Chapter 2

This event, obviously, lead me to many nights of tossing and turning, insomnia becoming a rather unavoidable part of my ever day life, albeit an annoying one. School soon became a tiring task that made me want to scream, but for some reason, I just kept going. For some reason, it felt like I had been doing this for much longer than a few weeks. However, it also felt like I had been through much worse things in the past.

Every time I closed my eyes now, no matter how short the time frame, the image of the girl was upon me, her ghostly chant ringing in my ears. There was no escape from this fictional onslaught, maybe I had gone mad?

Because of the lack of sleep, I frequently found myself drifting off in the middle of class, or not being able to follow a single strand conversation with my mates… something that they were not oblivious to might I add!

"Kai? Hey, dude? You even listening to me or do I have to boot you awake again?"

The rough threat brought me back to the reality where I sat, talking to Jake about this new videogame he played. Something stupid about his new team, and, I guess, was in the middle of an anecdote of how he got killed by a young girl for offering her a bag of cookies… the same girl that was the leader of the team he just joined.

The game he spoke of was called "Millenia world" and for some reason, he seemed adamant that I should buy it and try the experience for myself… yeah right.

The coach we are on reaches my stop and, quite gladly, I leave my friend alone on the bus as I make my wait towards my flat. You might think that it is weird that a 15 year old boy is living on his own in the middle of a large city, but my parents died when I was just a little kid, and, since then, a distant relative has been supporting me from afar.

The final road that separates me from my home is silent, something that is rather strange for this time on a Thursday afternoon, and for some reason that I just can't quite understand, this makes me feel uneasy, but it doesn't mean anything, there is probably just a diversion somewhere up the road or something. The emptiness makes it easy to cross, and I quickly reach my front door.

I am just about to unlock the chain when something catches my attention; there is a small, plain, cardboard box beneath the window, something that was not there when I set off this morning.

My curiosity getting the better of me, I reach out and grab the item before entering my home, wondering what it was that caused this small package to come to my house. I didn't order it, that much I'm sure of!

Inside the room, the only noise that can be heard is the ticking of the clock in the living room, a normal sound, a relaxing sound.

Heaving a sigh of relief, I place the box down on the table and go over to my room so that I can change out of my stuffy uniform, a dark grey blazer and green tie, before grabbing a book and slouching into the computer chair. I have several pieces of homework to be done, but that can wait for later.

Before long, the rhythmic ticking of the clock and the familiar text of the book soon lulls me into unwilling sleep, but there is nothing I can do about it, I am just too tired!

When I come round, I was just lying on an amazingly soft bed, felling rather happy and comfortable for the first time in God knows when, but soon, the whole perspective of my world changed. All it took was a scream from the downstairs chamber. I had no idea who it was that was calling out in such a shrill voice, but for some reason, it made me really desperate to protect that person.

So quickly that I wasn't even thinking about my own actions, I sprang from the bed and darted out into the hallway knowing exactly where to go even though I had never seen this place in my life.

Down the marble staircase and past walls supporting the portraits of many men and women from times gone by, so fast that their many faces turned into a flesh coloured blur around me.

Out of the final corridor and into the ball room where the sight brought me up short. There, in the centre of the room, beneath the large, globe chandelier, was a gruesome scene if ever I saw one.

A lone man stood, covered in blood and supporting the body of a young girl who was the source of the scarlet liquid and beneath her lay the bodies of those who could only be her parents.

For some reason, this sight filled me with both fear, but a murderous anger, how dare he do such a thing! I was so enraged that I started running towards without a plan of action or a though of my own safety. I was just about upon him when he pulled out the knife from the slit in the girl's throat.

When his strong hand locked around my wrist, there was no way to escape and when I felt the thin trail of ice running across my neck, there was no time to even scream…