My Angel

It was a surprise, when I found out I was carrying you.
I was not ready, when my doctor said I was pregnant with you.
My life is not perfect, and now I had to think about you.
Problems come left and right, and now I had to think of you.
I had to conquer my fear, and prepare my life with you.
I may had not been ready, but know that I will love you.
I am your mother, that is what mothers do, for my child that is you.
I have a big heart, I have a mother's heart, a big space is just for you.
I had to take a big breath, when my doctor told me, something might be wrong with you.
It broke my heart with the thought that I might even loose you.
My arms are empty wanting to hold you, and I can't even touch you.
I wish, oh how I wish, I can take the pain for you.
I wish, oh how I wish, I can take your place for you.
Please, be strong, and take your breath, and allow me to hold you.
Please, fight, and allow me to keep you.
You are a part of me, and I am a part of you.
Know, my precious child, that I love you.


Writer's Note: Composed for a friend, when her child was in Neo-Natal-ICU. The child is doing well now.