Liar, Liar

"It wasn't my fault!"
"He did it."
"I was here the whole time."
"I don't care about him anymore."
"She wasn't worth my time."
"Everything will be fine."
"I will never hurt you."

Liar, liar-
All of us are liars.
Envy, jealousy, and hurt
spinning the false tales
into the sweetest of candies
on our tongues.

Liar, liar-
Our stories grow bigger
until they swallow us whole.
Rippling from the impact on the surface,
until it reaches the very people,
we sought to protect.

Liar, liar-
It is difficult to fool others
with untrue words,
but the one who will always believe them
is us.

Liar, liar-
How long can we really fool ourselves?

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