Author's Note:

Hello, this is my first time writing a story in this kind of style, so please don't judge me too harshly. This story is from two different points of view, and unfortunately, its a one-shot. Please review, I'd like to see how people feel about this story, and I'm thinking of writing something else as well if this story is successful, so please, leave reviews, I'd like to see your opinions. Sorry, for taking your time if you're reading this, so I'll just stop so you can continue on the story now...

My eyes meet hers and she turned away awkwardly. With her dark flowing hair, trailing behind her, she walks away in the opposite direction. Often I could see out of the corner of my eye, her gaze on me. Not in an icy way, more like a sort of understanding look. But her eyes are cold. Julie could be popular if she wanted to be. Nevertheless, her quietness and strange aura made her isolated from people. The bell rang and I skated off trying new tricks.

My house almost looked haunted. Moss grew on the walls and the lawn was overgrown. I didn't really care about the garden and Dad, well, he's been too caught up in drinking alcohol ever since Mum passed away. However, the white roses are the only things that keep my garden from being a flora graveyard. The bloom and their pretty petals are like bright lights that keep my house from going to the dead. I wonder how they survive. I make my way through the three-metre tall patch of grass and make open the door. There's nothing to steal, really. All we've got that's worth anything is probably our tele and even that is a generation behind. I ignore Dad who seems to have passed out after drinking so much beer. He camouflages very well with the pile of bottles, his white singlet Mum gave him for his birthday is now a yucky, mouldy brown. I change into a pair of comfortable clothing, grab my skateboard and head to the park.

I head to the ramp and as usual, I notice Julie a few metres away drawing under the sugar maples. She glances up and our eyes lock for three seconds before she goes back to drawing. We used to be very close, best friends. That is, till highschool. Went different ways, I guess. I skate up and down the ramp a couple of times before I try out any moves. As I get ready to do a 180 degree in the air, I somehow trip and fall. I stare at the blood that oozes out of my ankle. Julie has probably noticed because she heads towards me. She kneels down in front of me and I stick out my leg in front of her to inspect. She pulls a roll of bandages and some other things from her bag. Pretty organised, I didn't even know people carry first-aid kits with them.

"Rosebush," Julie murmurs.

"Eh?"I ask.

"Rosebush. It is like the time you fell in the rosebush." She replies. Ah, that's right, I remember. I fell into the rosebush and Julie helped, just as she did now.

"It's doing well, the rosebush."I tell her. I notice a little twinkle in her eyes. Her eyes dancing almost.

"I see," she replies, "You should be fine, it's only a graze." She gets up and brushes the leaves off her dress. A quick wave as she walks away, not looking back. I get up as well and head home, hoping to make it before the sun sets, but also planning on taking little detours.

I notice a large crowd as I walk. That is until I notice that unmistakable jet black hair. I run to find Julie on the ground, and a thick strip of blood that runs down from her forehead to her chin. I kneel down and I use my arm to substitute as a pillow for her head. People stare, some in horror and shock. Those that can move, point at her and some take pictures. No one calls for help. Because no one knows her, that's why. Her eyes, they weren't cold, they were melancholic.

"…Rosebush.."she murmurs quietly. I realise she's slipping in and out of conciseness. She opens her mouth as if she wants to say something else, but her eyelids droop and her body goes limp.

Mousy brown hair and hazel eyes. Kai looks skinny lately and I wonder if I should worry. I shake my head and turn away from him. We're not friends anymore, we live in different worlds, I shouldn't care about him.

But I do. I can't help but do. Maybe because he resembles his mum so much? The pretty lady that lived down the road. Always smiling, unlike Mum. I wish Mum was more like her. Instead of going clubbing, but actually taking an interest in me. But that won't happen, I'm just her worst nightmare that came true. I make my way to the park and sit under the sugar maples. The slight breeze blows in my face like a hairdryer. Opening up my sketchbook, I look at my surroundings, trying to catch an interesting piece I can draw, but none interests me. Thousands of sugar maples already take up half of my book. I decide Kai's mum. It's weird when you think of it, drawing your used-to-be best friend's mum, but I try to picture her as my dream mum, the perfect mother I always wanted, even though she passed away.

I sit and stare at my artwork. My memories with Mrs Samna are blurry, but I can remember her enough to draw, but something lacks..something. As if right on cue, Kai walks to the ramp and I stare at him. The eyes. It's the eyes, that were wrong. They lacked emotion. There was no sparkly light in them, the sparkly light that made their eyes dance. They really were mother and son. Contented, I sit and fix any other flaws in the drawing listening to the wheels of Kai's skateboard. A couple of minutes later, I hear a yelp and look up. Kai falls but luckily doesn't look that injured. I grabbed my bag and headed towards him. Blood pours out of his ankle. I bend down and inspect it. Just a slight graze that's all. Keeping calm and composed, I take out my first-aid kit. I only carried it to the park, probably for occasions like this.

"It's like the rosebush."I tell myself quietly. The rosebush that Mrs Samna and I planted together in her garden and the day Kai fell in it.

"Eh?" Kai asks.

"Rosebush, it's like the time you fell in the rosebush." I reply. After Mrs Samna died, no one took care of the garden anymore and the garden slowly turned into a graveyard for plants. Now that I think about it, it was around that time Kai and I grew apart. His, no, our rosebush would have died too if I didn't water it every day. Neighbours would give me strange looks but didn't do anything about it, so I kept watering the roses every day.

"There doing well, the rosebush," he tells me. I try not to smirk or laugh at him. He really did resemble his mum.

"I see,"I reply as I finish wrapping the bandage around his leg, "You should be fine, it's only a graze." I get up and grab my sketchbook. I didn't want to bother him any more so I decided to head home, giving him an awkward wave but I didn't dare look back. As I walked home, I decided I might as well, water the roses. As I crossed the street, I hear a car horn scream and turn around to see a car heading straight for me.

When I wake up, I see Kai staring down at me full of worry. I can feel his hands tremble. The pain suddenly kicks in, my head throbs with pain and my vision gets blurry. I know, I'm going to die. I open my mouth, to tell him about the rosebush and how I secretly, sort of liked him but no words come out. I can't hear or even speak. My body feels faint and my eyelids droop slowly. And all is nothing but black.