The escape

They stood at the edge of the cliff. It was their only chance. They couldn't turn around and run, the hunters would catch them. They had to jump. The girl, Alice, stepped back and took a run-up. Her dive was nearly perfect. "Come on then," she shouted over the sound of the hunters. Sheldon muttered "why I... I don't want to," He finally took a run-up, but before he jumped a gun went off. Alice closed her eyes. She heard Sheldon struggling, it was too late. Alice's ruby red eyes burned. She would have her revenge. One day. But now she had to escape to the island.

Alice ran up the shore. Standing there what the other pack members Annie, mark, Kathrynne and nick. "Whoa! Nice entrance Alice, so where is Sheldon?" Nick exclaimed as he bounded towards Alice and gave her a bear hug. Alice wiggled to get out of nick's hug. Kathrynne snickered loudly. "If you want a bear hug, I can give you one!" nick said angrily at Kathrynne. "Nick let go!" shouted Alice. "Any way Sheldon was caught at the top of the cliff," Mark came forward "if you need a place to crash I've got a spare room since you stayed with Sheldon and all..." Both Kathrynne and Annie snickered. "Ha-ha,"

That was breaking point for Alice. She wouldn't take any more of constant bullying. After that it all went so fast. From Alice standing with mark, then she was millimetres away from Kathrynne's neck, in her wolf form. And in one brutal second Kathrynne was no more. Annie paled. "You... em didn't need to ... err do that," Alice turned. That was not the best move. "Anyway we need to leave, and go somewhere like Britain?" Nick said. Alice had the greatest idea ever. They would leave, to start a new life where no one knew they were were-wolves.

The flight to Britain was long and cold. Alice had a couple of arguments on the plane. After 3 hours they got to the house Mark had inherited. It was in Suffolk and had an acre of land. Nick said he wanted a puppy but Annie objected. She thought there where enough dogs in the house. Annie when to collage to use up some of her time, even though she had no intention of staying on her course fully. Mark became an obedience trainer for dogs. Alice worked at the local town hall and Nick stayed at home to play with his puppy. Life was fine.

Alice later went to college to study history. When she graduated she worked at a castle. Then they had the incident. She phased in public. The hunters were back on her trail. They were doomed. Alice had one trick left up her long sleeves. "Guys I'm going on holiday for a couple of days see you," The day of Alice's return the newspapers headline was: 100 hunters hunted.

Alice always keeps her promises.