Don't let me fall for you

Spring was now slowly fading away, days were getting hotter and the sweet of summer was now shyly dancing in the air, I could've swore even birds were singing a perfect symphony, finally, after ten years of solitude, finally I was going to be at my family's side. Or what was left of it, but family at last.

I was raised in a boarding school for girls, run by a Convent of highly strict Nouns, to point the obvious it was a place where almost everything was punished, I had spent countless hours praying for forgiveness at the chapel, sleep and meal deprived, but more I spent doing chores, sometimes my body would get sore from punishment, others I would vanish on the floor just to be waked by a bucket of icy water, the body had to paid in full what the mind had forced on it, that's what sister Mary Justice used to tell us. It was a highly respected school, not to mention it was a very expensive one. We used to work to exhaustion, in exchange we were never hit, but that didn't stop the form carrying hard leather strips just to threaten us, or was it to impose respect.

As far as I know my parents were accommodated people, I was sent to boarding school as soon as I turned 6, uncle said it was for the best. I am an only child, my father died few weeks before I was born, mother used to tell me I had his eyes, the eyes of a dreamer she said, how sweet were my mother's memories, her dark hair flowing in the summer air, her gentle eyes, most of the time were holding back her tears, but yet they were so sweet, I had lost her too, many years ago, she was sick ever since I was born, mother was a fragile woman, that was what the doctor said to me after the service, sadly I never had a chance to say goodbye to her, my uncle, the one that took care of us after my father's death, he sent for me when it was too late, I'll never forget that cold morning, snow covering the iced land, when I got to the manor she was already resting in a simple white coffin, even though her sickness had left prints on her skin, she looked calm for the first time I could remember, she was calm.

Today, close to my 17th birthday, I'm going back to my family, I had been taught as much as a woman should, I had dreamt of many different worlds, I had cried as much as any child shouldn't.

Uncle Robert, he was the closest to a family I had, he was my father's younger brother, he had made clear I was never to leave boarding school until it was absolute necessary, when mother was still alive I used to go to the manor for at least a couple weeks every year, last time I was in the manor, it was when mother died, but now it was different, he even sent a dress for me, there was no more uniform for me. No more bitterness when the other girls were leaving to see their families, I now had a family and was going happily to them.

As my luggage was placed on top of the carriage, I saw the cold bars in the windows, restraining the view, I smiled to myself, I won't be caged anymore, I thought.

After days of traveling and uncomfortable inns we made it to the manor, It looked different from the last time I saw it, the main street was busier than I remembered, many buildings raised where I had remembered none, carriages and people everywhere, it was close to noon when the carriage finally stopped, the manor's main gate opened with sinister creak, revealing an old man that hastily opened the door "Miss Savannah? Did you have a nice trip?" he said not waiting for an answer he rushed to get the luggage as I climbed down the carriage I scanned the front of the manor, it emanated the creepiest of feelings, I felt observed, stripped, I rushed inside the house, I needed to get that feeling away, I needed to feel covered, to feel safe.

3rd person view

"Is she the one?" a tall man in his mid-twenties said as he peeked through the curtains, "She got earlier than expected then" an old man said, not losing sight of the documents he had in hand, the whole room was dim lit, the big windows were the only source of light, but they were covered by heavy curtains.

The tall man moved slowly towards the old man's desk, "tell me Robert, is she really earlier than expected, or you just didn't expect me to be here, so you could convince her of…" the tall man silenced as he noticed Robert's glare on him letting a small chuckle he sat on the chair in front of Robert's desk, "there is nothing to convince her of, she will do as I say, no questions" Robert said as he once again placed his gaze on the documents, "what if she refuses?" the tall man insisted, "As I said before Mr. Dryden, there is no need to worry, she will do as I say, so please would you allow me to focus on this" Robert said never leaving sight of the documents, "you better be right Robert, we can't afford any mistakes" Mr Dryden said as his gaze moved towards the window.