I let out a soft sigh. That's all I could do actually, blood dripping from my arm, my oxygen fading fast. "finally home" I thought to myself as I turn the nob to my front door. I feel my way through the pitch black hall leading to my room until I come to my familiar "keep out" sign hung on my door. I manage a weak smile and begin to open the door when a chill runs down my spine. "get a good sleep" a voice behind me says. "you start school in 4 hours." There was no need to respond, or to even turn around, I knew he was gone.

For about 2 and a half hours of sleep it felt like ive only taken a power nap. I had to wake up hourly to bandage my arm and clean up the blood I spilt all over my front lawn. Greaattt, going to school with a bandaging all the way up my left arm and a pokemon bandaid, the only one I could find, on my face. So either ill be taken as a bad boy or a wannabe pokemon master for my first day for my freshmen year.

"good job cleaning up" my brother said, "and you took care of the ayakashi with little to no evidence of a fight, your learning" I thought for a second, trying to find something I could say to piss him off, but nothing came to mind. "yeah, whatever Dan" I responded. I grabbed my bookbag and began to exit my house when he started to speak again. "remember ,Kalil, you didn't choose this life, you-" "were born with it" walking out the door as I finished the same speech he gives after every tough fight. I didn't have time for it this morning, I was going to be late.

I was barely able to make it before the 5 minute bell to class, taken the scenic route shaved a lot of time. i just hope no one saw me do it. I walk through the doors of calvary high school when a hand lands on my right shoulder. Without even thinking i lift my right arm up in a L shape while taking a hard turn around, so that whoever it was would be pinned by their neck against the lockers. It took only seconds to realize who it was. "sorry nate" as I backed up off him. "dude" he started, "weve been best friends since 1st grade, your always a little edgy after summer vacation" he said with a smile. "ive been working up my neck muscles just in case" I let out a soft laugh, my ribs still sore from last night.