"Ember is on her way here now, on the phone she said something about needing answers and not letting any of us leave until she gets them. Jacob is bringing her," I told the prince of shadows, stepping back just be sure that, in his mood I didn't get hit when he exploded. He spun around his black throw over coat billowing out behind him as if he was the famous Vlad Dracula. "what did you say, Ember is coming here? How did she find out about this place? How does she even know Jacob is one of us? Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me this sooner?" My lord, we have just found out about it ourselves, my best guess is you will have to ask ember when she gets here. My opinion is she will not let you off that easy, seeing how you have lied to her for almost a year. " I know, I know. Why must you all make me feel worse than I already do for lieing to her so long. Thank you Mason, please see yourself out." Just than we heard the front door crash open, and heard a girl's voice yell out, "Bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaa aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd ooooonnnnnnn! Where are you?" It seems that Ember has arrived, I take my leave before she can do us both bodily harm.


everything is not as it seems, it never was and never will be. My name is Ember Johnson. This is the part of the story I would tell you some sad tale, to sell you on my story. I look at it this way you can either read what I have to say or you can put this down and move on. It is your choice, just a warning the things on the pages of this book are quite gruesome, sometimes funny, and sometimes just plain annoying.

Everything started happening on may 19th the full moon. I was walking home from Jacob's house at maybe 3 in the morning I lived just right down the street so why not walk? Anyway I was walking home when I heard this wolf's howl, it sounded so sad. I shook it off and finished the walk home. Unlocking the door to my house and stepping inside I felt like something was off, like maybe something was outta place. Walking through the house I sung softly to myself. Going to my room I striped and laid down on the bed today has been a long day. I still had that feeling that something was off but I ignored it, and shook the feeling off. That's rule number one never doubt your instincts.

The next morning I woke up to a metal bar being slammed shut, why is there a metal door in my house they are all solid oak doors? So where did that noise come from ? I thought before I rolled over and looked at my surroundings, expecting to see my black n purple room I was in for a big surprise when instead of my black oak dresser and desk I saw myself in cased in a metal cage, every time I touched it I got electrocuted. Looking around I saw that we was in plain room it had one chair, the cage, and a desk, with a TV sitting on it, it was all painted gray also. They really needed a decorator to come in and redo this room, I thought out loud. "well hello, beautiful." I heard as soon as I heard those words an ice ball settled itself in the middle of my gut until I turned around to look, there standing in front of me was my father, the guy who had left me without a goodbye, a kiss not even a glance. You slimy fucking bastard why the fuck am I here? Why the hell am I in this cage?! "my dear, you are very special, everything you have ever been told is a lie, and im here to prove it to you. Do you remember when you were five or six years old and you swore you could use magic to freeze time along with so many more things? I sat there stubbornly death glaring my father until he gave up and walked out of the room. Only than did I let myself slide to the floor and let out the tears of frustration.

My father, kidnapped me all because of something stupid I could have sworn I did when I was six. Well there goes my life in a hand basket. Okay, let me see my father is the only family I have left and it just so happens that he is my only family left. He thinks I have some magical ability that im pretty sure I don't have. I'm locked in a cage that if I touch the bars I get electrocuted. All in all it has been a very lovely night, not! Where is Jacob? I mean he has to know im missing by now, if my calculations are correct than it is a little past five in the afternoon, as if to remind me I have not fed it yet, my stomach started growling, that's when the pain hit. I curdled into a ball, screamed until my lungs felt like they were going to explode, and my last coherent thought before the darkness of the blackest nights captured me was, what's going on?

okay so I know that this story is starting off rather slowly. I'm trying my hand at once again another story, I will be removing the rest of my work besides my poems, basically because I have found one of my unfinished stories on another site, I messaged the person it was and since they removed their story, im just going to remove the rest of my stories and start new. So if you are reading this than thank you and check over it for spelling and grammar mistakes please? I need constructive criticism.