Jigoku Shōjo

In the dark forest of twisted branches and mangled trees sits a cloaked young woman. Her pale skin holds a grey pallor beneath the depths of the dark shade of the cloth. She sits atop a large boulder in the side of a gentle uphill ascent. One arm holds her weight and the other holds her head.

Through dull, dispassionate eyes she watches the world. Her expression is vaguely disinterested. She stares ahead into the tangle of vines, roots and branches. Her state of emotionlessness has been utilised to perfection and is unrivalled in its cold indifference.

The small sounds of an entity approaching stirs in the stillness. The cloak flutters forward to cover her outstretched legs. Her gaze stirs with a strange sensation. The soft sound of a breath fills the darkness.

The thorn bushes shatter under light footfalls. As they crumble to dust on the slightest of breezes the entity emerges. Grey skin covers a young female of twelve. Her dress flutters at her heels. The long sleeves droop to her hips and are torn by thorns and undergrowth. Blood flows from her open wounds and leaves a clear path behind her.

She stops at the side of the other female. With dead eyes they peer ahead into the mangled forest that blurs into an endless shade of grey and black. Neither reacts as they watch life and death unfold around them. Small whispers of faraway lifetimes and people echo and linger with the presence of decay.

"Do we wait?" the newcomer asks monotonously.

As she speaks her dry lips crack. Blood slips down her chin and stains her ruined dress. A black breeze rustles her dress and tears viciously at the cloth. Her wounds burst open and flourish in crimson blossoms. Though her expression remains still there is a soft delight in the pain that blooms within her.

"They will do as we wish," the first whispers. "They know only destruction…"

In their vision the shadows shift. A small oval fades into sight to reveal a busy metropolis, bustling countryside, slums and mansions. The lips of the first curve upwards. The dark deliciousness of death presides over all that they lay their lifeless gaze upon. A shockwave transcends the worlds and places a curse upon all they watch.

The sovereign is indomitable.

Author's Note: Firstly, the title Jigoku Shōjo translates to Hell Girl, which is why the rating is so high. I don't like swearing and I don't like swear words so if you think the rating is too high then those are my reasons for making it so. The inspiration for this came from Inversed Butterfly which is the opening song for one of my favourite horror shows - again, not appropriate for youngsters.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed Jigoku Shōjo and I apologise if you did not.

Also, if I said I would read your story, haven't and now posted a story of mine own, do not fret. The wi-fi is cutting out at times and therefore I'm not going to type out a whole nine paragraphs of a review and then have it deleted because the connection cut. I will get around to reading and reviewing, but it will be when this issue is resolved. Thank you.