Mic: Hey be careful I use them for helping people!

Jonny: Shut your trap you piece of shit. Get ready for a whole new level of ass wooping.

Mic is an average teen who thinks he can solve every ones problems. But real life takes a turn and starts to show how it would not always end on a happy note. He is always stubborn but he never leaves a person in pearl.

Buck: So what should would do with him for messing up are time with the nerds?

Gabe: OH OH how about the football to the nuts?

Jonny: That is a great idea : )

He grabs the footballs that he got from practice and begins throwing one. But then Mic is save by his best friend Name Marcus who happens to be the jock of the team.

Marcus: Really dude?

Jonny: Oh Marcus of thought you went home?

Marcus: Well I decided to get some extra practice today. : C

Both Buck and Gabe: Ok were letting him go! Stop staring at us like that : (

Marcus is a strong natural born Playboy but he is also one of the nicest people of the team. He always cares and help his friends out of trouble.

Marcus: You got about 5 seconds to leave or else I'll tell coach.

All three: Run!

Marcus: Why didn't you ask me for help?

Mic: I thought I could handle this myself ok! :O

Marcus: Look you gotta have to face facts that you can't solve everyone's problems just because you wanted to. There are some things you can't change at all. Heck even I knew that.

Mic: You just give up when the going gets tuff!? I'm going home.

Marcus: Mic wait! Huhhhh. I didn't mean it like that but.

Uforntionaly for Mic, he cannot escape the cold hard truth of what his friend said. Even at home, he gets the same exact words.

Mic's Mom: Have you got into another fight!?

Mic: I have to do something right!?

Mic's Dad: Son you gotta face the facts that there are some thing you cannot change all!

Mic: I'm going out for walk

Doors slams.

Mic's Mom: I'm really worry about him. I just cant think of what will happen if those symptoms shows up.

Mic's Dad: Please don't mention that as I want to protect him ever since that day.

While Mic is taking a walk. He begins to think what both his friend and his dad on what they say.

Mic: ( I wonder if all I'm am doing all this time I've have wasted all what I was ment for?) Huh?

Just then, he spotted a person eating something. When he gets close to him, the sight that he have seen, is not what of he have seen at all.

Mic: Ahhhhhh!

More of them suddenly came that make Mic stumple as he gets surrounded by them. As he is about to suffer like the body laying around. A mysterious girl came and kick them away.

Mic: Who are you?