I ran from the world, hoping I'd get away

Yet to no avail, left alone and afraid.

Scared out of my mind, hoping that I'd see

Your smiling face, looking back into me.

I hoped that things would get better if I got an 'A'

I got too excited, just another fucked up day.

Then hoped things would get better with guitar

But forgot about my arms and those scars.

Wanted to tell a joke with all my friends

But I didn't want to offend.

Needed time in that lonely bathroom stall

To get away from the crowded hall.

I looked in the mirror and would've smiled

Yet I only cried like a small little child.

I gazed out the window and toward at the sky

Wondered to myself: "how should I die?"

My little blade came down on my arm

I knew it was time for the daily harm.

Wished for just one small cut right there

Until a few dozen were everywhere.

Never wanted it to escalate this much

With the blood and scars and such.

Only wanted there to be slight peace

'cause I wanted my pain to cease.

The entrance to my own escape

My heart's agape.

Can't barely breathe anymore

My arm's just sore.

The entrance to my own escape

My mind's about to break.

Can't barely breathe anymore

I'm an attention whore.

Well it's my birthday tomorrow, but I still don't feel older. More childish if anything...so yeah.

I have been working on my stories though, but it'll be a few weeks, maybe a few months before a put up anything large. Hopefully I'll have time to get things done.