3 ESSENCES Book.1 "Conffessions"

Chapter 1

She heard noises.

She heard screaming humans.

They woke her up from her year long of sleep.

Her eyes opened, to be met with a lava red.

The screaming wouldn't stop.

She hated it.

She slowly brought her hand up through the thick, red water that surrounded her whole body.

She pressed both her hands on the glass tank she was inside of, and pictured the glass shattering to the ground.

That's all it took.

Small wings exploded out of her back, spattering blood on the already red floor.

She felt it running down her back like a small river.

She didn't feel pain.

None at all.

She looked up, her hazy gray eyes adjusting to the darkness of the room, with a faint hint of red.

The Eye.

She's awake.

A girl who seemed older than her, stood slumped a few feet away.

Her arms weren't human though.

They were covered in thick wolf fur from the shoulder down.

Except when they reached her hands.

Her hands were enormous claws, twitching and dripping blood.

That's why she heard screaming.

She walk closer.

The Eye swung around, and let out a feral growl, that came from deep inside, where the wolf is.

She admired the Eye.

Her naked body was covered in blood.

Not her own though.

Now she knew the reason why they call her "The Eye".

Her left eye was a deep gold, while the other was quite hidden from blood, but it was solid black, with rings of gold inside, with a catlike pupil in the center.

"Father, you did well giving her that flaw."

She said softly, reaching out to touch the Eye's cheek.

The girl stepped back again, tail swishing back and forth angrily, ears laid back.

"It's ok. I'm not here to hurt you."

Said the pale, almost transparent girl.

She managed to touch her cheek.

The Eye looked at her blankly.

The flaw, glaring, looking into the depths of her soul.


She knew that the young werewolf could see her aura.

"What color am I?"

"A deep seacoast fog… fading in and out."

She replied in a husky voice.

"Beautiful. It must be beautiful to see them."

She said.

That must be one of the worst flaws you could get.

The dark skinned girl underneath her hand, cocked her head to the side.

"I killed those people didn't I."

She said, emotionless.

"You couldn't help it."

She said, and made the Eye look back at her in the face.

"You'll never be able to help it."

She caressed the dark skinned wolf.

"Who can these days."

Said the Eye leaning into her touch.

"I want you…to forget."

Said the ghost.

"Forget everything."

The Eye's face went blank.

She trembled, and started falling.

The ghost let go.

The Eye hit the floor, spattering the blood everywhere among the carcasses she had killed.

She leaned down again, and touched her cheek.

"Forget yourself."

She stood up.

The blood on her back, had started crusting.

She stared down, at the Eye who now looked just like one of the dead bodies, amidst all the blood and gore.

The flaw stared up at her.

Haunting her.


The ghost turned away, from everything.

From her.

And went to search for Father.

The opening's on her back, bled freshly once more, as a tear fell down her cheek, onto the blood-stained tiles.