaila. He ran like a cheetah on fire, using all of his strength and determination to head for the house. Mikaila dashed into the clearing, skidding to a stop with her parasol closed in her hand, holding it angrily in two hands like a sword. "Come get me bastards!" she yelled angrily, a grin on her face and confidence in her eyes. However, as she noticed the sheer numbers of vampires, at least twenty if not more come out and surround her, her confidence began to falter, and her stance slacked slightly, "Wow… there sure are… a lot of you hehe…" she laughed nervously. Several vampires sneered at her, their large fangs visible, and she swallowed nervously, clutching at her parasol more strongly. One walked from the cave slowly, more strolled, into the center of the clearing and chuckled coolly, a wicked grin on his face, and slowly he walked around her, eying her with a sick desire in his eyes,

"This one is beautiful… why can't more pretty ones like this walk into our mitts?" he asked to no one, and chuckled at the silence that followed, "It's far too bad your beauty won't last, we can't very well let you live now can we? It truly is a shame… I haven't seen beauty like yours since Natasha, and that was years ago now." He whispered quietly, stopping behind her with his eyes to the ground. MIkaila turned her head slightly, to stare back over her shoulder at him, afraid to turn her back completely to him. He looked up at her suddenly, and the glee in his eyes was unnerving and alarming, everything in her body screamed to run, to flee from there, and get as far away from this obvious psycho killer as fast as she could. But something held her in place; something kept her from moving. The scream, the blood curtailing scream, which was so clearly was in absolute anguish and pain, which couldn't have possibly been faked with how real it sounded. Even though she couldn't see where it came from, or who it came from, she knew for a fact it was real and in a very real amount of total pain and distress. That scream was what kept her there, and wouldn't let her flee to save her own skin. She held onto her parasol more tightly, and taking a deep breathe, she turned and fast as lightning she dashed at the vampire, her parasol held tightly in her hand,

"Die you bastard!" she yelled loudly as she swung her parasol with as much force as she could muster. She was sure she had hit him; the parasol was a few centimeters from his face, when suddenly he was gone, and her parasol hit nothing but air. She gasped in surprise, turning around quickly to locate him, and saw him standing back at the mouth of the cave with a huge grin on his face, clicking his tongue slowly as several vampires stepped towards her. He sighed heavily and chuckled quietly as he turned from her and headed into the cave,

"Deal with her boys, I have our guest to attend to." He called over his shoulder as his shadow blended into the darkness of the cave, and he was lost to Mikaila's eyes. She gulped as several vampires jumped forward at once, all of them with fangs sharp and gleaming,

"Yes Master Volta!" they yelled.

David dashed through the woods as fast as his legs would take him, and that was incredibly fast. He knew that time was of the essence, so he pushed himself; he used all the energy he could to get to the house. His feet slammed against the ground as he kicked up dirt and leaves behind him, the wind blowing through his hair and tossing it around his face and into his eyes. Several times he had to push his hair from his face, lest he crash face first into a tree or other object in his way. Finally, he broke through all the trees, the bushes, the leaves and grass, and his feet hit stone, and shortly after sidewalk and pavement. He saw the house in the distant, and despite the pain he felt in his legs, the burning and weakness, he redoubled his efforts as the house came into his vision and he pushed himself twice as hard, just hoping he wasn't to late the save the princess.

Steven smirked happily at his idea, and even Claire couldn't help but agree it was a good choice. They had not changed Lobo's outfit, but they had added a few things. Though he used claws, they had added a pair of leather gloves to his outfit, which Pam had also enchanted. They were outfitted with a spell so that Lobo's claws could never break, so long as he wore his gloves. Though it had not happened yet, Werewolves breaking their sharp talons were a real threat to most, as if the claws broke or became chipped, they could lose their ability to fight with them. Lobo was impressed with the things their magic could do, he wasn't a huge fan of magic, and had never really dabbled in it himself. As they descended the stairs, happy with their work, and their plan figured out, several sets of knocks were heard coming from the door in rapid succession, "GUYS?! GUYS!? GUYS!" David's voice yelled loudly and panic struck, which immediately concerned everyone. He sounded terrified and horribly out of breath, and Steven quickly dashed down the rest of the stairs and pulled the door open just in time for David to fall into the house, a weak pile of sweat and tired limbs. His breathing was extremely tired and labored, he sounded close to passing out; in fact Steven was just about to drag him inside on the couch when he coughed several times loudly, covering his mouth with his left hand. As the coughing died down, he turned his head to look at them, and whispering softly, as was all he was able to do, he spoke the words that nearly made all their hearts stop, "Mikaila… alone with vampires… a whole army of them… help… in the forest…" he sounded as if speaking had taken from him the last of his strength, as once he was finished he closed his eyes and his breathing slowed to show he was resting. As if in a daze Steven called for his mother and ordered her take care of David. As soon as she nodded, Steven dashed out of the house as fast as his legs would take him heading for the forest. Claire was hot on his heels, and Lobo dashed after them, his werewolf powers making him faster then the both of them. He ran ahead of them, terrified that Mikaila wouldn't be alright, that she wouldn't make it, and that thought is what caused his feet to pick up the pace, and sent him that much faster deep into the woods. As Claire overtook him, suddenly Steven completely froze, unmoving in place. His arms dropped to his sides, and his eyes suddenly became glassy and unfocused. His feet stuck in place, and his wings and tail stopped moving.


"Brittany look out!" a voice screamed, and Steven dashed faster, using all the speed he could muster to launch him towards his destination. Sweat fell into his eyes and blinded him, and he blinked his eyes angrily trying to clear them. He knew if he didn't hurry it would be to late, if he didn't force himself to go faster, stronger, quicker, he would be to late to help his friends. He turned the corner quickly, as fast as his legs would take him, and much farther and out of his view he heard the blood curtailing scream, and the cry of agony. He dashed faster down the long dark street, pain in his heart and fear in his mind as his wings flapping behind him, trying to increase his speed, and his tail was wrapped around his right leg, trying to stay out of the way. He pumped his arms as fast as he could, hoping it would help, praying to a nameless god it would help. Finally, nearing the end of the long dark street, he turned the last corner and skidded to a stop, tears quickly filling his eyes as he surveyed the scene. Lying on the ground, covered in blood, and no longer moving or breathing, lay his friend Brittany. There was a noticeable wound on in her chest, and her head was laid against his friend's lap, tears falling onto her lifeless face. Slowly his friend turned towards him, tears coating his cheeks and falling onto his love slowly, coating her face as well. Slowly he brushed the hair from her face before speaking in a dead and detached voice, "She… didn't make it… you… weren't here soon enough…" he said slowly, returning to look at his fallen love. Steven fell to his knees sadly, dazed and confused, as tears streamed down his face and his self hatred began to build.

End Flashback

Suddenly his arms worked again, and his legs worked again, and he returned on his run, his thoughts focused on only one thing. However, suddenly he was different. His eyes were no longer the green piercing orbs they used to be, but bright red and full of mischief, and more demon like. He had a humorous spring in his step, and he chuckled slowly to himself as he ran, shaking his head slowly, "Let me handle this Steven, you've had enough lost over the years, lost more then enough of your friends for one lifetime" he spoke quietly to himself; his speed suddenly increased ten fold. He dashed faster then a bullet, almost as fast as the speed of sound. He zipped right past Claire, and a split second later right past Lobo, "I'll make sure your Princess lives, promise." He finished with a warm smile.