Hi, I'm Legkicker. Not literally, or seriously, and for the sake of the story I'll just introduce myself as Josh Redel. Again, that's not my real name, just an alias I use for prank-calls and online surveys.

The purpose of this story? Well, as I stated in the description, it's a story to make you feel better. No, I'm not going to overload you with false promises of happiness, but I can tell my story. That'll be sure to make you feel better.

Or depress you…read at your own risk I suppose.

As you've noticed, I like comma use and apostrophes. Yep, and don't expect amazing spelling or grammar here either, nobody is perfect you know.

Basically, all I do in this story is use comma's, apostrophes, and tell you about my day to day life. From my point of view…my emotions, thoughts, actions, and finally my take on the situation. All of it is based on my daily routine, life, and how I deal with it all.

WARNING: there's no actual plot or point to this story!

Also, I'd appreciated my readers to refrain from reviewing for grammatical and spelling errors. If you want to review to say, "You rock!" or "You suck!", feel free. Although, I don't much prefer the latter.

So…I guess we should just get started?

Chapter 1: Welcome to my world

Day 1 – All classes, all periods.

Ah yes, the first day back to school. What an eventful little Monday it proves to be. Here I am, new shoes, backpack, clothes, and personality. Who am I this year? The cool-kid with the swag step, or the overly friendly teacher's pet?

Hell with it, I'm being myself…totally just-kidding. No, this year, I'm the cool-kid with the swag step. A little pep in my step, shoulders broadened, back straight, head-nods to say hello, high-fives to people I know. Check out the new students, to them, I look like your average jock.

But you won't see me on the football field, soccer field, baseball field, or any field besides the TRACK. Oh yeah, run for fun baby. Tell you what, if you can catch me, you can inherit my swag walk…just kidding again, my fastest 200 meter time is still only 25.6…give or take a tenth of a second. That's track here at the old WEST of A, a social gathering, not a competition.

At least not for me!

Forget running hard at practice, I have high-metabolism, so I have no fat on me. See how full of myself I am? I almost don't even notice the day fly by…

Day 3 – Period 3, Chem Com

But that doesn't last long, you can't ignore your teachers. Trust me, I've tried and it only ends with a C average and a lot of cheating. But I have a reason to pay attention - to something - in my Chem Com class. The new girl, a slender blonde with a pretty pair of eyes and…a silver nose ring? Well, metal isn't my style, but she makes up for it.

She dances into class, so friendly and talkative. You'd never guess she was new, until she claims it's only her third day here.

"That new girl is hot," I say to Nick Herring. Yeah, Nick, big dawg. A hockey player, rich kid, friend, and funny guy. Big guy…not fat, but built up. He has unkempt, light-brown hair and clear blue eyes.

"Yeah, she's not bad," he grins.

Emily Holiday, sitting behind us, joins in the conversation. She's a red-head, with freckles and brown eyes.

"Why don't you go talk to her?" she says in an 'obvious' tone.

Oh no, that's not how Josh rolls. While I may be full of myself, I also lack a bit of common-sense and self-confidence in that department. Dating I mean. Jesus, why can't the girls just flock over like they do in the movies? I have the hair and the attitude, shouldn't that mean I just have to apply some AXE deodorant and watch them run over? Yes, I have dark-brown hair, a bit of style in the front, but not too much.

"Oh no, I'm not like that. I'm still scared of girls, and considering she's talking to two more of them, there's no way!" I say, in a joking tone. Nick and Emily laugh, but they fail to realize the amount of seriousness that sentence contains. It's almost scary…

Or perhaps they know and that's why they laugh. Oh well, stay funny or die.

"What about Mackenzie? You definitely like her," I shoot back at Nick. Immediately his eyes float over to her, a sophomore (a grade below us), with a perfect DIME, 10/10 face. Her body is nice, but nothing special, it's all about her straight, brunette hair and amazing face. It's almost too perfect, and her beautiful sea-green eyes captivate you….sorry Nick.

"Yeah, watch," Nick calls her name and winks at her with one of the most pedophile-like smiles I've ever seen. Mind you, this is day 3 of them ever meeting each other. What I mean by that is, Mackenzie is taken aback, crinkling her nose, raising a brow, and letting her jaw drop.

Luckily, she laughs, "I don't think we're at that point in our relationship…"

Nick refrains from a face-palm while I laugh openly along with Emily.

