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The gun that was once in my hands stood several feet away from me. The pain that ran through my tired body made it hard to move, but in front of me stood him. He was the man who was responsible for the hell that everyone had been going through.

He stalked towards my step-sister and the unconscious boy that lay beside her. Her crystal-blue eyes held fear as she stared down the barrel of a .45. Blood was pouring from her shoulder and I had to fight the queasy feeling that threatened to overtake me. She needed me; I couldn't pass out on her now.

Turning back to the gun, I stretched out my hand and willed it to come. I recalled the warning that my mother had given me before she died; that I should never create a situation in which I had to use my ability. She said that it was only to be used as a last resort; I figured that my sister possibly dying was a good enough reason.

The gun inched its way towards me; its slow progress nearly unbearable as the evil man crept closer to my sister. "Any last words?" the gun was almost in my hand. "No last words, then?"

"I'm sorry," I heard her voice before two shots rang out. I had managed to get the gun and shoot the man, but I still wasn't fast enough. The man fell with a thud and I could clearly see the young woman, with her back against the wall, fighting for her life.

"No, Anna!" I cried as I ran over to where she sat. My body screamed in protest, but I didn't care – she couldn't die.

"I'm sorry, Seth," her crystal-blue eyes kept losing focus as they tried to look at me. I put her head between my hands and willed her to look at me.

"You can't die," I knew that I was freaking out, but I didn't care. "Stay with me, sis. Please, you got to stay with me." She gave me a sad smile and placed a hand over one of mine.

"I love you, bubby," she whispered right before her soul left her frail body. All I could do was hold her lifeless form and cry; I couldn't believe it – she couldn't have died.

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