Burning Times

You'd burn any woman

Be she young or be she old

Be she soft spoken or bold

If she rolled out in the grass

If she had stains on her ass

Is from church she took a pass

You'd call her a witch

A hag a bitch

Loyalty to her you'd ditch

Be she understanding and wise

You led the people under a deceptive guise

The woman you despise

You'd rather let them die

You'd rather mother cry

Than use lifesaving medicines of old. Mothers left to wonder why

You cry, "Burn the witch"

"She's a hag. She's a bitch"

You'd rather let your people die

You'd rather watch your mothers cry

Disgrace on you, men of old

For being so heartless so unfeeling and cold

Watch out for the power of the woman strong

For she will prove you all ruthless and wrong

Watch out for the power of the witch

When she is threatened the goddess can be a bitch