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Mount Elmer Care School
Paisley Thompson

I walked down the hall ways of the school, straightening out my annoying skirt with one hand and clutching my books with the other. I pushed my red hair behind my ear, and held my books tighter.

I saw a tennis ball flying towards me out of the corner of my eye and instinctively held my folder up as a shield.

"Watch it!" I barked at the guy who threw the ball and sped off towards my classroom. I heard a gun shot in the distance and cringed.

There was a biker-war currently happening in my town. The whole place was a mess, but school and everything else went on as always. Every so often you'd hear the gunshots of another death. So far no one except the bikers had been killed. Notice the 'so far'?

I stepped into my classroom right before the teacher and thanked whatever god was out there that said teacher hadn't seen me slip through the door before her.

I let out a breath of relief when the teacher went to the board and began to check the attendance sheet. That relief was soon washed over with worry when the footsteps and clinking metal sounded in the silent corridor outside my classroom.

The school 'lock down' siren went off, blasting my ear drums. My eyes widened and I silently prayed to whoever was listening that this was a drill or that this creep in the school would go away.

Apparently no one was listening.

Everyone that had no common sense climbed under tables, while some others clung to the wall, and Jack, Christian and I ran into the storage room when the creep outside wasn't looking. I turned to Christian, whose dark hair was beginning to flick at the nape of his neck. It was too dark in the room to see his eyes, but I knew his face was scared. I turned and let myself fall into Jack's arms, as he was like a brother to me. Tan arms grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. I looked into Jack's eyes, which were endless orbs of dark brown. He wanted me to calm down and stand strong. Yeah, I think I like his arms better than the thug behind the door.

There was a small window in the door of the storage closet, covered with two layers of chicken wire. I don't know what for, but right now it was helpful. I peeked out of it, standing on my tip-toes.

The creepy dude had been rattling the doorknob of our class door, which was locked on the outside. As no one was stupid enough to get the door, the guy probably felt failed. I was glad he had failed, but that moment of victory was gone as quick as it came when I heard a loud gunshot that split my ears.

The door knob blew into pieces, making it obvious that he had shot the handle. But now the door was permanently shut because there was no lever to open it and the thing was still in the door.

The gun fired again and again, over and over, until there was a hole in the door and its frame, so that there was no handle left.

This guy is like the freaking Terminator.

He burst the door open, and I jumped back but brought my face back to the window to see him. I flinched and crept back from the window to let the boys see.

The guy had shoulder length curly blonde hair, and crazy scarring that ran from the right side of his forehead down his cheek and stopped at his lower jaw, which was clenched. He was wearing a dirty and faded denim jack which was unbuttoned and the sleeves had been ripped off. Under the jacket was a black shirt with a white print of some sort and around his neck was a chain and dog tags. Around his waist was a black belt studded with silver studs. On his left hip was a gun holster and on his right was a sheath for a very big knife. He was wearing dark denim jeans that weren't just ripped, they were shredded. There were holes all over his knees and a tear through the hem of one leg that went hallway of the calf. His feet were clad in brown leather boots with a knife clearly sticking out of the top.

I gulped quietly. This was one of the guys in the Biker War. Not just a biker though. He was leader of the Dead Lizards.

He walked calmly through my class to the front of the classroom.

"My name is Mason, but you will address me as 'Sir'. Understand?" he said, piercing blue eyes scoping out everyone in the classroom.

I pulled Christian and Jack down so that he wouldn't see us through the window. I held a finger to my lips to demonstrate the 'Shut the hell up or we are going to die' look.

I heard footsteps get closer and closer to the storage room and closed my eyes while crossing my fingers that he wouldn't open the door. I breathed a sigh of relief for the second time in five minutes when the footsteps went the other way, back to the front of the classroom.

"You are all now my hostages!" Mason exclaimed excitedly. "The whole school is my hostage. My men are lined up around the whole border of the school. You have no way out."

'How delightful…' I thought to myself, rolling my eyes. Mason began to ramble on about how it would be treacherous. We were going to stay hostage until the other gang hands over money or something. I began to feel angry that this whole school, which was from Prep to Year Twelve, was being held hostage. That a stupid gang was holding six-year-olds to gun point over a squabble about money.

Jack grabbed my hand, silently telling me to calm down. Then Christian silently pointed to my skirt which had ridden up to reveal my black shorts. I frowned and him and flicked his face, causing him to let out a small squeak. Christian's hands flew to his mouth and clamped over his lips while Jack and I held out breath. I heard Mason stop his rant and I bit my lip, knowing that this wasn't going to end well.

