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"Get out your guns,
Battles begun,
Are you a saint or a sinner?"

- Angel with a Shotgun by the Cab

Mount Elmer Care School
Paisley Thompson

I grinned briefly at the old woman sitting in the chair next to me on the bus. I was standing up, holding the rail above me, Christian by my side. Ella and Jack had taken two seats next to each other, the last ones available.

The old woman took my hand that was hanging by my hip, and placed something in it before giving my a toothless smile. She nodded at me in a mysterious way, making me feel confused.

"Keep safe," she whispered to me, "Chose your actions carefully."

I looked down at the object in my hands. It was a handmade necklace of carved wooden beads and white animal teeth. In the very middle of the order there was a small, blue sparkling gem. I blinked at the necklaces beauty before Christian tapped my shoulder. I looked up to find that this was our stop.

It was the stop right outside of the College. I took a deep breath. This was it.

Sure it wasn't much, but I aspired to be a musician or writer, not a girl that scoped out enemies for a gang. Besides, this was another school held captive. I knew what these guys felt like. And I did not want to be here. I took Ella's hand and stepped out of the bus.

There was a man leaning against the pole to my right. He wore dark jeans, black boots, a black trench coat and a dark grey cap that hid his face. I saw dirty blonde curls under his cap and immediantly thought Mason, but Mason was taller than this guy.

The man stepped forward three times and gabbed my wrist, well, he one that wasn't attached to Ella's hand already.

"Mason wants you back at the school. He has a new mission," the man said shortly, a dull tone in his voice that showed no emotion. I tightened my grip on Ella's hand while turning back to the boys and nodded my head towards the guy.

"Lets go…"

The man took us to a big black van, and the outside looked pretty neat.

Y'know, if you ignore the bullet holes and scratches in the paint.

Then we stepped inside, and I don't know about the others but I was expecting the worst.

To be perfectly honest, it wasn't as bad as I had thought. There were three seats on either side of the back of the van, and the floor was messy. Very messy. It was littered with cans of assorted drinks, mostly alcoholic, small cardboard boxes for various things, and dirt and mud on the floor. There was small path of muddy boot-prints where all the trash had been kicked to the side.

So basically, these guys only seemed to clean up whatever piece of trash got in their way.

We sat down, but i had barely gotten my butt onto the seat before the van lurched forward and got moving. Eventually we arrived back at the school, and we were escorted back to the classroom by this guy. Mason turned when the guy pushed the door open.

"Ah, thank you Snake. They are all unharmed?" Mason asked. The guy, Snake, nodded without saying a word.

I sucked in a deep breath when Snake left the room and Mason looked at us. Ella hid behind me slightly.

"You're mission has been upped a little," Mason started, "You see, four students from Elmer's College have been sent to kill you-"

Ella squeaked and I held her closer. Mason looked at her.

"Yes, kill you. So, you obviously need to fight back. I need you to exterminate these students for me. Show Elmer's that we will not give up and that we are not scared."

The only thing I felt like doing right then was spitting in Mason's face and asking if he thought about the fact that us four are scared. I dont exactly relish in the thought of killing a kid my age.

"We unfortunately don't have any spare weapons except for a few guns and stuff, so you'll have to do that by yourself. You will need to create a base, and carry on the way you would have if you were spying, just this time you have to kill them," Mason said with a wave and I was disgusted.

He talked about ending one's life as if it were only squishing a bug. When I was ten years old I put a dying cockroach out of its misery in the winter after my dog had chewed it a little, and I felt so horrible for doing it.

Yet here some big guy with a gang is, killing humans, killing his evolutionary and religious brothers like they were cockroaches and he was a shoe.

I shook my head and Mason waved us out.

"Go down to the admin office and there's a few guns and some other things there for you to use," he said without even looking at us.

I shook my head at him and growled under my breath. The four of us stepped out of the classroom.

Christian let out a big breath as we were walking, and Jack sighed while running a hand through his hair. Ella hugged my side, making it hard to walk. I picked her up and cradled Ella on my hip like I used to when we were younger and she was smaller.

We all reached the admin office and saw the table that had been placed there. On said table lay three grenades, a small hand revolver, a pistol of some sorts, and a long shooting rifle. I glared at the table and shook my head.

They expect us to take out a bunch of well armed kids and they give us this?

I looked over at the others.

Jack had a similar reaction to me. His face was screwed up and he was glaring at the table as well. Ella just didn't want to be there, and it was written all over her. And Christian was…


"Dude, what is so good about this situation?" I cried at Christian.

"Yeah, what's up with the smile?" Jack asked, now looking at Christian also. Christian's smile widened.

"Grab the guns and lets go. I have a plan," he said, moving forward and grabbing some weapons.

"Great. A 'Chris Plan'. This can't possibly fail!" Jack muttered sarcastically while picking up the rifle.

We were walking down the street to the bus stop, all the weapons in my bag except the rifle which didn't fit so we had to ditch it.

"Where are we going?" Ella asked, looking up at Chrisian.

"Well," he started, "W're gonna go to my house. As soon as I figure out how many NERF guns I have at home."

