Chapter 3

My elbow slips off of the table causing my head to fall forward and slam into the solid wood, well, it was a pretty effective wake up call! It takes me few seconds because I am still half asleep, but I soon realise that I am crying for no apparent reason, really, the dream wasn't that bad, I didn't even know those people, so then, why was I crying?

A girl I dated quite a while ago was interested in the occult side of things and, for a short while, had got me interested too, which is probably the reason why I just couldn't let the dream go. Even now, as I sat at my desk, it was getting harder and harder to remember the details after a certain point… but before that, it was shockingly clear, almost like a memory?

After a while, the darkness in the room came to my attention and I realised that I must have been sitting in this chair for quite a long time, something that the stiffness in my limbs attested to vigorously, so I decided that it might be time to turn in, I would think about the dram tomorrow, maybe it would be less spooky in the morning light?

Before going into my room, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast this morning so, grudgingly, as I was still half asleep, I made my way over to the kitchen thinking of just grabbing a sandwich or something else that would be quick to eat and not too troublesome to clean up in the morning. Because of the dream, and all the other junk inside of my head, I had completely forgotten about the box I had found earlier… until I saw it laying there on the table, and then my curiosity flared up again.

Without really thinking, within the next 5 minutes, I was sati in the middle of the floor surrounded by packaging and staring down at the small, black, cardboard box that now sat in my hand, the only thing it had to distinguish itself was a small logo of a violet, crescent moon formed by twisting knots and the embossed words "Millenia world".

Okay, after all the mystery and everything, this was so NOT what I was expecting… It was probably just Jake messing around and trying to freak me out. Well, I guess it was getting a little bit close to Halloween, but still, this sort of thing was a stupid prank if ever I saw one!

I was just about to throw the box away when a small scrap of paper fluttered out from under a corner. Expecting it to me an "I got you" message, I reached out and snagged it before it could reach the floor, however, the writing on the sheet sent shivers down my spine. This was not Jake's hand, it was not a writing style that was familiar to me at all, but something was familiar…

The lettering was in a childish font, completely red as though written in blood, and splattered with some dark burgundy substance that I tried not to think too much about. The slip of paper had been torn, so there was only a little bit of the message on this piece, but I did not need to look for the other half, I knew what would be on it. The piece of the text that I held in my hand read:

"… Where we first met,

Beneath the haunting ball!"

As I sat there, the words going round and round in my head, a crow screeched outside of my window, making me jump a mile and causing my fist to clench around the troublesome verse. Until that moment, I had been unable to move, but now it was like the spell was broken… though not completely.

I don't know why I opened that box, but for some reason, I felt that I had to and that there was something important inside… well, there was something inside all right, but now I really whished that I had thrown the box away when I first got it, that I had never tried to figure out what it was!

In the box, on top of the disk and visor of the game sat 2 photo's, but in this light it was too hard to make them out. With a trembling hand I reached for my phone which I had placed upon the table, flicking its light on so that I could look at the first picture.

This one was a nice scene, or it would have been if it were not for 3 things:

1: The house in the background was the "soulless labyrinth" that the kids at school spoke of.

2: All the people in the image were too pale and their eyes looked like they were surrounded by red rings.

3: Right in the centre of the image, smiling right out at me, stood the girl, the same girl from my dream who had sung the haunting song while her life blood poured from the knife wound in her neck, the girl I had seen in my dream just minutes before. The girl that kept coming back no matter how hard I tried to get away…

As I watched, a small line of red appeared on the photo, stretching across the neck of the little girl, growing wider and wider, contrasting with her smiling face. Red streams began to run down her neck and it was too much for me, I dropped the picture and ran into my room.

Once in there, I began to calm down a little bit, away from the grisly image, it was easier to tell my self that I had imagined the whole thing.

It took a while, but eventually my breathing and heart rate slowed to a normal pace and I was able to think clearly again. The picture must have been sent to me as a prank by one of my friends, they could have gotten the song out of the text book I had first read it in, and the blood thing must have just been a hallucination brought on by the lack of sleep, yes, that had to be it! There is no way that it could actually have happened right?

It is about now that I notice the fact that I must have been sweating a lot, the thin layer of moisture seemed to cover my hands making them damp and slick, I am just about to wipe them off on my clothes when I notice something, my hands are too dark! Panic runs through me and I hurriedly flip the switch to turn the light on in the darkened room, to dispel the shadow that is playing on my fears, but, if it is only a shadow… why is the light switch smeared with gore?

The feeling of horror growing, I look down at my bloody hands… just as the television set in the corner switches on.