The door was flung open suddenly, causing me to fall out and the boys to barely catch themselves on the doorframe.

"What were you doing in there?" Mason smiled evilly and I held myself from punching his shin as I lifted myself onto my elbows.

"Were these two boys fighting over you? Youre not that hot," Mason turned his head to the side, mocking me. I barely suppressed a growl that began rising in my throat.

I shakily sat up, scared and angry at the same time. Mason grinned evilly again and I felt like crying, knowing that he had something bad reeling through his brain.

"Well, considering you thought you were smart enough to ditch this class, you three can run a small errand for me," Mason said, grabbing my hands and yanking me to my feet.

"You can go and scope out what Brad is doing at Elmer's College. If you see a guard, use your boobs and charm so he won't shoot and tell him 'Buria'," Mason said, staring at my chest.

Today is the day I finally regret never doing the top buttons up on my shirt.

Other than that, I knew the word buria. It was Russian for 'storm'. Maybe we were a storm? I don't know.

Jack and Christian had gotten to their feet and flanked me. Jack, being my best friend, linked his hand with mine to say we'd make it through while Christian nudged my side. I squeezed Jack's hand and brushed against Christian's arm to tell them both the message had been received.

"Actually, you can go in a group of four..." Mason said, and whistled a call to one of the kids like master to dog. I thought of the kids in primary school again, and remembered my sister.

"Wait!" I cried out. Mason looked at me murderously, holding up his gun. I instantly regretted calling out, but there was no stopping now.

"Can we please take my little sister instead? She's smart, obedient and she's observant, which is perfect for a spy. She wont hold us back and I wont regret this. I can pick her up on our way out of the school, I know where her classroom is!" I was staring at the barrel of the gun, praying fervently in my head that that gun wouldn't fire.

Mason glared at me.

"Fine, you can take your sister, but don't try to pull any funny business, or I'll have my men hunt you down and kill you!" he threatened, pointing a finger in my face. I nodded and brushed my fringe behind my ear, as some had fallen out again.

Mason shoved us towards the door and pushed us out, grabbing a box of cigarettes from his jacket as he did so. As the boys and I stepped out the door, Mason grabbed my shirt and pulled me backwards.

"No funny business, you hear? And if you come crying back to me asking to take a classmate I'll shoot you, your sister and this whole class all through the head," he whispered harshly in my ear before roughly shoving me back out the door again.

The strength Mason pushed me with caused me to trip on the stairs and fall forwards onto Christian's arm. Mason laughed at me and popped a cigarette in his mouth.

"Oh, and grab some food while your out."

Mason laughed again and slammed the door, which held I place from the force. I growled at Mason, even though he couldn't see me and straightened out my skirt after Christian helped me regain my balance.

I felt like I was being thrown around like a ragdoll, as if I couldn't take care of myself. I was strong and tough, not the girl who can't keep her skirt down. Not the girl who cries in front of a gang leader.

I wiped my tears away from my face and sucked in a deep breath.

"Let's get Ella and go check out Elmer's," I said, sounding more calm then I felt. I felt angry. Angry that tiny five year olds are being held here because a couple of guys are fighting like children. Angry that lives could be lost because of these two proud idiots. Angry that my little sister now has to become a spy, working for a gang. Angry that I was now a spy, working for a gang.

As we were walking a guard came up behind us and put a gun to the back of Christian's head.

"What are you kids doing out of class?" he asked venomously, "You escaping?"

My eyes widened. "No! Stop! Buria!" I yelled quickly. The thug looked at me and pulled the gun away from Christian's head. Christian, who had been holding his breath, visibly relaxed. His shoulders slumped forward and he exhaled sharply.

Mister Thug pushed the gun barrel so it was snug against my neck.

"What did you say?" he asked, pushing harder against my throat. I straightened my back out and refused to show fear.

"I said buria. Mason sent us to scope out Elmer's, but I have to pick up my little sister first. Go ask him yourself if you don't believe me," I said, forcing words past the gun on my neck. I'll admit, the last sentence was a big gamble. I could be shot for spitting words like that at this guy. I was lucky, and thanking whoever was watching.

The guy pulled his gun away and waved us off. Jack touched my shoulder, while I tried to get Christian out of his shock by rubbing his back.

"You okay man?" Jack asked Christian softly. Chris looked at him and nodded.

"I'm right," he whispered back to Jack and I smiled. My boys were finally getting along. Don't get me wrong, they didn't hate each other, but Jack and Christian had a kind of rivalry towards one another, and truth be told I cannot be bothered telling the story.

