Her Grin's Blueprint

If seeing you smile could kill me,
I'd already be dead a hundredfold
Your eyes glare with so much intensity,
Dear, it begets warmth in a night so cold

Your perfection is evident, no need to bear this line
The beauty that you possess horrifies me deeply
How could a goddess like you be mine?
It haunts the core of my breathing so severely

Your hands, so soft and white,
Mixed with your lips, so rosy and gorgeous
I stare at them and I start to sigh,
Feeling it must mean the end of my woes

How do you sleep at night?
I wonder, a maiden so fair as you
Each step you take must be bound to summon a pillar of light
For ones like you never comes out of the blue

Did the gods wanted to threaten humanity?
Putting you here for all man to fight for?
How could I not believe, I have already seen,
I tarried this long just to witness your grin

It must've taken forever to finish that curve
The success of its embellishment must be God's treasure
I would be forever grateful if you I'd serve
To always see your smile, I'd be willing to die for sure.