Tilling The Concrete

To where my dreams would gladly take me,
Be it meet, be it blatant and frail,
I will go only to see
How it feels to live a tragic tale

I stride to walk past my shame;
To walk past failures that tower my evening sky,
There's no one to point, no one to blame,
Save it be the stars shining to deny

To live and love like no one does,
To cry a tear from an eye that rusts,
To seek a thrill from tilting woes,
Is like a dinner with death on a table with dust

My fortress would only be my thoughts
It scares me to think the abyss on which it grows
My escape, too deep for me to hang on,
It has betrayed me for engulfing my sorrows

Nostalgia had me on despondency
Beneath the truth, I could swear under my breath,
Growling to be cynic I remain to fancy,
Shielding my lies, I cease to regret

I'll find repose in my obscure intellect
I'll sob facing down the tomb of my heart,
To till the concrete 'til my insides reflect,
It is what I'll do to save my stubborn self.