I woke up the next morning to find Merrick hadn't moved from his position last night except to put his arm around me in his sleep I guess. I snuggled up closer to him and then thought about the family that agreed to hide me from The General. I don't know the man's real name all I know is that he wants me dead because he harbors a grudge against me for my lineage. Like something about my great time about ten grandfather killing a member of his family and he's going to avenge them through killing me. at least it went something like that the last time he kidnapped me to kill me. Course' seeing as I'm still here he didn't succeed. I managed to escape before too long and then I packed up a few of my belongings and spent the summer in Texas with my grandparents and my brother. From then on I have been running from The General every few years just to make sure he doesn't find me. Then I head back home and start my school again. But every few years he finds me and I have to lay low in a different part of Texas. But now I can tell that we're on the east coast so there is no way The General could possibly find me right?

There was still a nagging doubt in the back of my mind but I let it go. In all honesty I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of being next my best friend and secret crush, of course he would never know. I've always prided myself on my acting skills. Unfortunately, he typically saw right through it. I could only hope that my acting had gotten better over the years, even though I doubted it.

I heard Merrick groan a little as he started to wake up. I chuckled lightly and said," Morning sleepy head. How'd you sleep?" He chuckled a little and said," Shouldn't I be saying that to you? I mean it would be the gentlemanly thing to do." I laughed and said,"Merrick, for as long as I 've known you, you've never once done the gentlemanly thing, you just made sure to do the right thing so you didn't get your but whooped by me."

Suddenly he turned serious and asked out of the blue, "Do you like me in a more than friends kind of way?" he looked away. I looked out the window and my eyes widened. "Merrick get down! Now!" he didn't question me as he rolled to the floor. The next thing I hear is glass shattering as a turret sounding gun sprayed bullets all around the room. I moved to find something I could use as self defense. Luckily, my some miracle, my dad's old sidearm is back by my stuff. I pull it out and I shot the gunman who was firing the turret out of the side of a helicopter. Then I fired another bullet around the area of the fuel tank. It won't make the helicopter explode, just make it run out of gas before you can say," boom." Because that is what will happen when that thing hits the ground. Then I look around the room to survey the damage and injuries. I look at the family and see that both parents have a bullet wound on some ligament; though neither of the wounds are fatal they aren't pretty. I do what I can with the supplies lying around the room and since we're in a hospital that's quite a lot compared to what I personally have to settle for most of the time. As I'm bandaging the mother's arm, I look into her eyes and say, "Now do you know why I didn't want it to get out that I had been seen with you?" She nodded but there was a fiery determination in her eyes, "I understand, but it only makes me want to protect you more and there is no way you are getting out of it. My husband and I have some other weapons you can use that we have at home, one of which being a collapsible rifle." I gasp and then ask," okay, one why do you have that kind of advanced fire arm, and two why are you willing to get you and your family killed for me and my friend, who you just met?" She looked at me with a love that I had never known, not even from my parents, and definantly not from a stranger, and said, "Because God calls me to do so for my family, whether biological or not you are my family in Christ." I looked at her astonished and then she said, "As for your other question, this is not the first time we have harbored wanted people. Usually, they are wanted for a crime they didn't commit, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time." I decided right then and there to tell her everything.

When I finished I said," And now you know my story. There's just one piece of the puzzle I can't figure out, is who wants me dead and why? As far as I know, I've never done anything to anyone that would warrant an all out war on my life. I mean sure I've never been very popular and I've always gotten into fights but never with gangs or anything like that. I know what signs to look for on if I'm fighting a member of a gang or not. If encounter any gang members, I always make a break for it. I don't want a gang war waged on me. Of course, I never escape them without at least one bullet in me. Heck I have so many scars from so many things I've lost count." Right as I was about to ask about her story, her eyes widened and she grabbed a scouple off the side table and threw it at me, or so I thought. I look behind me to see a guy on the floor clutching his eye, blood spilling down, with a gun on the ground next to him. I pick it up and point it at him. Then he just collapses before I do anything else.

I looked back at her," Who are you people?"

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