Chapter One


Her mother patted her ever growing stomach, bursting with life before she turned her attention to Lorena. Her eyes were soft and understanding as she took in her daughters tear streaked cheeks. Her mother smiled at her and Lorena couldn't help but smile back. Her mother gave a soft laugh.

"How about I tell you a story before your father comes home?"

Lorena nodded eagerly as her mother began in a gentle voice,

"Long ago, the Angels wanted to come to Earth to spread their benevolent ways to Man but many Angels became lost in the void between Heaven and Earth. Adriel, a wise Archangel, proposed the idea of creating something on Earth to help guide them to the Land of Man. After much debate, it was decided that some humans would be given a gift that would aid the Angels. The gifted humans became known as Witches as many people began to fear them because they didn't understand them. The Witches were blessed with the gift of Light and over many years, helped the Angels get to Earth safely as they were created to do. But, the Witches began to fear that the Angels loved Man far more than them. The Witches created demons to hunt the Angel`s beloved man, demons that preyed on the Human`s blood. These demons later came to be called Vampires. The Angels became furious with the Witches and created Werewolves to kill the demons. All the while, the Witches` powers grew. The Angels wished to separate the Werewolves and Vampires from the Humans that way Humans wouldn't die in the eternal battle between the mortal enemies. To achieve this the Angels created a realm separate from that of Man in which the Vampires and Werewolves could roam freely and continue their battle without harming the Human realm. The realm for the Werewolves and Vampires became known as the Realm of Immortals. The realm for Humans became known as the Realm of Mortals. The Angels actions only caused the Witches hatred of the Angels to increase and the Witches locked the Angels in Heaven for all eternity. Locking the Angels in Heaven depleted the Witches of much or all of their power, killing many or all of the Witches. Although, those Witches that may have survived became very weak with no known way to increase their powers -"

Her mother stopped abruptly as the sounds of a carriage rolled up towards the house. Her mother leaned in and kissed Lorena gently on the cheeks.

"Your father is home, you have to sleep now Lorena, my angel but I promise I will finish the story another time. Sweet dreams Lori."

Her mother gathered up her many skirts and rushed from the room, gently closing Lorena`s bedroom door as the front door opened. Lorena heard her father's heavy footfall.

"Women! I know the truth, you whore!"

Her father raged as he slammed the front door shut.

"John you have been drinking again! What are you ragging on about you drunken fool?"

Her mother sounded unfazed by her father's drunken state.

Her father coming home drunk was an everyday occurrence. Lorena climbed out of bed and tiptoed to her bedroom door. She opened it a crack, just enough for her to see out of. Her father crossed the room to her mother in two long strides and struck her mother. Surprised by the sudden attack, her mother fell to the floor.

"Don't lie to me woman! That child -" He pointed to her mother's bulging stomach, "- isn't created of my seed!"

He continued to kick her in the stomach along with other places even when she adamantly denied sleeping with any other man. Her mother begged her father to stop but it only fueled his anger. Lorena closed her bedroom door, climbed into bed, and covered her ears so the noise of her mother's screaming was dimmed. Eventually, her mother`s crying and whimpering ceased and Lorena knew she would never hear the rest of the story. She knew her mother was dead.