We began to walk down the path to the primary school to pick up Ella. On the way, we cracked jokes to make light of the situation. We got to Ella's classroom to find all of the kids huddled in the middle of the room, the teacher sitting by the thug on her desk.

Ella saw me and she perked up, and I was thankful that she was smart enough not to say anything. The guard although, noticed us as well.

He got up, and the metal chain hung from his belt clinked with each step, as did his boots on the linoleum floor. I began to sweat a little as he raised his gun. He yanked the door open.

"What are you guys doing?" he snarled in question. I gulped while Jack cleared his throat.

"Mason sent us to scope out Elmer's. He told us to tell anyone who got in our path 'buria' and they would let us through. But we need to take Ella with us. It's a matter of smarts and numbers," James said deadpanned, but his voice sounded like he was a gang member himself. Which, technically, I guess we were now.

The guard glared at us for a moment, but turned and motioned to Ella to come towards him. When she was close enough, he grabbed my sisters school-dress collar, and almost lifted her up. I tried to run and help her and punch this guys lights out for hurting my sister, but the boys held me back, knowing we'd all regret it later.

The thug told Ella that he would kill her and us if this went wrong, the same way Mason did to me. After he had finished his small and harsh speech, the guard threw Ella towards us. Also like Mason did to me.

What was with these guys treating us girls like dolls? Come on, man! Equal rights!

I caught my sister in my arms and lifted her face to mine to check for injuries. She had no cuts or bruises that I could see on her face, and then Ella answered the unspoken question.

"I'm fine, he didn't do anything but threaten us,"

I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged the little girl.

"I'm glad your okay, Ells," I told her. We began to walk to the schools boarder, on the way to Elmer's. we walked past the locker rooms on our way out and I saw the door open a crack. I touched Christian's shoulder lightly before running to the locker rooms.

When I was inside I ran to my locker and hurriedly turned my combination lock this way and that. It finally clicked and I pulled the door of my locker open, snatching my phone, wallet and any bus cards that were still valid in a hurry. I reached into my bag and pulled out my lunch and my small sports bag before scrambling back outside to the others.

The guys looked at me with a face that read 'What the hell?' while Ella cocked her head to the side.

I held up my possessions and stuffed them into the bag while doing so. Christian and Jack nodded while Ella smiled. My sister saw the lunch box and brightened instantly.

"Can I please have some food? I'm starved!" she pleaded. I shoved the remaining things in my hands into the bag and closed it before answering.

"When we're out of school ground, I want ot get past teh guards and stuff first," I explained and slung the bag onto my shoulder. Jack pointed to the bag.

"Was there anything in there when you grabbed it?" he asked. I nodded.

"Yep. Sports clothes, sneakers, a spare change of day clothes and my massive shawl," I said. Jack rolled his eyes.

"The one thing that worked out perfectly today," he muttered under his breath. Christian heard the remark and looked at me.

"How so?" he pondered. I chuckled lightly.

"My shawl is like a blanket and it thick so it keeps warmth. I have sneakers which is good because only my shoes are bad for running and walking." I pointed to the boys' shoes, which were black leather shoes with padding and support in the sole, and then at Ella's shoes which were Velcro laced sneakers. I then gestured to my shoes which were the shoes required for girls uniform. Flat T-bars that hurt my feet when I walked.

"Sports clothes are a change of clothes which, because of the required sport uniform, anyone out of the four of us could wear. And a jacket is self explanatory." I said pointing out that we were all in short sleeves.

"Plus the change of day clothes because, face it, the dresses and shirts aren't all that comfy," I said, gesturing to all of our clothes. The boys uniform at this school was very comfy and easy to wear, while the girls wasn't so much.

"Wont your clothes be too small for us though?" Jack asked, gesturing to Christian and himself. I shook my head.

"I always by clothes that are a couple of sizes too big," I explained to him. Christian laughed.

"Then your shirt we'll be a dress on Ella!" he snickered. I looked at my little sister, who was sticking next to Jack's side.

"Oh well, lets go see what's happened to Elmer's," Jack suggested. We agreed and got to the schools boarder, telling the guards 'buria' and stuff.

"What's in the bag?" the thug asked.

"Essentials. Money for bus fare and valid bus tickets so we don't get caught by the fuzz," I told him. He still looked skeptical.

"There are pads and tampons in there too, just in case. Still want to check it?" I asked him. The guard backed up and let us through. I smiled smugly. Men were always scared of these 'lady' things.

"And they call themselves gang members," I whispered to Jacks and Christian as we passed.

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