Hey all, this is my first story, a little fic I wrote loosely based on my best friends first date with a guy from my point of view. The majority of the stuff in here didnt actually happen. Happy readings! Oh, and if either Chelsea or Niels are reading this... Im very very very very sorry, please dont kill me... again...

Hello. Yes, yes I have replaced this chapter. Why? Coz under the request of my friends (that was filed as soon as this was originally published) I have changed the names. Yes, half a million people have probably already read it with the names there, but i decided to change it anyway. Something Ive been meaning to do for a while.

The Fabric Section


It started that Wednesday of the first week of the school holidays. They were both in year eight and had just began to go out. it was their first date.

'Who?' you ask. Well, I'll tell you. It was my best friend Eleanor, and her friend-turned-boyfriend Nathan. Oh don't worry, this isn't gonna be full of drama and a bad guy that jumps out and murders someone. This is a small true story that I have added a twist to. A small piece of fluff. How do I know what happened? Eleanor told me. But she didn't tell me all of what happened. Not that I needed it.

See, I magically gave myself the 'fly-on-the-wall' power. So yep, I was a fly for that short amount of time. And by the way, its not spying. I was going to follow them so I could watch the movie without the hassle of waiting in line and getting tickets. Unfortunately, neither of my two lovebirds could stand said hassle so they left without watching the movie! I was quite angry, I mean, I had morphed into a FLY and then it was for nothing?

But then they went and got milkshakes and walked around holding hands. Now, if you were me, would you have left to go home? HECK NO! This is something I haven't seen to happen to my best friend for a LONG time, I'm not passing it up. I'll leave them in… five minutes?

Anyway, the story! That's what I was getting to! So here we go. Warning, they kiss.


I buzzed into the cinema, following Eleanor closely, which wasn't hard. Not to offend anyone, but I was following a short girl with long hair that was clinging to the tallest guy in the cinema. Eleanor surveyed the area before turning to Nathan.

"Do you want to just go. The theatre is going to be packed and with our luck the tickets will be sold out by the time we get to the desk." Eleanor almost had to shout to get over the noise of the young kids and their parents in the small cinema.

Nathan nodded, grabbing the girls hand and whisking the two of them out into the fresh air.

My mouth fell open as I watched them go, my bug eyes bugging. I watched as forty-seven Eleanor's held hands with forty-seven Nathan'. I glared after the two, even though they couldn't see me. How dare they deprive me of my movie?

I saw a guy coming at me with a fly swatter out of the corner of my eyes and flew as quickly as these tiny wings could carry me towards the door.

Thankfully the door was still closing from when Ellie and Nathan had walked out. I just managed to escape through the crack in the door before it closed and took the time to laugh my thorax off when the guy with the fly swatter crashed into the door, face first.

I stopped laughing when I heard Eleanor and Nathan start laughing behind me. The two were still chuckling when they started walking off. I was about to head home when I saw their hands clench around each other's and Eleanor lay her head on Nathan' shoulder.

I smiled smugly, well, as smugly as a fly can smile.

This will be interesting.

In the op-shop

Okay, this is starting to get boring. All the lovebirds are doing is walking around, holding hands and making eyes at each other. Its almost sickening. I swear I began dry retching not to long ago.

I WANT THAT! Eleanor has no idea how lucky she is.


Anyway… I was currently resting in a chip in the wall of this shop. Watching Nathan and Eleanor. From right here I had an excellent view of almost the whole store, except for the furniture which was in a section to the left that I couldn't see properly. I yawned and scanned the shop to see if my two lovebirds were still hanging around.

I spotted the two hanging around the fabric section, embracing like no one else as there. Which was actually true. No one was anywhere near the fabric section. There was like, three people in the store, one kid in the book section, a mother in the clothes section and a grandma at the other end of the clothes section.

I was about to take a little nap, assured that my spidey senses would wake me if the couple ever realized they were in public and left, when said couple caught my eye.

HOLY SH*T! NATHAN WAS HEADING TOWARDS HER FACE! My eyes snapped open as I silently commentated in my head.

And he leans down to Eleanor's face, going for gold. He's almost there, heading straight for the goal and HOUSTON WE HAVE LANDED!

"Yes!" I shouted, pumping my little bug fist, accidently tasting the ceiling while doing so. It's hard to remember the taste-buds on your feet. Eleanor pulled away from Nathan, frowning in confusion. Nathan, being the average guy, was instantly paranoid that he had stuffed up. Eleanor put a finger to his lips before he could even start apologizing and looked around the room.

"I thought I heard Shadow…" she informed Nathan. He pulled back a little and raised one eyebrow, looking at Eleanor like she was crazy.

"Uh… Ellie? I think you need to see a doctor. Or a therapist…" Nathan said, felling her forehead. Eleanor glared and swatted Nathan away before shaking her head.

"I must be hearing things. I think I've been hanging around a certain red-head too long." Eleanor muttered before grabbing Nathan' hand and walking out of the store.

Well not to be the third wheel here!

She can't hear me can she? And she doesn't know I'm here…

I sighed. Time to head home.


I was flying home to morph back when I passed Eleanor's house. Popping in couldn't hurt, could it? I flew around the back of the house, knowing the two lovebirds would be in Eleanor's 'den'. I looked through the window to find them sitting on what we called Stacey's bed (long story) to find them kissing again.

I sighed again and flew back home, morphing into human. I powered up my laptop to write all of this to you guys before finding an email from Eleanor.


I smiled, imagining myself patting Eleanor's head.

I know, child. I know.

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