"You too, you like Mario," I say to her, pointing to the only other sophomore in the class. A stocky kid with bushy brows and thick brown hair.

"I'll talk to her if you do something to him. Like touch his arm in a sexual way," I snicker with Nick. Snicker with Nick, sounds like a TV show.

When I see Emily start reaching over, my mind starts reeling. Damn, I didn't know Emily was so brave, and funny. Here goes nothing, looks like I'll have to man up and talk to…Kaylee? Katie? Whatever the new girls name is…starts with a K.

(While I write this, it's Day 5, I talked to her on Day 4, and got her name wrong. It's not Kaylee as I assumed, and I was too busy playing it off to catch her correct name. I'll explain more in the next chapter.)

Luckily, Emily's sexual harassment is interrupted by our teacher, who takes a seat next to Mario and begins helping him with the Metric systems conversions.

That concludes the interesting events of DAY 3 of 183! Whoo…

Let me let you, in on…a secret. I….like…..the HUNGER GAMES. What an understatement. Check my room, it's filled with posters, magazines, calendars, mockingjay pins, mockingjay necklaces, District 12 bracelets (none of these necklaces, bracelets, etc. do I wear, but I like to look at them and wish I could), and obviously books and the DVD EXCLUSIVE! All exceeding $100 when put together. Oh, and I even have H-Games coasters, depicting the book covers, four for $12. And a pen and mechanical-pencil, and a pack of pencils…

That concludes my collection thus far.

I'm also a guy, who pretends to be tougher than I am, so it might not fit my character. Here's an exert from DAY 4 of 183! Whoo.

Day 4 – Art Room 2, Period 1.

Our teacher, a football coach and easy-to-get-along with kind of guy, with a beard, bald head, glasses, tattoos, and muscles, tells us that we have our first project coming up next week. It's a grid-work, where we take a picture and enlarge it. Topic of the picture? Pick a person that inspires you, a famous person or not.

What instantly strikes in my head? Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire! Hellll yeah, I'd drink to that.

But, being that I'm sitting at the 'cool-kid' table of the art-room, I don't explode in excitement. Instead, I start asking my friends what they're doing.

Jt, who sits across from me, is the first on my list. He's a bit scrawny, and has a real past with me. Basically, our circle of friends decided to exclude him for a few years or so. Yeah, we're pricks, but everything is good now.

"What are you doing?" I ask him. He tells me he doesn't know, and the same with Zack Slick and Brad Roach. Nobody knows, but I do, so I wait patiently.

Finally my chance comes.

"I saw the Hunger Games yesterday," Brad says. My ears perk up, and I'm at his expense.

I play it cool, "Yeah, did you like it?" Why wouldn't he? I mean, the book and movie are incomparable, but if you didn't read the book…and he didn't…then the movie had to be amazing. I assume.

"It was good," he says to my relief. So Zack, Brad, and I talk for a little while about the subject, before I tell them.

"That's who I should do as my famous person, Katniss Everdeen," I laugh, again pretending to be funny as opposed to serious.

Zack laughs, "Then I'll do Peeta."

"That's so [explicit], seriously," Brad says. Oh no, the irony! I had a chance, and it was shattered. To keep up appearances, I change my idea to Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park…to be funny! It got the laughs I expected.

Which brings up my BOY Travis Kingsford! Yep, a stocky kid with short-brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and a personality like mine.

He told me, "[explicit] them, do Katniss!"

At first, he agreed my Hunger Games obsession was also a bit feminine, but he ended up avoiding the topic, and finally supporting it in a way. It was the SINGLE thing to pull me from the deathly grips of DEPRESSION.

Katniss was depressed, and damn, if she's depressed, I don't deserve to be. She has a reason, all I have is ANGLEFACE. Goddamn, I'm already talking about Angleface in chapter 1? This will be a long ride my friends, a long one indeed. Angleface, the one to cause such a torrential downfall. But don't worry, Angleface will be discussed later…

I must go change the clothes from the dryer into the washer…brb.


Where were we? Alliteration.

Oh well, let's call that chapter 1.

Yeaaah, this will be updated as I feel like it. And yes, it's all true, these are my true colors. The dialogue is also very true, with only a few words missing here or there. I try to censor it for you people, but don't FLAME over the topics.

New year, new Legkicker. My moping around and quitting writing was soooo not what I expected. So here I am, like the new Leg or not.

My profile won't change, I don't feel like it. I spent a lot of time making that writing match with the music…and finding that picture.