I am no special person with special abilities. I simply come to you to tell you the story of my insanely messed up life. You may want to sit down…this is going to get pretty wild.

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Renee Mason. I was just going into Antioch Middle school for the millionth time in my life to sit through classes of pre-algebra, language arts, and a whole bunch of other subjects that made my brain ache. I've never been very good in school. For as long as I can remember, I have always had adhd and I always got into fights in school. I guess it was always because I felt I needed to prove that I wasn't just another pathetically weak little girl on that playground to be bullied. I wanted to be considered an equal to the boys in school. I wanted to make a statement that I was not to be messed with or bullied.

Later, I found out from a friend that because of this personality that I have, it made me look, I don't know, hot, I guess it would be called? Thing is, I only ever wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts. I don't see how that makes me attractive. And even though I have pierced ears I almost never wear earrings or other jewelry. I don't wear make-up either. And almost always have my hair up in a ponytail and I almost always wear a baseball cap low over my face, mostly because I almost always have a black eye or something from putting someone in their place. Then, I have to take my hat off in the building and I end up getting pegged as someone who likes to fight and as a troublemaker, but they're wrong, I don't like fighting, I just do it to prove point to others that I am not weak. That I am a strong and fully capable girl. I'm not a weakling like the girly-girls who all they do is gossip. I hate the popular girls. They are such total, well let's take a count, 1) they treat anyone who isn't popular or who is competition for guys attention like dirt. 2) They are total divas, 3) all they do is gossip all the time and tear people down from the inside out. So don't blame me for hating them, because I have a right to.

So anyway I was walking into school and of course, Lina McSnobbypants walks up to me and says, "Hey Mason! Got any new bruises today?" Well McSnobbypants isn't her real last name but it ought to be. Her real last name is Wars. It's an odd last name but I have a feeling it's because her dad is some famous general or something. I honestly don't care. But in any case she was a royal PITA. She thinks she's all that but really she's just a spoiled brat who likes to tell people what to do.

I whirled around, took off my baseball cap and said in a dangerously low voice, "No but you're going to in a minute if you don't leave me the hell alone." She almost looked shocked but then she smirked and said,"Oh really now? You know you can't do that. I have leverage with the principle and the teachers think I'm an innocent little angel." I rolled my eyes knowing full well that she was right. Then, I had an evil idea. I can hurt her without leaving any evidence, and she forgets, the teachers think I'm an innocent little angel too.

So just to creep her out I said, "I can hurt you with leaving a single mark." She looked at me wide eyed in horror and said," You would make my boyfriend cheat on me with you?" I rolled my eyes and said," Of course not. You're boyfriends to much of an ugly ass jock for me to even look at much less talk to. I was still talking physical pain. I think I'll start at the neck…" and quick as lightning I reached over and grabbed the sides of her neck.

There are two particularly painful pressure points on the side of your neck and the best part is you don't have to hold them that hard, when gripped they hurt like hell, and they don't bruise. I know I sound just plain evil but I had gotten fed up with these girls. It was the same thing every single freaking day and I never did anything about it until now when I finally had an idea of what to do about it without leaving any evidence.

She screamed for an instant before crumbling to her knees, passed out cold. It didn't hurt her really it just knocked her out so she'd be late to class. The unconsciousness only lasted about five minutes but it would be enough to terrify those girls into leaving me alone and to cause a blemish on Lina's records.

The rest of Lina's posy screamed like the little girls they are so I faked a lunge at them as they shrieked again and I laughed, "Wimps." Then I went on my merry way to my first class, which was Language Arts. Oh how I hated Language Arts, it gives me a headache. I mean couldn't they just keep it simple in terms of like punctuation and capitalization? Is that too much to ask? So I had just walked into my L.A class when Percy Johnson blocked my path to my seat. I tried to go around him but he moved and blocked my path again. Finally I sighed and said, "What do you want Johnson?" I never call any of the guys except my friends by their first names. He said," You know full well what I want and I won't take no for an answer." I sighed again in frustration and said," No. I am not going out with you! End of story, and unless you don't move out of my way you're gonna get kicked in places where the sun don't shine." He just laughed it off and said, "I'll back off for now, but I'll be back for round two later." I knew what that meant. He'd try to get me to go out with him before my next class. God I hate that guy. He's such an ass. Yeah he's supposedly the hottest guy in school but I honestly could care less. I have no interest in guys and the few that I let within ten feet of me without whupping their sorry asses are my best friends.

