Chapter Twenty Four

Lorena walked across the sodden ground, Michael beside her. Between them, a little boy, three years of age. He walked hand in hand with them through the cemetery. The warm summer wind caressed them, the sun high in the sky, bathing everything in its warm glow. The boy stopped by a tree to pick flowers; his black hair falling into his face, like his father. His blue eyes were curious and wondering; always searching for adventure.

"Danny!" Lorena called and he turned around and rushed back.

He held his flowers, some crushed in his tiny hands, out to his mother for approval. She reached around her bulging stomach to take the flowers. She knelt beside him.

"They are beautiful. Why don't you go place them on the graves?"

Danny nodded and rushed off, squealing with delight. He stopped in front of the graves. Danny laid one flower by the gravestone of Jonathan Williams; the grandfather he would never meet and the father Lorena never had. Lorena knew her father had died alone of liver disease from his excessive drinking, which brought Lorena some satisfaction knowing he was alone and suffering until the end. Lorena laid a pink rose and a white rose in the grass beside her fathers` grave. One for her mother, one for the brother or sister she would've had. Adam, with long jagged scars marring his cheek, and Siree greeted Lorena, her own stomach bulging.

"Two twin girls." She said excitedly.

Lorena smiled and gestured to her own stomach.

"I'm having a girl too."

Siree`s smile widened.

"Had it been one girl I would've named her Amberlynn, since its two I'm going to split the name; the first born Amber, the second Lynn."

Lorena laughed.

"If that's what you want to do! I was thinking Danielle for ours." She said intertwining her hand with Michael`s.

He smiled his approval, always keeping an eye on Danny, who was talking to the graves. Lorena was thankful to Adriel for releasing the curse put on the vampires so they could conceive again, to a point. Each vampire female could only have one successful pregnancy. Lorena was the exception due to her being Lilith`s daughter; some things even the Angels could not interfere with. Danny was growing agitated, his eyes turning to the golden rust of his father`s. Lorena scooped her son up, causing him to squeal in delight. She gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and set him on the ground again. They walked to another aisle and Danny walked with his father, pulling him along.

"Come on daddy! They are gonna be sad if they don't gwet their flowers!" Danny babbled, some words he still didn't pronounce correctly. Michael released Danny`s hand as they reached the grave of Michael`s brother, and Danny`s namesake. Michael rested his hand on the tombstone, careful not to disturb the flowers his sister and Kellan had already laid.

"I wish you had been here to see this, brother. You did not die in vain. I hope you're happy with her up there."

Danny jumped up and down, anxious for his father to finish so he could lay the flowers. Michael smiled down at his son and ruffled his hair.

"Alright, go ahead."

Danny beamed, and very gently, he laid the flower on the grave, giving the tombstone a hug, his small arms not able to go around the stone.

"Night night!" Danny cooed.

Michael snatched Danny up.

"Come on little one we still have more sites to visit!"

Danny laughed and screamed, the second Michael sat him down he took off running to the next grave. Michael held Lorena to him; this one was always the hardest for her. Her steps were even and paced, but her eyes were swimming with tears. Lorena came upon the cool gray stone, and knelt in the grass in front of it. She ran her hand over the engraving of the name; Ian Mason. Her breath came rapid and shaky. She rested her head on the grave as the tears began to spill onto her cheeks. Danny laid the flower next to her by the grave and hugged her. Lorena wrapped her free arm around him and held him close. She was slowly letting him go, saying goodbye to the first man she had ever loved. He had been given a decent funeral, Athien and Crystal, who had been pregnant with Athien`s heir Alexandria at the time, had been in attendance. He was given a proper farewell.

Michael had gone out to hunt with his sister and Kellan. Lorena lay next to Danny in his bed, playing with his hair, noticing how long it was getting. He yawned softly.


"Yes my sweet Danny?"

"Will you tell me a story?"

Lorena smiled in the darkness.

"I have just the story in mind."

Danny yawned again and grinned, Lorena laughed.

"Will you be able to stay up long enough to listen if I tell it?"

Danny nodded eagerly.

"Uh huh!"

Lorena knew which story she wanted to tell; the story that had always been on her lips, running through her mind since her mother's death.

"Long ago the Angels wanted to come to Earth to spread their benevolent ways to Man, but many Angels became lost in the void between Heaven and Earth. Adriel, a wise Archangel, proposed the idea of creating something to help guide them to Earth, So, the Angels gifted some humans with the gift of Light, to help guide them to the Land of Man. After much debate, it was decided that some humans would be given a gift that would aid the Angels. The gifted humans became known as Witches, as many people began to fear them because they did not understand them. The Witches were blessed with the gift of Light, and over many years, helped the Angels get to Earth safely as they were created to do. Over time, the Witches began to fear the Angels loved Man far more than them. The Witches created creatures to hunt the Angel`s beloved Man, creatures that preyed on the Human`s blood, Vampires. The Angels became furious at the Witches and created Werewolves to destroy the Vampires. All the while, the Witches` powers grew. The Angels wished to separate the Werewolves and Vampires from the Humans so the Humans would not die in the eternal battle between the mortal enemies. To achieve this, the Angels created a realm separate that of Man, in which the Vampires and Werewolves could roam freely and continue their battle without harming the Human realm. The realm for the Werewolves and Vampires became known as the Realm of Immortals. The realm for the Humans became called the Realm of Mortals. The Angels actions only caused the Witches hatred of the Angels to increase and the Witched locked the Angels in Heaven. Doing this depleted the Witches of their powers and with no way to restore them, the Witches were no more. Over time, the Wall between all the Realms weakened and fell, releasing the Angels from imprisonment and allowing the Immortals and Mortals to roam freely with one another; and so, the Great Battle began. It pinned Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, and Lytherian against the Angels. Everyone suffered much causality, reaching into the tens of thousands, if not more. Your father and I fought in the battle; your father has the scars to prove it. We reached an agreement with the Angels and the battle was ended."

"You used the Daggers, didn't you mommy?"

Danny`s eyes were wide with curiosity. Lorena smiled and nodded.

"Yeah baby, I did. You get some rest now, Daddy and I love you very much Danny, sleep tight little one."

Lorena lowered her lips to Danny`s small forehead and gave him a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her before giving her a wet kiss on the cheek.

"Night Mommy, love you." He said crawling under his blanket as Lorena detangled herself from him.

She blew him a kiss before shutting off his light. She watched her little boy, envolped in the soft white moonlight, his hair falling into his eyes just like his father. He even slept the same way Michael did, on his side, one arm under the pillow, the other curled inward to his chest. Lorena smiled to herself before soundlessly closing the door behind her. As Lorena closed the door on her sleeping son, familiar broad, strong arms wrapped around her and Michael`s hot lips found hers in the darkness, she could taste the sweet metallic of blood. Michael broke the kiss.

"Do not fret, my love. He ages much slower than any other child; we have many centuries with him still ahead of us."

Lorena sighed, she knew he was right. Danny was the first of his kind, but he would not be the only one of his kind, she knew there were other couples like her and Michael. She found Michael`s lips again in the darkness and kissed him slowly and sweetly.

"I love you Lorena, forever and always." He breathed into her ear.

"I love you Michael, for all eternity." She whispered back.