As they walk out of the neighborhood, they enter the streets where there are many stores.

Marcus: John do you see something?

John takes a look around threw the scope of the rifle.

Mic: Well is it safe go walking threw the streets?

John: Well I wish I could say yes but there is one problem. There is muscle monster out there. I don't think we should risk-

Yukito: Let me handle this.

John: Wait what can-

Mimico: Let him. I know him and he can take that monster out.

Yukito walks up to the bulk-up. It started to notice him and charge towards his direction. As its about to slam him down, a shadow pops up and knock it back.

Marcus: Amazing.

Mimico: He really is amazing.

The bulk up got back up and begins to scream load which attracted a lot of walkers. Yukito looks at the shadows of the walkers which begin to form a point and begins stabbing the walkers with bunch of spikes. The bulk up goes up behind him and manage to lay a scratch of him but was only able to tear a bit of his sleave. But Yukito manage to avoid the blow and kill it with his shadow enforce claw. Once it drops dead, Yukito fell on his knees as he breaths heavily. The others head to him.

Mic: Hey are you o.k?

Yukito: Ya I'm fine its just that I use my powers to an extend that it reach my limits.

Mimico: You need to rest.

Mic: Ah I remember that there is a motel just up ahead.

Marcus: Then lets head there now as we got some company.

More walkers started to appear as it seems they are attracted of the noise of the battle.

Mic: Come on lets get out of here.

They heads up to the road ahead. After walking block by block, they have made to their destination.

Mic: There it is.

They head to the entrance but notice they are people there. They get behind a corner and see what is going on.

Woman: No please I'm not one-

The man shot her a bullet in the head.

Mic: What the!?

The man is not alone as he is with a group of others.

Man 2: So tell me did she beg?

Man 1: Ya she beg and then I blast her in the face!

Man 3: You know you shouldn't kill her as I wanted to hear the screams she makes when I put my dick into her.

Man 4: I think we should leave now. I don't want the boss to get mad at us and I don't want to see him get down and ugly.

Man 5: Ugh tell me about it.

Man 6: Then lets go.

Mic: Not while I have to say-

Marcus puts his arms over his and stop him.

Mic: Hey!

Marcus: Don't! Beside Yukito is no fighting condition and you don't have the strength to fight them.

Mic: Takes a deep breath.

Once the group leaves, Mic and the gang head inside and begins to relax. Mic checks arounds the place to see if its safe and luckily found no walkers inside. As nightfalls, everybody heads to bed and goes to sleep. While Mic head to his room, he overhears a conversation between Yukito and Mimico as he is in front of door.

Mimico: Yukito are those things still there?

Yukito: Its ok. Beside I'll keep a watch and I'll make sure those things will never get near you.

Mimico: Thanks. I think I can sleep now.

Yukito: Ok. Well good night.

Yukito walks out of the room.

Mic: I can see that your close to that girl.

Yukito: Well its pretty complicated. I just got her out of her death back when we live in japan so I'm not surprise that she so attach to me. After I am her guardian.

Mic: Are you Yakuza?

Yukito: What game that away?

Mic: Well its instinct.

Yukito: You saw the tattoo?

Mic: Perhaps.

Yukito: Well I might as well tell you why we're here and how I got my powers so lets head to the pool.

Yukito and Mic head to the pool area.

Yukito: You see when I was just a little baby boy, my parents abanded me because I'm pretty much special. I was able to summon shadows and because of that, my parents were really scared. But someone else found me a few days after I'm all alone. I was a pretty happy kid as I was treated special. Little do I know what is yet to come.

Yukito: (Can I have this?) holding a rice ball.

Woman: (Sure. But first can you follow.)

They head down the stairs and once there, there are a bunch of people in lab coats.

Yukito: (What are they doing?)

Women: (They are preparing to experiment on you.)

Yukito: I didn't knew that they we're planning on experimenting on me. I'm guessing I'm a huge step in the studies department. All that torture and pain. I couldn't stop screaming. Once I reach my limit, I went on a rampage and killed everyone. I didn't stop because why would I after what they did. After that, I went I'm my own.

Yukito heads to the store that sells candy. Once there, he uses his power to all the chocolates by moving their shadows which allows them to move on their. Once he got what he wants, he head outside and into an ally way to eat. But he didn't notice that there is a man there.