He needed a little help hauling me up but soon I was on my feet racing for the exit. We were halfway there when the first explosion went off. This made most of us run faster, covering our ears. Kevin and Jessie were the first to get to the exit and frantically tried to open it. Jessie turned to Al.

"The barricades – I think – we did them too well!" she gasped.

I could feel the warmth from the first explosion already and I knew the others would be a lot closer. We were trapped.

Kevin continued to shove at the gate. Al surveyed us.

"I am proud of you all." he announced sadly.

Jessie realised that this was the last time she'd be able to talk and turned to face Kevin.

"Kevin I – "

"Don't say it."


"Say it when we're safe outside."

And with a sudden wrench he opened the door. However I was initially oblivious to this as Mike deemed it the right moment to kiss me. For my first kiss it was pretty amazing. When he broke away there was a second boom and this time we felt the shockwave. I grabbed Mike's hand and dragged him through the exit. We raced up the steps where we found the others and the fire department waiting for us. It looked like the fire engines had just started to arrive, in the nick of time too. I sidled over to a nearby bench. Well, I tried to. First I got bombarded by the uniformed men.

"What the hell happened down there?"

I was tempted to roll my eyes but I knew I had to play the victim.

"I – I couldn't get out – we were trapped – it was t-terri-"

I didn't finish the sentence. The man's eyes softened.

"You're in shock. Come with me and we'll get you sorted."

"C-can I just have a moment p-please?"

He nodded reluctantly.

I returned to the bench I'd been aiming for and sat down. Mike followed suit and Al joined us. Together we watched Jessie and Kevin.

"Kevin, I love you." she said.

He gave her a bemused look.

"You're standing in the middle of London after an explosion we're responsible for and you think you're safe enough to tell me that?" he teased.

She rolled her eyes.

"Just kiss me."

The End