The Song With The Unknown Meaning

Through the decades and the eras of time

there has been a fragile melody of rhyme.

Its music is soft and its words renown,

though none know when it came about or how.

It has always been. Never will it cease.

Many a time it has been rewritten,

Sometimes even by a beast.

All in all it is a fun little ditty.

If you think it will ever stop growing,

rest assured, you are wrong.

For it has no true meaning nor a true tune,

that lasts for more than a day or two.

In face it was reworded just this past June.

What the song can be is most anything.

It may tell of the prideful and the mighty

or of little fellows and their delight.

Perhaps even a tale of fright.

Everything depends solely on if the time is right.

For when the song with the unknown meaning is sung,

The singer must have a heart that shines bright.