Jack rolled his eyes. "A couple... Wait," James looked at Tanner's face and realised what Tanner was suggesting. "You're not serious. Come on, man, little kids in the back yard use NERF guns, along with Super-Soakers and teddy bears!" Jack cried out, clearly unhappy with Christian's planning. NERF guns aren't going to do well against the weapons that Elmer's has. NERF is foam. Non-Expanding Recreational Foam."

Christian opened his mouth to speak when Ella cut him off. "I see what he's getting at," she said with a smirk. "On the side of every NERF gun there's a warning that says 'Do not tamper bullets. Do not aim at head or face.'" Ella stated and Christian nodded.

"Exactly. We're just gonna scratch over that pesky 'not' and go by the rules," he said as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

Jack blinked a couple of times before he grinned widely and said, "That is the best idea I have ever heard of."

I rolled my eyes.

"So, what else can we do, I mean, we can't just use NERF guns with tampered bullets. Bullets run out real quick," I pointed out. Christian nodded.

The bus pulled up at the bus stop and we all used some of my bus tickets to get on. The conversation continued once we had sat.

"That's why we're going to my place. Think of all the household items and things in the shed," Christian said quietly, specifically not saying the word 'weapon' in case someone was listening.

I nodded.

"Well, we'll go to your place and get some stuff. What then? It'll be night by then, we can't stay at any house and I don't have the money to get a hotel room."

Christian thought for a moment, then said, "There's an awesome little soup kitchen around the corner from where I live. Its food and they let people sleep there at night. We'll stay there and then head to Elmer's in the morning."

I nodded and sighed, then held Ella's hand. Christian looked up and pulled on the string to stop the bus.

We got off the bus and began to walk to a small street that read 'Clarke St' on the sign. We walked past the small soup kitchen and Christian pointed it out to me.

We finally stopped out the front of a house, that was obviously Christian's.

Chris led us around the house to the back yard. There was a wooden shed with ivy and other assorted plant life climbing up the side of the small building. Christian looked around his backyard and nodded with approval.

"You guys can go inside and make some weapons. We have some good carving knives and stuff, and I have a bunch of old NERF guns that still work that you can go crazy with. I'm going to find some stuff in the shed," he said, waving towards the sliding door that led into the house.

"Its okay. The door is always unlocked and no one's home. Go inside."

I looked back to the door to find Jack had grabbed the handle and pulled it open. Ella stepped into the house, followed by Jack and I. I turned around to Jack.

"You go find the NERF guns while Ella and I scope out the kitchen," I said, pointing down the hallway.

Jack ran off down the hall and I turned back to Ella, who was rummaging through the some drawers looking for the large cutlery. I helped her search, looking in the higher cupboards.

I opened up one cupboard and went to close it again, but stopped. Was that?

I took a better look and gasped.

Inside the cupboard was a small cardboard box, filled with small darts. Perfect for the NERF gun.

Ella tapped me on the back and showed me the line up she had of knives. There was a large hacking knife, a simple kitchen knife, a carving knife and a… dagger?

At the end of all the knives there was a silver dagger. The blade of it curved upward to a point, and along the side of the blade, there was a fiery pattern using the metal of the blade of leather. The handle was intricate silver intended to have a scaly look, and it attached to the blade with a dragon head. (link to pic at the bottom)

I looked at Ella and she smiled at me. "I thought you'd like it," she said, "You always had a thing for knives and daggers."

I nodded. "Guns are like cheating, Ella. The blade is much more beautiful…" I trailed off, carefully picking up the dagger and inspecting it. It wasn't heavy, but it had some weight to it. I held the handle, and tapped the tip of the blade.

Incredibly sharp.

Christian came through the door and saw the dagger. "Oh yeah, that thing. I forgot about that. We have a sheath for it in that little cardboard box somewhere."

Ella looked up. "What box?"

I pushed the box of dart towards her and Ella's green eyes lit up. She used to play darts with our Uncle all the time.

Jack came out from the hall, carrying two NERF guns of some sort. Christian dropped something to help him with the NERF guns, and I looked at it.

An axe. A freaking axe. How did I not notice that? It had the silver blade and a straight wooden handle. The handle had a named engraved in it, Emily, and the whole thing wasn't much, but it was pretty cool.

I smiled at him. We were just about ready to fight, though some more things were needed.

Like food.

We hid our weapons in a pile behind the shed and covered in with leafs, branches and some ivy from the walls of the shed. After taking care of the weapons we set out to the little soup kitchen that Christian had told us of.

The soup kitchen had a sign on the top that was barely readable anymore, but I could tell it used to say "Lucy's Kitchen". I looked back to Christian who had a look of content nostalgia on his face.

"Come on, guys," Jack spoke up, "Lets eat." We got small bowls of soup, and crashed in the corner of the room, the farthest away from everyone else.

In the night, I woke up to Ella subconsciously moving closer in between me and Jack. I sighed as she winced in her sleep, obviously having a nightmare.

Lucky for her, her nightmare was only a dream.

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