I love you.

How hard is that to say?

I love you.

Is it that scary anyway?

Every time I tell you, I seem to die a little more,

Seeing your eyes accuse me of lies,

While you silently keep the score.

I love you.

It's a feeling, not a puzzle.

I love you.

That's no threat you need to muzzle.

A bubbly pit of warmth that lives in my heart,

It doesn't die, if you just try,

Not to keep on ripping it apart.

You say I'm the only one,

Who burns you with passion like the sun.

You say there isn't another,

Who fills with visions you cannot smother.

I'm who you turn to with your fears,

When you're in pain I cry your tears.

I'm the one right by your side,

Who sees the darkness you want to hide.

I'm the one the who never turns away,

Who listens to every word you tried to say,

So why when your heart already told me true,

Are you still saying: "Well, I think I love you."

I love you.

And I know you've been alone.

I love you.

Though you've heard lies in that same tone.

It might just be that I was born lucky,

That I've heard truth in those words forsooth,

That now you need it, my heart's still plucky.

I love you.

Even if it takes forever.

I love you.

Even as my broken treasure.

It doesn't matter if you're hurting me,

I'll love you, and stay yours too,

Until you trust what your heart might already see.