Mom, I'm home," I yelled as I sat my bag down on the couch.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl which is set on the middle of our mahogony table. I walked down the hallway to my parents room. My mom wasn't in there which was odd since my mom got off of work at 12:00 a.m. I grabbed my bag out of the living room and ran up the stairs. I knocked on the door to Sutton's room which was decorated with colorful flowers.

"Hey, Sutton where is mom."

"She went to Aunt Merdith's house to help give her some decorating advice," Sutton said.

I started to walk to my room which is right across the hall from Sutton's until she said something.

"Oh, and Nicole came before mom left and told her about your last minute project, mom seemed to buy into it but.." She trailed off and looked back down at her computer.

"What do you want Sutton," I asked her, because usually when it came to things like this hse wanted me to do something for her so that she would keep my secret.

"Actually, this time I just want the truth," Sutton said which suprised me she never just wants anything.

"It's none of your buisness," I said then walked in my room, because that was the final word.

Mom got home about forty-five minutes before dad came home from work which was at about 8:00p.m. We had spaghetti pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken and texas toast. The first few minutes of dinner was filed in by dad talking about his work drama. Then I finally got the courage to bring up the party topic.

"So, mom and dad this Senior Ingrid is throwing a pool party and she invited me. It's going to be during the day time and her parents are going to be there. Can I go please," I asked quickly.

My parents looked at each other with questioning eyes. "Sure," my mom said.

"What?" Sutton and I said at the same time.

"Why shouldn't I let you go,' she said as she swirled pasta onto her fork.

"But, there are a few things we need to know," My dad said looking at my mom who obviously had no objection to this. i could already tell that i would not be happy with the outcome of this.

"So, first off is Nicole going?"

Well, there is no way I could really go around this so I decided to be truthfull. "No," I replied to my father looking down at my plate. no one said anything we hadn't really talked about this as a family. My mom talked to me when it first happened, but that's about it.

"That's pretty much it for the question portion so I guess you can go," Dad said. "Oh, but you have to take Sutton," he added it so quickly I almost didn't hear it.

"What, no dad she's going to embarress me."

"It's either that or you don't go."

I looked at Sutton who had a very sly smile on her face.

"It's only fair, Alexis," my mom pitched in.

"Fine," I said rolling my eyes and getting up to put my dish in the sink.