Class droned on for what felt like hours but in reality was only forty-five minutes. Then I was so relieved because my next class was art, which by the way, is my favorite, Right now we were working on making free form sculptures because I was in the advanced class of art and modern design. Plus in that class I don't have to act violent, I can be who I am without having to get violent against puny popular girls or ass hat guys so yeah in other words this class was the best hour of my day.

I enjoyed my advanced art and modern design class and then headed my second least favorite class, pre-algebra. To be honest I only had like three favorite classes, Tech literacy, advanced art and modern design, and Latin Class. I know that those are usually the classes that most people dread but I like to go against the grain of society.

Anyway the rest of the day continued like the beginning, jealous girls trying to bully me, ass hats trying to get my attention, same old, same old. I was turning fourteen soon and that's a big thing in my family because it's one year before I get my learner's permit for driving. To clarify soon, I mean that I was turning fourteen tomorrow and it's the biggest party I have ever had. So even with everything today, I was feeling pretty good.

Finally, at 3:45 pm, school finally got out. I raced to grab my stuff out of my locker and catch the bus; I wanted to hang out with my friends after school at my house. As I got on the bus, Percy Johnson blocked my path to my seat, I sighed and kicked him you-know-where. Then I said as he rolled around on the ground,"I told you if you didn't leave me alone you were gonna get kicked in places where the sun don't shine. Get that through your thick idiotic skull." Then I walked away calmly to my seat while his friends in the back were snickering stuff like, "rejected." or a sarcastic, "smoooth." I even heard one say about me,"ooh. Sassy." At the last one I rolled my eyes. Another Jock no doubt. But then my best friend Merrick Evans sat down next me on the bus and the first thing said to me is, "remind me never to get on your bad side. THAT is not pretty." Pointing to Percy Johnson, who was still on the floor in pain so I got up walked over to him pulling him up with one arm without any effort and said, "Stop being such a wimp." Then I moved back to my seat and sat down. The whole rest of the way to the bus stop was non- stop murmuring about what happened before we left school. I finally got tired of it and said, "Enough! Okay? I hate how people murmur about me and then when I look at them they stop talking. If you have something to say to me then just say it!" all the kids suddenly found the floor of the bus very interesting.

Once we got to my stop, I got off the bus and started to make my long walk home when, out of the blue, a hand holding a cloth covered my mouth. I tried to fight him off until I pretended to go limp. Then at the last second, before they loaded me into a van of some sort, I stopped pretending and swung my elbow back into the man's gut.

The man let go of me and rolled onto the ground clutching his stomach. I grabbed my bag and ran for all I was worth, pulling out the pocket knife my brother gave me early for my fourteenth birthday, and then showing off the blade a little to my pursuer. They slowed down but then I heard the cocking of a gun and I hit the deck right as they pulled the trigger. Shit, I just brought a knife to a gun fight. I turned around and prayed to God that my knife would hit the mark as I threw it because I suck at knife throwing. By some miraculous occurrence, the knife hit its mark, I then grabbed the knife out of the man, and I started running for all I was worth again. Once I got to my house I grabbed a spare change of clothes, some money, and the keys to the old truck and got in, leaving a note on the fridge saying that it wasn't safe for the anymore and I had to leave again.

See, for as long as I can remember, people have always been trying to capture or kill me. I don't know why but if I lay low long enough it stops for a few years. I always take my best friend with me because when I get targeted so does he. My family understands this about my life. Occasionally I'll take my brother, Will, with me but that's it.

So anyway, I know I'm an underage driver but I have looks on my side. I look sixteen so people don't bother me much. I stopped by Merrick's house, and honked the horn. He came running out the back door and then got in the truck and said, "step on it Renie." I groaned despite the situation we were in." how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" then I looked back at the highway which we were now on headed to Texas, from Kansas City, Missouri. I was headed back to my home town because I knew people there and I knew they would hide me if anything happened.

End of chapter 1