One of my masterpieces.

Destiny Awaits…

Stumbling upon every pebble,
Walking down the rocky lanes.
Taking another step is no less a trouble,
It's too hard to tolerate the pains.

The birds are replaced by haunting crickets,
The sunny skies are now moonless nights.
The curious feet that once used to spring,
By travelling the same way, they are terribly aching.
Exhausted, worn out, can't go on anymore.
Afraid, frustrated, unable to see the shore.

New scars and bleeding wounds are now abound,
Howling of wolves is the only sound around.
You continue falling in the dirt,
Your cries for help are unheard.
It's too tough to overcome the loneliness,
Alone, abandoned, and perpetually friendless.

When there is no hope found,
The darkness seems to drown;
When turning the last stone fails,
No voice is left for a few more wails;
Please don't lose faith.
No matter what happens, destiny awaits.

Don't give up and stop suddenly,
Don't stray aimlessly and weep.
Don't lose the way even if you are weary,
And don't close your eyes in grief.
You never know what is planned by fate,
Even in the darkest times, destiny awaits.

When you see no one near,
When even a twig breaking makes you hush,
When the shrillness of raindrops splattering causes fear;
The fabric in front of your heart you touch.
When the raindrops hurt to feel,
When under a tree you want to wait;
When the sadness threatens to kneel,
Don't forget, even in the gloomiest days, destiny awaits.

Whenever you wish to turn back,
And go to the warmth and cozy attire,
Whenever the courage of facing ahead you lack,
And whenever weakens the will of fire.
Don't forget that you can take just one more step,
Stay just a moment more without help.
More falls won't kill you, you know?

It's the halt that gives the fatal blow.

This is a difficult journey,
A troublesome voyage called life.
It will give you loads of honey,
But before that rocks and strife.
You have to earn what you get here,
Fight hard to do what you have to,
You have to wash your fears with your tears.
The person who writes the future is only you.

When there is nothing pleasant in the cheerful songs,
Don't give the way to frowns.
This is never the end,

For there is nothing that time can't mend.
Remember, for the one who has nothing straight,
That is the one for which destiny awaits.

Be it the steepest cliff or the deepest well,
Nothing can devour that heart of yours,
In which once the fire of hope used to dwell.
And even in the most mournful hours,
Don't you dare forget what I tell;
For when there is nothing left for you to wait,
There is always destiny that awaits.

- Tensai-Teki Kuroneko