In all my life,

I've never felt so complete before,

So full of a feeling that

I never knew existed.

A feeling that controls

My very being

Whenever I get close to you,

That I can't breathe.

A feeling that makes

My heart flutter,

A thousand beats,

Whenever you say my name.

Whenever you speak,

I listen

Whenever you laugh,

I smile.

My stomach ties

Itself in knots

Whenever you reach towards me

To hold my hand.

I walk along

The ivory-sanded beach

Of our first encounter

And I see your face

I freeze,

And without question,

I run to you.

I live for you,

I die for you,

I laugh with you,

I cry with you.

This feeling

That takes control of me

When I'm with you

Scares me.

Dare I feel like this?

Faint, Happy,

Giddy, Free,

Dare I call this love?

All I know is one thing…

Living with you is heaven on earth,

And living without you,

Is hell…

When we're together,

When we're alive,

When we're in love,

We are whole.