My best friend Nicole and I were going to go to a party tonight, but I got grounded for lying about my homework. TAlk about uptight parents. So, Nicole is spending her Saturday night at a senior party, while I am at home slurping spaghetti with my parents and my younger sister, Sutton. She is only months younger than me but I like rubbing it in her face.

"Alexis," my mother said interrupting my sulk. "Don't be so sad there'll be other parties."


"Honey, calm down," My dad said in his deep soothing voice. " Why was this party so important anyway?"

"Because... it was a senior party and I'm just a junior this was a once in a life time opportunity," I said twirling my spaghetti around in my plate with my fork.

"Well, I hope you learned your lesson about lying and maybe we can avoid this ever happening again," my mother said. Sometimes she can be so annoying.

We were finishing up our dinner in silence when someone rang the door bell.

"I'll get it,' I said quickly eager to get away from my family.

I opened the door and was surprised to see Nicole. Her dress was torn, her hair was a mess and her massacre was streaked across her face from crying.

"OH MY GOD," I screamed causing the rest of my family to rush to the front door where I was standing.

My mother's jaw dropped as she ushered Nicole into the living room. To see my always confident best friend like this brought tears to my eyes, but I forced them back because I knew that it wouldn't help the situation. Nicole sat on the couch crying and shaking uncontrollably.

"What happened," my dad asked phone in hand ready to call the police.

Nicole could barely get words out of her mouth. "He raped me."